hello everyone please welcome and join me easy steps cooking today I’m going to share with you baked plantains and how do I make it delicious I’m going to share with you let’s start up the ingredients the ingredients we’re going to have all one of the plantains want to use a 1 teaspoon of olive oil chopped little bit from the side so with the knife cut in the center and peel it off try to cut in diagonals shapes and this is a good size of chunks little amount of olive oil you can use a brush or you can put it one piece at a time and then once you’re done then you can get the tray and just place it on the tray and the same thing I will show you one more just turn it around one time this is coated with olive oil the last piece so I will use the top first I will use the top rack keep it bake 450 degree and will keep it about 15 minutes it’s about 14 minutes so almost we are getting done that before it clicks 15 minutes I’m going to pull the tray out look at how beautiful they are looking as you see I’m going to turn these over and if you need you can add a little bit olive oil like a one or two drops on each of them use the spatula so they tend to stick so we can turn them over look at how beautiful they’re done already turn them over and I’m going to use the bottom rack and we’ll keep it for ten minutes the baked plantains are ready and they are very delicious you always can serve with the one scoop of ice cream and they will taste beautiful let me show you let me close them so if you like the baked plantains please give me like subscribe and share and I’m going to see you soon with the new recipe best of all easy steps cooking thank you