Hi my name is Gaynard Hillard, and I’m here
on behalf of Expert Village. Today we’re going to talk about making New Orleans style barbecued
shrimp. What I like to do, I like bread on this dish. When you get done eating the shrimp,
you can always take the sauce and dip some bread into it. It just doesn’t finish up,
right? What I like to use is Ciabatta bread. Ciabatta bread is great. It’s an Italian bread.
It’s soft. When you go to the store, just try to find the softest one that you can.
Usually it’s on the bottom, because the more air that hits it, it will dry up. I’m just
going to go ahead and cut this at a bias. Kind of thin. This is kind of cool too, because
if you have a dinner party or something like that, you can just cut this bread up and just
line it up. Line it up just like that, and once you put all the shrimp in to it, it’s
going to make it look pretty cool. It’s not even that hard. You can use all types of things.
French bread, it doesn’t work as good, but focaccia. All kinds of things. It’s at your
own discretion. This is an at your own discretion kind of meal right here. Just stick your bread
in there, and we can work off of that.