Welcome to Homemaker360 In today’s video we will be seeing an review on Tapioca cutting which i have brought from Amazon We will see whether i received the Tapioca stems as expected and all stems sprouted or not ??? so watch the video till end I have placed the order in Amazon ,check the video description for the link I have received the package on 7th day from placing the order We have received 7 sticks for 100rs +delivery charge Nicely wrapped in tissue paper and a manual with all the details about how to grow Many people have doubt whether Tapioca cutting available in amazon will sprout or not so in this video we will see whether all 7 cutting will sprout or not they have indicated the direction on which side goes below soil , so careful while unwrapping and dont change the direction Tapioca are widely grown in Salem,Erode cities in Tamil Nadu if you living in that area you can buy the cutting from farmers I have received the cutting from Kerala , it took 7 days to reach my location from the 7 sticks i am directly planting 3 cutting in land and other 4 cutting i will plant in grow bag and then transplant it Tapioca will grow easily in any soil , soil should be rich in NPK and it should be loose then only roots will grow easily Place the cutting in correct direction in slanting position as shown Place the cutting in 2 feet gap Tapioca will grow only from cutting and not by placing the roots as we do for potatoes leave a gap of 2 feet per cutting Tapioca can be harvested after 10 months from planting and we can easily get around 10+kg from single plant It will easily grow in garden soil 4 cutting i gonna place it in cover and latter will transplant it make hole in the bottom to release the excess water Tapioca plant require more potash for it growth for that you can add wood ash along with compost once a month After 1 week all the cutting started sprouting After 10 Days We received the cutting after 7 days from placing the order still all 7 cutting have sprouted When the plant leaf started to turn yellow it indicate no room for roots to grow and its time to transplant it in soil Place the plants in 2 feet distance from each other Tapioca plant will take 10 months time to harvest and i will upload separate video during harvest Kindly subscribe for more interesting videos Thanks for Watching