(playful music) ♪ It must be love ♪ ♪ It must be love ♪ – [Narrator] So how long have you two been seeing each other? – We’ve been in serious
committed relationship for as long as I can remember. We’re basically relationship experts. – [Narrator] How did you two meet? (giggling) – Well – You tell them, Butter. – No, you tell ’em. – Okay. Well, it was really romantic. (funky music) – [Narrator] Wow, that sounds so romantic. – Yeah, yeah, well we’re soulmates. – Soulmates. – [Narrator] Wait, soulmtes? I didn’t know food had soulmates. – Well, of course food has souls. What do you think is happenin’ when you eat food and then you fart? That’s their souls escapin’. – [Narrator] Okay. How do you
know that you’re soulmates? – Oh, that’s easy. There’s so many way we know. For one, we can tell each other anything. And I mean, anything. (bouncy music) Um, you know I’ve never told anyone this. – What? – Nevermind, I’m too embarrassed. – Just tell me. – Oh, okay. Well someday, I dream of becoming a cinnamon toast. (buzzing) – That’s your biggest secret? – I know, I’m very brave. – I guess. (bouncy music) – Butter, I trust you so much. I just gonna look through
your Facebook real fast, okay? – Okay. – No big deal. Just look around. Who is this? What? Who is this?
Why is your arm around them? Oh my God! Oh my goodness!
I’m freaking out! I thought we were exclusive? – That’s my cousin. – Oh, good. I knew that. – We f***ed. (bouncy music) (buzzing) (bouncy music) (farting) – Okay. (bouncy music) – Do you think I look okay in this? – I think you look like the most beautiful piece of avocado
toast in all of Brooklyn. – I don’t look too much like a hipster? – No, I don’t – I’m just worried I look
like an overpriced brunch. – I’d f*** that brunch. (bouncy music) – Oh, I don’t know if I can do this. – You’ll be fine. You’ve got this! – Um, I’m nervous. – I believe in you! – It’s so freakin’ hot. – Just get in the damn toaster! – Okay, okay, okay okay. I’m
getting in. I’m getting in. Oh! Oh, this is really nice. – Yeah, I told you. – It’s like warm. It’s like a warm hug. – [Butter] Oh Really? – It burns so good. (bouncy music) – One more episode? – Oh, I don’t know. We’ve
already watched like 50. My eyes are all dry. – Yeah, you’re right. – Okay, one more episode. I have to know what happens. (bouncy music) (moaning) – [Toast] I can’t believe
how much sex we have. (moaning) – [Butter] Oh! This is crazy! – [Toast] Crazy? I bet
it’s like this forever. – [Butter] Yeah, yeah, yeah! – [Toast] It’ll never slow down. – [Butter] Three times a day.
Sex, it’s like this forever. (buzzing) (bouncing music) – Our sense of humor
is like, super in sync. Butter is hilarious. – Wait, are you trying to butter me up? (giggling) – Because you’re made of
butter? That’s hilarious! That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. – Yeah, it took me five hours. – You’re like Gallagher. – Yeah, pretty much. We’re food, right? (giggling) (bouncy music) – What if you die first? – Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure I’d die first. I fall a lot. – But, I can’t live without you. – Fine. Well, let’s just
die at the same time! – Oh, that’s a good idea. But what if we just never die? – And that’s all you
need to know about love. – Yeah. When you found
the one, you just know. – Mmm hmm. – Aaaah. – Butter and Toast! – [Toast] But not too much butter. – [Butter] Hey, what are you
saying? What do you mean? – [Toast] You know, cholesterol. (bouncy music)