Henry, I’m Henry, I’m Ian, and this is behind
the scenes at the BOSH! cookbook shoot (music) So today is a very exciting day This week is a very exciting week This month is a very exciting month And that’s because we are in the middle of
a month-long photoshoot for the BOSH! cookbook I know that might sound like a crazy amount
of time But we’ve got 150 recipes we need to take
photographs of in the BOSH! style And we’re gonna be bringing you in, with us,
behind the scenes Let’s go get to work Try studio one I think it’s studio one We can’t get into our own photoshoot It’s a good first start… Now all we’re getting is beeps [welcome!] Ah hello, it’s Henry and Ian from BOSH! Come all the way up to the top! OK Thankyou Let’s do this Hello! [music] I’m gonna take a minute to introduce you to
some of the cool people on the photoshoot First of all we got Ian One half of BOSH! And his magic hands Famous fingers baby This is Lizzie our photographer who is making
amazing things happen with our dishes! This is Sarah, our prop stylist, who has organised
hundreds of amazing props that go with our colour scheme for the book. Like this! Tiny bowl! So this is Pip, our food stylist, who is doing
beautiful things with our recipes, recreating them, making them look fantastic for the camera.
Dishes like the churros! Churros? Maybe not this one! Oh! I wanna give you a quick run-through of the
process we went through making this book. First of all we thought of about 200 recipes Then we whittled that down to 150 that we
thought were good enough to make the cut Then we tested them at least four times each We’ve cooked these dishes six, seven, eight
hundred times In doing that we took photos and we had a
photo of every single recipe Which the publisher then turned into a flatplan This is what a flatplan looks like You can see every single recipe in every single
chapter And we begin to get a visual flow of what
the cookbook is gonna look like This flatplan then gives us the blueprint
of the cookbook Enables everyone on the team here to know
what we’re cooking, how it’s gonna look and where it’s gonna sit within the cookbook And when the flatplan is complete, it’s time
to start working on the real photos! Like these! This is breakfast pancakes and this goes over
here. And this is another shot of the breakfast
pancakes, and this, obviously, goes in the breakfast section… (music) This is the crucial moment in a shoot where
all the hard work gets done… Where me and Ian come up to press the button Magic fingers… Apple, and K Apple K Nice one That’s a wrap! OK Apple K So they told us that our Apple K was the final
Apple K But they’re still Apple K-ing Which means our shot did not make the cut I’m so sad about that They were fooling us! So as well as getting to work with all these
really talented people The authors get to do some stuff too… Here’s Ian, doing what he does best, handling
the food (music) It’s not as easy as it looks. There’s a lot
goes into this. What, holding a pan? Yeah! Got the shot. Look at that. Ready for the book. There’s a few different variations but that’s
not a bad one! Your hand modelling career lives on! So one of the benefits about cooking all this
BOSH! food is that we get to eat it all! Check out this spread… So we’ve got Indian onion rice We got Chinese special fried rice We got the whole Spanish burrito spread And then we’ve got these – these are my particular
favourite English Shepherd’s potatoes As an aside to that amazing spread One thing you’ll notice is Ian is What do you need Ian? I need a haircut – I mean this is just ridiculous
isn’t it! I think you can, you can pull it off mate.
I think you pull it off. You do need a haircut. Is it rude to start before everyone else sits
down? (music) So here we have the sneak attack, it’s you
can’t believe it’s not meat burger… This might be time to sink our teeth in Going in for a taste test here This gigantic burger Mmmmmm that is a tasty burger! That is a very very tasty burger (music) This is going straight in the cookbook You need to figure out how to do the ‘B’ for
BOSH! There’s a B Right guys, so there you have it! A backstage look at exactly how the cookbook
has been made. It’s been an insane process with a load of
talented people and a hell of a lot of hard work to make the BOSH! cookbook Yeah it’s an unbelievable experience seeing
what’s inside your head becoming a reality So if you’re an aspiring foodie and you would
like to know more about how we did this then feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get
back to you Or if you just wanna join team BOSH! you know
what to do, hit the button