Hi, I’m Tess Ward. Welcome to my Tasty Tenner
series. In this episode I’m making a delicious Anchovy Butter Pasta. [Music] So I’ve got my water on the boil here, I’ve
put it on a big boil and it’s just going, yes, and I’m going to season it with a nice
big couple of pinches of salt. I’ve got my tagliatelle nests here. I’m using
four nests of tagliatelle because this is for four people. So I’m just going to drop
them in like that. To make the sauce I’m going to use the chopper
attachment of my blender, and in it I’m going to add one tin of anchovies, and their oil,
so it’s about 50 grams in total of anchovies plus oil, and that goes in. For a full list
of ingredients please check out the description box. To that I’m going to 100 grams of butter,
which I have softened a little bit to make it easier to whiz up. I’ll chop that in half
quickly and pop that in. Also I’m going to add some lemon zest, about
the zest of half a lemon is fine, and to that I’m also going to add a chili, which I’m going
to deseed. I don’t want to make it too spicy, but just want to give it a little bit of extra
heat, so I’m going to take the seeds out. Now I’ve got my lemon zest, I’ve got my chili,
I’ve got my anchovies, and my butter in my blender, and I’m going to add a bit of black
pepper, and I’m going to just whizz it up really simply. So I’m just going to add my garlic clove as
well. You don’t have to add garlic if you don’t want to. I’m just going to pop that
in now. I like it garlicky. OK, so that’s nicely whizzed up now and I’m
going to take the lid off. It’s kind of the texture of whipped butter, really. It’s quite
nice and light and frothy. You can still see little bits of chili and little bits of garlic,
and it smells amazing. It smells like really good, salty anchovies. So for the last couple of minutes, two or
three minutes of cooking the pasta, I’m going to throw in the green beans, just to soften
them a little bit and remove the crunch. So I’m just going in with the beans now for the
last couple of minutes. So they’re still nice and crunchy. They’re
retaining some of their texture, they’re not too soft yet, so they’re ready to come out. So I’m going to reserve a little bit of the
cooking liquid before I strain my pasta, like that, and I’m just going to pop that through
a colander. Okay, so I’ve just strained my pasta and I’ve
got the green beans here and I’m going to simply add the anchovy butter to the pasta
like so, and a little bit of the cooking water, just to soften it a little bit and make it
more sauce like. If you like this recipe and want to find more,
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ten pound meals. If you like the idea of this recipe, give this a thumbs up. Okay, so I’m just going to serve my pasta
in the bowl. I like to drizzle a little lemon juice over
after serving just for extra freshness. It is quite nice, it does liven up the dish. So I’m just going to try it out. Really nice taste of chili. It’s delicious.
It’s really creamy, the lemon zest and the chili really compliment it as well and kind
of freshen it up, and the parsley makes it just much more lively. I hope to see you again for more recipes from
my Tasty Tenners series. [Music]