hi welcome to my kitchen this is sophia How to Make Bread? – Homemade Bread Recipes With Yeast and today i will show you how I make bread as you know bread is made out of flour yeast a little bit of sugar and salt and water of course about 60-percent volume is water if you mix that just these four ingredients you get a pretty decent bread but i usually add different seeds and different grains because you get it much tastier and more nutritious bread this way I usually add rye oats flax seeds sesame seeds and these bali whatever i have but at least one third to half of the flower use is bread flour with is basically during weight hard wit with the addition of some barley to the bread flour i add at least half as mods whole wheat flour i also substitute molasses for the sugar that I prove the yeast yes the likes it that makes better tasting bread and the color is better i will make six or seven love so i will lose here 3 tablespoon of yeast it may seem like a lot but is only about 1 teaspoon or less of us / love and I like my bread rice so I makes different flowers in a big container and i’m going to ground some a nice seat and also i’m going to ground some codes which i’m going to add maybe a couple of cups of oats i will add the blind one couple out in the blender and i added to the mix and then one more shopping How to Make Bread? – Homemade Bread Recipes With Yeast oh and they have ended and I ground up to it goes to mix two and now hot water i have Molly water i put some molasses in it and a little more hot water makes it dissolves hopes first in my length then I add some cold water i need to bring the temperature of the water between a hundred age and 315 degrees because that’s the ideal temperature for the yeast to prove ok now these water is sweet because of the molasses and i will just 212 yet temperature is right I will just add the yeast in it and i will make it to dissolve now this is a fast-rising mr. I don’t need to wait I’ll just dump all my mixed flowers in there and I’m going to need to add more water and work it with my hands for about maybe five minutes i will need to provide a lot more water during that time so it just looks about like that and I’ll wait about making a half hour or 45 minutes until they used the dollar rises and when it has raisins time and a half then I will hunt you down and make love ok now that so has rising i’m going to put some olive oil on the countertop and i’m going to plop the doll down on the counter and I’m going to punch it and squeeze it in tourneys to be violent with it until I knocked the air out of it and it becomes smaller and more pliable form the lobes oil my pants a little bit and then i will just spread the oil like this and and then i will add some codes or sesame seeds or you can add the corn on corn maze whatever you prefer whatever you have handed so it doesn’t stick the bread you know it doesn’t stick comes out easily when it’s baked so here’s how i form the love’s first to get a little bit of flour to drizzle operate this in case it gets sticky at all and make a sort of a flat pi like like a flatbread ok and then we’re going to are all these bread into aloe so when it’s flat I put sesame on one side and party down so it’s six good and then you know i just turned that the ants in and I roll it and that’s my love well I saw a baker’s doing that once so now i’m going to cut it all the way down to the current pop in slices and this will make it easy to break the bread when it’s when it’s done you don’t need a nice about these red is for you just 51 / off you just break one slice off so here’s the world old at the bottom of the pan and in goes the loaf just shake it from the bottom squeeze it down the water will rise up again and I will form the rest of the loaves in similar How to Make Bread? – Homemade Bread Recipes With Yeast now you can ask me what you want all this bread woman comes Brad you 867 loves in one sitting no i don’t but I do have some friends and and neighbors that they appreciate a bite of good bread now and then so i give away some and I freeze a bunch you know so uh when I thought it is fresh like the first day you made it Plus bread takes the same amount of time and effort and expense to make one low 45 loves so why not make more and share ok that’s my last long pan and but i have a couple of rounds so I’m going to make a couple of rounds right to the same way to make around evolved and kind of squeeze it until it’s wrong like by dipping sesame I you probably see a deep everything is setting and cover them well I like this and your love toasted sesame and bread and smells like nothing else I’ve got this like a Peter eight pieces it breaks really easy when it’s cooked when it’s baked and one plan of bread rolls and we’re done it’s always a good idea to clean up as you go so you don’t end up with a royal mess in the kitchen when you’re finished here the loaves I have to wait a little bit until their eyes usually takes about half hour or less or more depending on the temperature of the room for hit the over three hundred eighty-five degrees and i will put 2 1 cup of water in the oven to keep the oven most moisture in the oven makes for good crust I’ll cover the bread with the couple colors so nice and ecology and when it rises i will put little darlin arrange your plants and direction so that they there is air suits waiting around them and you know they’re not snuggly or attachment another ok now I’m will boost the present top looks low water or a little water them surprised though the white dress will be more flexible rice without breaking up to the making not going to bread and make sure it makes this follows now that means the brands are a little cake so we put the towel on top with them so we’re going to come out careful the burn like they’re so there you have it How to Make Bread? – Homemade Bread Recipes With Yeast the cuts make it easy to break