Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen Butter is an ingredient i use in many recipes but most people don’t realise you can make it at home So join me to day as i show you how to make home made butter Into a mixing bowl pour in our thickened cream in America it is also called heavy cream its basically a very thick milk that has about thirty five percent fat. You can use a hand mixer if you choose but im using a stand mixer So whip the cream on high until it comes up extremely thick. The other way to do this is put it into a jar and shake it but that can take about twenty minutes and will also hurt your arm so it is part way there it has started to thicken up this is at soft peak stage so keep on mixing So at this point im going to change the head if your using a normal hand mixer you don’t need to but if your using a stand mixer you will and now I’m adding the paddle attachment again if you have a hand mixer keep mixing but if you have a stand mixer switch to a paddle So what you will see soon it this will start to separate into solids and liquids. The liquid is the butter milk and the solids will be the butter The solids have started to separate from the butter milk turn the speed down to prevent splashing it has been mixing for about five minutes and you can really see how the the solid butter and butter milk keep mixing on low for another minute you can see the butter on the paddle so what we will do next is pour the butter milk into a container don’t throw away the butter milk as it has lots of uses in cooking im putting this is the fridge to use in another recipe Now if you want to use the butter straight away then you don’t have to do anything else and use it as is but if you want to store it in the fridge for longer then you need to remove the excess butter milk from the butter So i have some ice water here it must be ice water pour some in and just push it through the butter see the water become cloudy which means its mixing with the butter milk so we’ll keep on doing this if you don’t take all the butter milk out it will spoil the butter after a day or so and it will be useless. So if you want to store it in the fridge for about a week or so then you have to do this once you have done the first lot pour it out then pour in some more ice water and continue until the water comes out clear push hard because you will find there is butter milk in the air pockets left within the butter itself you can see how the water is cloudy so there is still some in there So this is the last time i need to do it there is almost no cloudy water at all the water is still pretty clear so this should be the last time next with some cling wrap place the butter on it and just cover it up and thats all we need to do. Make sure its air tight Thats all we need to do and just place it in the fridge and use when ever you want so thats how simple it is to make butter from one ingredient Just remember if you are going to use it straight away don’t use the water but if you want to store it in the fridge for a week or so then use the ice water so thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen. Please show me some love by giving this video a thumbs up and leave a comment subscribe and i’ll see you next time for another delicious recipe