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– Hey everyone! – Thank you so much for tuning in to Cook with April on Tasty Tuesday! Today I’m going to show you how to make a delicious bread pudding
with caramel sauce on top. So enjoy! Let’s begin by slicing our
french bread into cubes. Once you’ve cubed the french bread, go ahead and place it in a pan, like a lasagna pan, and you’re going to need about seven cups of cubed bread. So I already measured mine and mine’s about seven cups, and it’s going to cover the whole lasagna pan. Next you’re going to mix one cup of hot water and a cup of brown sugar. And you’re going to just mix that together until it dissolves. It quickly dissolves,
since the water is hot. And then you’re going to pour it on top of the bread. Like that. Next you’re going to crack three eggs into a measuring cup. I already cracked one before. So this is three, hang on, I’m just going to mix that. Now you’re going to also add some warm milk into the eggs. Now you’re ready to add sugar. And you’re going to mix that in there. You’re also ready to add some salt, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. And you’re going to continue to mix. Now I’m ready to pour it
right on top of the bread. Like this. That’s perfect. Make sure that you preheated your oven to 350 degrees, and you’re going to just go ahead and place it in
your oven for one hour so I’ll see you in an hour, bread pudding. The bread pudding is ready, and when you get the bread pudding out, it’s kind of jiggly but
if you wait 20 minutes like I did, it stops getting jiggly. And now I’m going to put some ice cream on a plate of bread pudding, right on top. And since these are like tiny I’m going to do another scoop. The more ice cream, the better. Okay. Okay we’re going to put it right there, two little baby scoops of ice cream! And then, we’re going to grab some homemade caramel sauce, and if you guys want to know how to make homemade caramel sauce, I’ll link it in the info
box, because I filmed a caramel sauce video a while ago. And then you’re going to just drizzle. We’re going to try and
make it look all fancy, you know, like drizzle it all pretty, oh my god, I made this you guys! And that’s bread pudding! It’s ready, the ice cream is on top, and we’re ready to eat it! – Oh, that’s, oh.
– Oh, look at that. (laughs) – I can tell it’s going
to be good just from like putting my fork in it. – Ooh, can I have some? – Superb. Oh my god that’s so good. – Mmmm!
– The combo with the, with the cold of the vanilla ice cream, in combo with the bread pudding, – Mmm!
– it’s fantastic and the, very delicately drizzled
caramel sauce on top. – Mmm, oh sorry. – This is really fantastic honey. Oh my god, this is another
great Fall dessert. This actually I think would be very good for Thanksgiving. – Mm-hmm!
– Good Thanksgiving dish. Don’t you think? – You guys, it’s so good with ice cream! – Oh my gosh, this really is fantastic. Thank you sweetie, oh.
– Mm, that is ridiculous. – Oh! So good.
– Mm, you guys, another craving I had.
– Uh-huh, mm-hmm! Yes, and so I made it! (laughs) I hope you guys enjoy, I’ll
see you guys next time. If you enjoyed this video, please like it and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. And I’ll see you guys next time! Bye!
– Bye! (bright ukulele music) – Hi friends!
– Hey everyone! – Thank you so much for tuning in to Cook with April, on Tasty Tuesday!