(Upbeat music) Hey friends. – Hey everyone. – Thank you for tuning
in to Cook with April on Tasty Tuesday. Today I’m going to show
you how to make something similar to those Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. – Mmm. I don’t know what to call
it, Cinnabon cinnamon rolls? – Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. – Yep. So stay tuned. It’s so good. Let’s begin by placing
one cup of warm milk in a bread machine container
or in a large bowl. Then crack two eggs. Then add a third cup of melted butter, four cups of bread flour, half a cup of white sugar, and two and a half teaspoons
of rapid rise yeast. One packet will do. Then you’re just going
to go ahead and set it to the bread machine dough setting. If you don’t have one
you can use a stand mixer or a hand mixer and it
will turn out like this. Then you’re going to place
your dough in a large bowl covered up in plastic wrap.
Leave it in room temperature and it will double its size in 30 minutes. In another bowl place cinnamon
and brown sugar together and then you can go ahead and
mix those ingredients together with a spoon, but I actually
prefer to use my hands because packed brown
sugar creates these clumps and you want to separate
those clumps with your hands. Now that your dough has
risen, go ahead and place it into a floured, clean surface. I like using a pastry mat. Then I’m adding a little bit more flour and what I want to do with this dough is to flatten it up so
I’m using a rolling pin and I’m applying pressure to
the dough to flatten it up. I’m aiming at 16 x 21 inches. I like this pastry mat that my
husband gave me for Christmas because it has the measurements. Then you’re going to place a
half a cup of softened butter and after that you’re
ready to sprinkle your brown sugar cinnamon mixture right on top. Now you’re ready to roll. So it should look something like this and now you’re ready to cut it up. Instead of using a knife
I like using floss. I’m acting like I’m tying it and then it separates the dough. So I’m just going to go ahead
and show you one more time. Just act like you’re
tying it with some floss and it will cut up the dough perfectly better than a knife because
it doesn’t lose its shape. Butter up a pan. I like using a lasagna pan. It works just as great. and then place your
cinnamon dough right inside. Then you’re ready to back
at 400 degrees Farenheit or 200 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. If you want you can make
cream cheese frosting. I have a video all about
it, I’ll link it below. and then place the cream
cheese frosting on top and the frosting will melt
in 5 minutes and enjoy. It’s nice and warm and ready to enjoy. You ready to try it? – The moment I walked in the
door coming home from work I was just like knocked in the face by how delicious this smells. – It smells like you’re
in a Cinnabon place. – It does. You know how
they do it in the mall? They like waft the smell so
you have to get it, you know? – Yeah. – Mmm. – Ooh, you closed our eyes. – Oh my God. Okay, first of all, this is like 10 times
better than Cinnabon. – Really? – It’s so much better than Cinnabon. It’s really, really moist, the glaze on it is just so much better. It’s like a little
lighter, a little sweeter I can’t even believe… This is like a dessert to me. I know that these are traditionally eaten for breakfast or something. – Really? No, that’s dessert. – But this is just like
so unbelievably good. I can’t even believe that you made this. – Thank you. – It tastes like something
you would buy, it’s amazing. – My favorite part is the
softness in the inside. Oh my gosh, I could just
eat all the insides of them. – Don’t they sell that at Cinnabon? Like just the little centers? – Yeah. – This doesn’t even… This is so far and above that. – Thank you. Here are some friends who
tried my previous recipes. (upbeat music) Thank you friends so much for watching, we hope you enjoyed and if you make it please tweet me and I’ll feature you. My Twitter handle is #AprilAthena7 and we will see you next time. Please remember to subscribe. Bye. – Bye. – Today I’m going to show you how to make cream cheese frosting which is a delicious frosting for everything,
cookies, cupcakes… The best is when I make
it with carrot cake. I do have a recip-