What’s up Food Tuber’s. We’re going to make Focaccia. You wondering what he was going
to say then. Didn’t you? You thought focaccia. You wondered what it was didn’t you. No, focaccia, it’s a lovely bit of bread. It’s a beautiful kind of thick flatbread. It’s spongy, it’s soulful. It’s so delicious. I’m going to do a flavour, and Gennaro’s going to do a flavour. Joy. Yes joyful. As you know this is the
Italian stallion Gennaro Contaldo my mentor. One of the early things that we
made together back in the day, twenty years ago, yes
bread with at the heart what this man did. He
gave that love to me. I’ve taken that forward. But first of all, tell the lovely people of Food Tube some of the flavours that you can do with focaccia. Almost everything that you can do with onions, you can do it with the potatoes, you can do it with the cheese, you can do it with the rosemary, you can do it with the tomatoes, you could do it with thyme. You can do it with wine, you can do it with garlic, with mushroom, ordinary mushrooms, a bit of olive oil. When that come out run them on a table, ah! If you love Genarro give us a thumbs up if you really love him give us a comment.
First of all, we need to mix the flour and the yeast. So we have five hundred
grams of beautiful flour. It has to be a strong flour, and we’ve got some yeast. Put that into our jug. Seven grams in
these little sachets. Always seven grams. Add 325 millilitres of tepid water. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! A little bit. Nice pinch of salt. I’ll take the liberty of just a little bit of olive oil. That’s good. Just a tablespoon. This just gets a nice bit of richest and colour happening in the dough. Just pour the warm water
over the yeast. Stir it with a spoon until it all comes together. Try and use the spoon as much as possible, and then when it too hard to use the spoon anymore a little flour on your hands. So then we knead. Knead for about 10 minutes. Just pull it back and then push it away. You want to stretch the gluten, and and you really want to make it elastic to
build up that kind of rubber band-like kinda texture and the
reason you want it to be like that is as the yeast produces air gas, you don’t want it just to sort of escape, you want that sort-of, that sort-of bendiness of the bread, the kind of structure of the bread to
really hold the air in. So it’s light and spongy and gorgeous. We want to create some humidity. Just put the bowl over So we’re going to let it prove for forty minutes, then we’re gonna come back and show you what to do next 1-2-3 Oh yes! That’s lovely and stretchy now. This reminds me Gennaro’s beautiful soft skin. Ah, thank God for that. So, we’re gonna shape the Focaccia now. Add a cup of semolina. This particular one is plenty just a little bit. If you want
to you can put a little hole inside. Look how soft and silky that is. So we’re going to lay this into the tray. Easy. Extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil. A couple of tablespoons go in there. Going deep to the bottom. Loads of holes. You can tell we made a beautiful dough here. See how delicate that is there. Beautiful. So we’re in a good place. so we’re going to do two different ones. Yes. I’m going to use beautiful boiled red skin potatoes. They’re kind of lovely
crushed. At the same time and this is not traditional but I kinda I always love to
show you new things. That’s the purple potato. it’s just a really beautiful thing. I like leaving the skin on as well. It’s no problem. Thyme. Just put a little oil on the outside. If you put herbs on dry it will taste of nothing. Okay. If you just massage it in a bit of oil then you put that on top and the flavor
will be transmitted onto the the lovely dough, and it will be
incredible. Gorgonzola. Not too much. Hardly anything. 20-30 grams. Tiny bit of salt and pepper, and that is my
combo. So what you gonna do Gennaro? Talk, talk us through your combo. The marriage of the Basil and the tomato together. It is incredible. Just a little hole. He’s sticking his
finger in again. And then, you put them inside the basil. But this time it’s inside the basil. And then get a cloth. Damp with some warm water, and we want to create some humidity and it’s gonna double in size. Beautiful. Our job now is to keep as much of that air in the focaccia. So it’s crisp on the outside, and beautiful and spongy on the inside. Is that fair to say? You said the perfect words. Lovely.
See you in 45 minutes. 45 minutes go by, and have a look. Oh my, my. It’s doubled in size. Inside there are these little pastels of ooh-la-la. I’m gonna put little touch of salt. Not too much. We’re
gonna cook this for about 20 minutes/25 minutes at 200 centigrades. 400 Farenheit. So, be really gentle when you put it in the
oven. Don’t slam the door. And then, in about 20 or 25 minutes you’re going to get a beautiful Focaccia. Not a pizza. A Focaccia. You’re ready? Yes! Gennaro, get your, get your one, mate. Beautiful. Look at that. You definitely don’t want to be eating this straight away. Let it
cool down. At least 10 minutes. It’s very important. You have to feed the focaccia as soon as it comes out the oven. It is hungry for good oil. Okay. We’ve done some extra ones as
well, which can be a little bit cooler. So we can eat those. That’s what we’re looking for
brothers and sisters. Really crisp bottom. Really spongy soft middle, crispy top. Come and have a look. Those little wells where all that lovely oil has gone. Really, really nice. I mean, just look at that. Really nice with cured meat. So shall we try some of this Gennaro? Oh yeah. Can I? Yeah, go for it. The flavours are lovely. Well done Gennaro. So there you go guys. I hope you enjoyed that lovely focaccia recipe. If you like it, give it a thumbs up. We
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from me and Gennaro Ciao bella. Arrivederci. Keep cooking. Keep cooking. Subscribe. I’m waiting, I’m waiting. waiting, waiting. Now, you done it. Love you. We love you!