hi this is Silvia Colloca and thank you for
watching my channel Today I’m gonna show you how to make
pasta from scratch So many times people have told me “I
would love to make pasta from scratch but I don’t have a machine”
well this recipe is for you because you only need to use your hands and, get this,
it’s also vegan! It’s just flour and water and a pinch of salt, how is that? So,
the pasta that we’re making today is two types: Gnocchetti Sardi also known as
malloreddus and Pici, which is a type of Tuscan spaghetti. So I’ve got about two
and a half cups of flour in here and to that I’m going to add a little bit of
water. I’m not going to add it all at once, I’m gonna add maybe three-quarters
of it and start mixing it and then if it’s very dry I’ll add a little bit more.
It’s always better to hold back and then you can always fix it, but if you add all
the water at once then you get into a messy soggy dough and then you have to
add more flour it becomes quite tricky. About this much for now and I’m just
gonna use a chopstick to mix it in and it’s very easy to see if it needs a bit
more water, which it does. I’m going to add a tiny bit more and at this point I
also add a pinch of salt and I’ll just keep using the chopstick for now and
then I’ll soon swap for my fingers. Just gather your mix together and it comes
together really really easily. I’m just gonna pop it
onto the board with a little bit of flour and I’m just gonna knead it and
I’m gonna use this part of my hand, and basically I’m gonna stretch it fold it
and turn it stretch it fold it and turn it and this motion gives the pasta dough
a beautiful texture and it becomes very smooth. And this is your dough done now
the very important thing now is to let it rest, it needs to relax for twenty to
thirty minutes so that the gluten can relax and then it becomes really really
easy to handle and pliable. Just wrap it in plastic and forget about it for 20-30 minutes. So,
it’s been about 20 minutes and the dough has rested and relaxed and it has
changed in texture quite a bit as you can see, it’s really pliable and very
easy to handle it feels a little bit like play-doh, and just like we would
with play-doh we’re gonna be making shapes, pasta shapes! Let’s
start with the new gnocchetti sardi, or malloreddus. We’re gonna cut out a bit of
of the dough just like that and basically just roll it into a rope, a
little small thin sausage like that and then you get a knife and you cut this
into smaller pieces and then you get one of these it’s a little wooden board with
ridges and you roll this onto the board and you shape your gnocchi just like so.
This is how you do it: you just press it onto the board roll it and you’ve got
these beautifu ridges, and the ridges are not just there because
they’re pretty, they serve a very important purpose they will trap the
sauce. So if you’ve got a fork you just basically do the same you press it down
and you roll it and there’s your ridges right there! Okay, and these are your gnocchetti done. I’m just gonna let them dry and then I’m gonna pair those with a vegan
sauce, but for the pici, the hand-roll spaghetti, I will be making a very
meat-lover friendly source so stay tuned for those videos okay? ?Make sure you
subscribe to my channel so that you get all my recipes! This is what I’m doing
now, I’m rolling the rope very thin as you can see I’m just gonna cut it cut
this one in half so that it’s easier and this is how we create the pici.
That’s it that’s my gnocchetti and pici hand rolled and ready to go, and
you can cook them fresh like this and they will only take a couple of minutes
in salted boiling water ,or you can let them dry and then they will take a bit
longer to cook. Make sure to subscribe so you can get all my recipes
because in my next videos I’ll be making sauces to go with each one of these
pastas so you don’t want to miss out! Ciao!