Hi Bold Bakers! So we all know that butter is the backbone
of baking. But did you know how easy it is to make at
home? I’m going to show you today. I’m making in a food processor, but you
can also use a stand mixer, or a hand-mixer. When I did a video for Whipped Cream, I showed
you how you can do it using a hand-mixer, so you can check that out. Into our food processor, we are going to add
our cream. Now I suggest heavy whipping cream. The more fat the better, because the more
fat, the more butter—so high fat content. So even if you can buy butter, try out this
recipe. It’s really fun, and there’s something
really satisfying about making your own butter. Pop on your lid, and we’re going to turn
on our machine, and it’s going to whip up until the fat separates. It’ll take 4 minutes or so. It’s the same on your stand mixer or hand-mixer. Do it on a medium setting, and just wait. There you go, it’s been 4 minutes, so let
me show you what’s going on in here. You have all your yellow, buttery solids here. And what you have here is actually real buttermilk. So we’re definitely not going to waste that. We’re going to save it when we take it out. But for right now what we want to do is get
all of this butter to clump together into one bit. So what I’m going to do is pop on the lid,
turn back on the machine, and pour in some ice cold water. Now what this water does is that it helps
separate the buttermilk from the butter, and help get out any liquid that’s in there. So what you want to do is pour in a few tablespoons. Now this is an important step, so don’t
leave it out. There you go. The butter has come together, you can see
that even more buttermilk has come out of the butter, so this is spot-on. So this was super easy, and now all we want
to do is separate these two. Pour it into a bowl lined with a sieve. I love, love, love butter, and coming from
Ireland, I know good butter. So as you can see down below, this is our
buttermilk. So afterwards, you can put it into the fridge,
and you can use it in any of my recipes that require buttermilk. It’s really great. Now for the butter, what we want to do—this
is a bit of a messy job, but that’s okay—we’re going to pick it up in our hands, and we’re
going to squeeze out that excess buttermilk that’s in there. We want to get rid of all of it. Keep on squeezing until you can’t see any
more buttermilk come out of it. Another way to do this step is actually by
using a cheesecloth, or you can use a tea towel that is clean and not fluffy. Put it in that, and that will wring out all
of the buttermilk. If you’re dairy-free, unfortunately, with
my recipe, you won’t be able to make butter that way. So that’s it, our butter is here, our buttermilk
is down there, so what I’m going to do is add a little bit of flavor to our butter. To add extra flavor to my butter, I’m going
to sprinkle in some salt. Now at this stage, you can add in any flavor
that you’d like. You can make it sweet, and add in a little
bit of sugar and some orange zest, or you can make it savory, and add rosemary, any
type of herb, whatever you like. I’m just going to keep it plain. So there are lots of different ways to make
butter. This is the best way that I found. It’s the easiest, and also, you get great
results. Now your butter will live in the fridge happily
for 8 weeks. And your buttermilk will last for around 2
weeks. My recipe yields you around 10 ounces of butter,
which is a little over 2 sticks. So I have some homemade bread here. I’m going to spread a little bit on. It’s definitely worth making your own butter. This is absolutely delicious! Have it on toast, put it in all of your baking
recipes, whatever you like. I have lots more Bold Baking Basics recipes,
just like this one, so make sure you check out my other videos.