Hi there! This is Geoff from geoffmobile.com –
Today I’m going to be making some Kraft Dinner! So here we go, Kraft Dinner
from the package! I’m heating up some
water in the pot. This is just on
high heat. You will see that it’s high heat and
it is just regular water. 🙂 And over here
we have a package of Kraft Dinner Original. See that’s pretty nice. So you
can see that the pot is boiling quite nicely here. I’m gonna take off this lid. Just dump it in. And then to make it
really good, it helps to stir it a little bit, so… Now I just let this cook for just about
five minutes or so and the noodles will get nice and soft. Inside this little
paper package is the yellow sauce mixture – goes with the Kraft Dinner
and this sauce is very flavorful but also it’s kind of a mystery of what is
actually in this sauce mixture. And I’m
gonna take it over to the sink and dump it in the colander. Very good! To the pot
again, dump it in there. Now is when I add
the sauce. (Look Ma…. No Hands!) And what I usually do is put a bit of
water in the pot. Just so that sauce will melt better. But it says in the
instructions are you supposed to use milk and butter but I don’t really have any
milk and butter right now in the house so just going to
be throwing in this sauce mixture. Another thing you can do is if you like
frozen peas you can add frozen peas into your Kraft Dinner at this point. Okay so that’s pretty much it, it’s
already done. I’ll do a bit of a close-up
on the food here, you can get a sense of it. Alright so that’s your Kraft Dinner
made by geoffmobile.com – Hope to see you again on geoffmobile.com and I hope you have
a great day! Bye! (Gustavo my friend talking and playing violin)
This is like the upbeat version of the “Evil Castle”! Okay. Doo doo doo doo doo doo!