So lets begin to make bread omelette This can be done with bread or bun. I have taken eggs here I have used 8 shallots here. You can use onions if you want. I have thinly sliced the shallots. If its onions, half a onion is enough. Make sure to thinly slice the onions. Now break 2 eggs to the onion. Make sure the shell doesnt fall into the onions. If you see any shell, remove it. It isnt good to eat. Next add 3 green chillies to this. This is the main highlight of the dish When giving children, you can avoid the chillies and use pepper powder if you want. Add little coriander leaves to this. Many like it this way. You can even use curry leaves instead of coriander leaves Add a pinch of turmric powder. Its optional. You can avoid if you dont want. Its just for the colour. Add little salt and mix well. Add 2tbsp water or milk to this. Thats for the milk to fluff up little. I am adding water here. Just little will do. Beat this well. You can use chilli powder or ginger. Usually garlic is not used here. Its all according to your personal likes. Some add tomatoes. You can chop what ever it is finely and add. These are the basic ingredients. Beat this well till it fluffs up. Now we need 2 slices of bread. You can use any bread like whole wheat or multi grain or any. I am using the normal white bread here. Now lets begin to make this. I am heating my dosa tawa for this. Its on medium flame. You can use coconut oil, butter or any oil here. I am using a small piece butter here. When it melts, add the egg mix to this. Do not leave the butter to stay on the pan for long. It will get burnt. Now add the egg mixture. I am pouring it. Take the slices of bread and place them on the egg and turn it over. Do the same with the second slice too. The back shouldnt get burnt. It should have a good colour. Otherwise the taste will change. Now slowly turn this over. It might break but its ok.. It should be tasty. Always cook this on medium flame. Now I am switching off the gas. If it is cooked for a longer time it wont taste good. Now transfer this to a plate. Now fold this part backwards. The other side also this way. Its done this way to make it like a sandwich. If you cannot do it this way, its ok. No need to get tensed for it. The inner portion less cooked is the taste for this. It will be ok in the heat Thats it. Its easy and tasty. Its very filling too. This is one of the breakfast I make here when I am lazy. If you dont have bread, you can use bun. Just slice it and toast it in butter Then make the omelette and place it inside. Thats how bun omelette is like or do it this way I mostly make bread omelette. I hope all of you have liked it. Its very tasty. Shall taste it after I take photos. Ive taken photos. Places some chillies for the beauty of it. Let me cut it to triangles now. I served it with onions, capsicum, coriander leaves with salt and vinegar Served some ketchup too. Dont know what kids would like. When giving kids, add shallots or chillies according to their taste. Some may not like it. My kids eat this only when its hot. Kids who like eggs will have it anytime. My kids dont take this to school. Our bread omelette is ready. Let me have a piece. The inside will be very soft. The spice of chillies and shallots and its fluffy too. Usually I dont add coriander leaves to this. I add curry leaves. Coriander leaves give it a North Indian taste. You can make it anyways you like. Hope all of you have liked it. If you liked it, I hope you will share, like and subscribe to our channel if you havent so far. Until we meet with my next video, thank you..