Hey guys, this is Karina. And this is Ronald. And today, we’re gonna give each other needles. No, that’s not right. Today we are gonna make soda rainbow in a glass. I’m really excited to do this ’cause it looks amazing, like a rainbow. But brown in not in a rainbow. (silly music) Yeah. I’m still really excited and we’re gonna use syringes. To put it in. Or needles. Really excited, so let’s do it now. Ow. What you’re gonna need, is four colors of soda, six glasses, two syringes, a spoon. And sugar. Lots of sugar. I don’t know how this is gonna work. (silly music) In the first glass we’re not gonna add any sugar but in the second glass, we’re gonna add two spoons of sugar. I thought it’s one. Two spoons. One. Get out of here, bee. And two. Two. The next one is going to have– Three spoons. Three spoons. Sugar is going everywhere. (laughs) I’m gonna lick the table. (slurping sound) Two. Oh, that didn’t go right. (laughs) I need a little bit more because of that spill. And, three. And the last one
Four I can’t really see it. Four. You’re gonna add four spoons. And it’s the fourth glass. (laughs) Two. Three. And, four. And that’s how you add sugar to the glass. If you liked it, give it a big thumbs up. And I’ll see you in the next episode. No, I’m just kidding, there’s more. Next we’re gonna add the sodas to the glasses. Let’s… No. Oh, that should be enough, or not. The Coca-Cola.
Not too fast. Look at the Coca-Cola. It’s making dark. Not too fast ’cause it’s going to make bubbles. And then the bubbles will disappear. Whoa! Whoa, look at the Coca-Cola. Well I know there’s barely any green in the green one. Because all of it…
Okay, I’m finished. So I’m gonna now mix. Oh, but there’s no sugar in this one. So, I’m gonna mix this one. Um, this is all getting complex. (laughs) Okay, I think that’s okay.
Now, mix. Think I’m finished with the orange. (groans) Mix it normally. Mix it very well until the sugar dissolves. And it’s hard with the fourth glass, ’cause there’s a lot of sugar in there. Everything’s mixed, so now we’re gonna start adding the Coca-Cola into the empty glass. Get one. Pour it. Whoa. Now I’m gonna get mine. Actually hold on mine… Don’t do that. Okay, so. There. (laughs) (groans) And now we’re gonna add the green one next but slowly, so it doesn’t mix with the Coca-Cola. On the side. Okay, this is gonna be hard. I’m sensing the hardness. Now I’m gonna add the orange, but slowly. (sighs) (mumbles) Number one. I won, I won. I won, I won. Now, I’m gonna do my orange one. (gasps) This is a very slow process. Did I do it? I did it, I did it. Hey, you want me to smack you up, bee? (groans) Now, my other orange. (sighs) well, you would be done if we were allowed to go fast. Yep. Yeah, I did my red pretty quick. Whoa, yours looks amazing actually. The red adds the brightness color. ‘Cause I don’t have the red, it doesn’t look good. But Ron has it, it looks good. So, I guess the red adds all the sunshine. (silly music) Now, I’m gonna get my other red. Okay, I think I’m all done with my orange. Now, the red. I’m gonna be done before you. Way before you. And this is the rainbow soda we made. (silly music) Make sure you drink this soda. It has lots of sugar and you’ll be running around like a wild monkey so your parents cannot catch you. (silly music) Thanks for watching. If you liked it, give it a big thumbs up. And we’ll see you, in the next episode. Goodbye. (silly music)