Welcome to my kitchen. My name is Gala. I am going to make shrimp butter today. For the best result, shrimp needs to be mashed. I tried finely chop, it didn’t work out well. Butter and cream cheese needs to be room temperature. They are going to blend much better with each other. I am using white pepper, because it is not much appears in butter, like black pepper. Keep butter in refrigerator, but before serving take out and let it soften for 1 hour. Here is example how we can garnish with shrimp our butter. Garnish can be more simple, just chop shrimp and sprinkle on top of butter. Thank you so much for watching my video! 🙂 Dear friend, here is link to our video “How to fry shrimp”. Video has tips how to freeze shrimp and more. Happy Cooking!