Sticky buns are just so irresistible. It’s hard to imagine having any left, but if you do why not make sticky, bun french toast? So take your day-old sticky buns and you’ll find even the stickiness has firmed up and What you need to do is create two flat sides that way when you dip it in that textbook french toast egg mixture It’ll fry evenly and of course not scorch because of the sugar Then to make room for the filling I just take my bread knife and cut halfway through not all the way through and I’m keeping the filling pretty simple It’s about three tablespoons of cream cheese softened up Just a teaspoon or two of maple syrup and just a pinch of cinnamon This style of french toast is almost like a reverse sticky, bun the goo is in the middle but not on the outside I’ll just use my spatula and spread a bit of this cream cheese filling on Both sides of where you’ve cut open the french toast. That’s what holds the chocolate chips in place Nice even layer So now it’s time to make the french toast and Just like regular breakfast french toast a single egg and just a little bit of milk about half a cup Just a quick dip on each side and Let that cook for a couple minutes, and then flip it over. You can really smell the cinnamon It’s like the sticky buns are out of the oven Yeah flip How beautifully that browns Right after you’ve flipped over the french toast you pop it in a 350 oven give it just about five to eight minutes And do you know what this deserves a big scoop of ice cream on top The whole point is to melt that chocolate right in the center oh What a decadent treat Now be careful these are hot gently cut with a bread knife look at that beautiful melting stuffing the chocolate and the cream cheese just a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream combined with that chocolate and How about in place of caramel sauce of course with french toast a little maple syrup? And it just completely softens up that french toast So now that you’ve mastered Everything behind making sticky buns from the simple and sweet to the ultimate and decadent You can take all these lessons to your own kitchen to bake and enjoy Thanks for watching. Oh YUM keep an eye on this channel for plenty of delicious recipes and more You