Hi, welcome to Ashlee Marie. Today we’re making one of my very favorites and that is traditional liege waffles. These things are amazing, these big huge sugar crystals and then when you cook them they melt and then they get glossy and shiny and crunchy and they’re just so good. Let’s get started. This is a yeast dough so we’re going to start by activating the yeast. I have my yeast and then I have sugar because sugar helps activate yeast. Now it’s time to add our warm liquid. You want your warm liquid to be between 110 degrees Fahrenheit and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s not a very big difference. If you’re going to err on one side, err on it being a little bit to cool. It will still activate the yeast, but if it’s too warm it will actually kill the yeast which will ruin whatever it is that you’re making. This recipe calls for warm whole milk. I just took it straight out of my fridge and microwaved it for 30 seconds and it was perfect. Pour that right over your yeast and now let it sit for five to 10 minutes. It should be nice and foamy and bubbly when it’s done. Now we’re going to add the flour. We’re using bread flour for this recipe. So I’m going to use half the flour now. Ooh, poured it in a little too fast and I’m going to take two eggs. I’m going to pop them and just lightly break them up real fast and then pour those in as well we’re going to stir this into a dough. Now it’s time for our first rise. So that this dough doesn’t get all crusty, you can cover it with plastic or a really tight sealing lid and it will probably be fine, but this is going to be growing a lot and I found that it’s easier just to take the flour that we’re going to mixing in next anyway and sprinkle it over the top and that creates a nice little covering for the dough if you will. We’re also going to mixing in brown sugar and salt you can wait to add these later but I’m just adding everything so that whenever my timer goes off, I can just come in here and turn the mixer on. So it’s a little bit bigger. As you can see the dough has puffed up in a couple of areas and I just covered it in the flour so now we’re going to mix this. While this is mixing, we’re going to add some honey and some vanilla. As you can see, it’s still really thick and chunky and it’s not really brought together very well. So what we’re going to do is turn it on and I’m going to add the butter two tablespoons at a time. Now the butter is incorporated. We’re going to mix it on a low medium for about four minutes and then we’re going to let it rest for a minute and then beat it again for two and rest for a minute, beat it again for two until it starts balling up really nicely. So it’s all mixed. It’s the right texture. We’re going to cover it if you don’t have a good lid, you want to put like saran wrap over this or anything just to keep it sealed so it doesn’t dry out because we’re going to let this rise for four hours. Now I’ve seen some liege waffle recipes where they either cut out this step and then move straight on the next or they cut out the overnight completely and they go immediately to cooking this, but that’s not going to give you the really authentic flavor and texture. So while this is a little bit time-consuming I promise, I promise, it is worth it and now we’re going to knock it down. Turn the dough out onto some plastic wrap and now we’re going to just wrap it up. Now this is going to want to try to escape the plastic wrap because it’s going to keep growing overnight so you want to wrap it really good. I always go a little excessive. It’s really good to put in something and weigh it down. So I just put it in a glass casserole dish that’s about the same size. I put the lid on it and I’m going to wrap it one more time and help weigh it down. Stick it in the fridge overnight It’s been overnight. Our dough is nice and stiff and you know pushing at the edges of this plastic wrap, but it didn’t escape anywhere so that’s good. And we’re going to need all of the Belgian sugar crystals. Now these are really big sugar crystals and that what creates those pockets of sugar that melt in the waffle iron and crystallize and give it that perfect taste. But don’t use the Swedish sugar pearls, you want to use the Belgian sugar pearls. They are really big and they’re the correct ones that you want to use for this. It’s kind of hard work because it’s cold dough. This batch makes a baker’s dozen, so 13. So first thing to do is cut it in half. I don’t try to roll them because that’s not going to work. You just kind of try to squish the corners and create a circle. And then we’re going to leave this for 90 minutes and it will kind of poof up and be soft. It’ll be perfect for the waffle iron. Right now if you try to stick these in the waffle iron, it wouldn’t really squish. So we need them to thaw and soften and kind of poof up little bit. So I use the cast-iron waffle irons that come apart, and the reason I do this is because I cook them on the stove and I can control the temperature. You can use a normal waffle iron but they get way too hot for these. Sugar burns at a much lower temperature than regular waffle irons cook at, so you want to be careful. If you’re using a regular waffle iron, put your dough in, leave it on for like a minute and then turn your waffle iron off and then leave them to cook while it cools down a little bit. It’s a little bit tricky. You’re going to have to find what works for you, but I love these that I can just put on my stove and can control the temperature. Just stick your dough balls on, close it and squish it down. Now I keep mine at a medium temperature and I cook them for about a minute and a half on both sides so put your timer on and then they will be golden brown at the end of that and perfect. You can see how it gets all glossy and shiny from the sugar and that’s it. We’re done. These things are wonderful all on their own or you can dress them up a little bit. You can put whipped cream and berries on them. Personally, I like them with some lemon curd. Let’s get some on here. So good. And then some whipped cream and then some fresh raspberries. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Don’t forget, in the description box down below, I have a link to printable recipes, all of my versions. Traditional liege waffles, coconut liege waffles. I like to dress them up with the lemon curd, the whipped cream. Any recipe you want on my site, there’s going to be links down below to that. Leave me a comment if you try it and love it, or if there’s a suggestion that you have for me that you think would make my channel better, or a recipe that you really want to see me make. Don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss anything. It’s going to be awesome and now we get to eat. You guys, seriously, this is so good. You guys. Dense with a great crunch and then that part lemon pairs really nicely with the sweet. This is seriously one of my all-time favorites. It’s my dad’s favorite. I make it every time he comes into town. In fact, this is probably one of my most requested recipes when anybody comes to visit. It’s a little time consuming but it’s not that hard so give it a try. Let me know what you think. Thanks for watching.