Hi, this is Stephanie Manley with CopyKat.com
today I’m going to show you how to make twice baked potatoes. These are
a wonderful side dish to make for a holiday or any special event because
you can cook these ahead of time and just simply reheat the night before serving
so they are a great addition to a special meal and they also look
kinda fancy so why not go ahead and give these a try. Well all I’ve done is I pre-baked these potatoes.
These are kinda small potatoes I don’t want to use a large potato
for this because I want something nice and a little bit more delicate.
So I bake this for about 45 minutes and now I’m going to show you how
to go ahead and cut these potatoes and scoop them up and get them ready
to stuff them so they’ll be really really good. We are simply going to
take and we’re just going to nick off like the top third of the potato
here. Like this. And then this side I just simply going to dump all the way
into the bowl and then for this is end I’m going to kinda scoop it out
like a little boat. Now I just want to scoop out the insides so
I can use these potatoes and then stuff them. You don’t want to go too
close to the edge because if you do that it’s going to break apart on you so
just kinda be careful and once I get these all cored out I’ll go ahead and
show you how to make the stuffing and fill them. So let me tell you
a couple of things about these potatoes. Now before you bake them, wash them
to make sure they’re nice and clean. And secondly, you can also eat the
skin. I get people asking me that question all the time. Yes the skin is perfectly
edible and all the nutrition is actually, well not all of it
but a lot of it, is in the skin so go ahead and be adventurous, try eating
a potato skin. So now I have all these potatoes scooped out
and I have them in bowl, and I’m just going to mash them up with a fork.
I’m going to add a couple of tablespoons of butter to this. So what you
can do with these is put everything that you love in a baked potato
already in here so it tastes just like a baked potato. I’m going to add
some sour cream. Then I’m going to add some of the cheese here. I’m not going
to add all of it, because I do want to put a little bit on top when we’re
done. I’m going to add some of my bacon as well. I just cooked bacon but
if you use bacon bits that’s great. I’m going to use a little bit of scallions,
you could also use chives those work really well. We’re going
to go ahead and add some salt and some black pepper. Then we’re going to stir these together and
fill them with our potato. So now it’s time to go ahead and stuff these
potatoes. So you’re just going to take some of the stuffing mix and scoop those
right into the hollowed portion that you took out and you’re going
to end up with more mix than what you started with so go ahead and let
these kinda mound up so they’ll be pretty. And when we get done with this
we’re going to go ahead and use the broiler function in the over. So every
oven has one of these just click it on to broil and you’re going to broil these
until they get a little bit brown on top. So at this point I’m going to go ahead and
add a little bit more cheese. And when this cheese melts I know that they’ll
be done. Now if you’re going to go ahead and reheat these you’re going
to to need to put your oven on to about 350 and heat ’em up for about eight
to ten minutes and then you can put on a little more cheese and broil them
so the cheese turns nice and brown. So we have taken these out of the oven. I
put them in the broiler. It took just about five or six minutes and you can
see the cheese is wonderful and brown and just before serving I’m going to
go ahead and top these with a few more green onions and a little bit of
bacon and we’re going to go ahead and serve these up. And that’s it. So if you enjoyed this recipe
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