Today on Sugar Spun Run I’ll be showing you how to make white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. Hey everyone. Sam here and I’m sure you’ve probably had a white chocolate chip macadamia nut
cookie in the past. Now what makes mine so special is a couple of things, but the
main thing is that I’m going to be browning the butter for today’s recipe.
Now this is super simple to do and I’ll walk you through the steps in just a
second, but you’re going to need to start with two sticks or one cup of unsalted
butter. Let’s go ahead and head over to our saucepan and I’ll show you how to
brown butter. We’ll add our butter to a medium sized saucepan and we’ll set our stovetop heat to low or medium low. Just going to let that butter melt slowly.
Don’t crank up the heat yet because then you’re going to start browning it
prematurely. Now when you’re browning butter I don’t recommend using a metal
utensil, like a metal spoon, and that’s just because the handle tends to get
really hot while you’re working with that hot butter, in the skillet. I like to
use a heat proof utensil like a rubber spatula, a rubber heatproof spatula, or a wooden spoon, or even a whisk that has an insulated handle. Once your butter has
completely melted you’ll want to turn your stove top heat to just above medium
heat. Keep stirring occasionally while your
butter heats up. Pretty soon your butter should start bubbling and popping. Now at this point you’re going to want to start stirring pretty much constantly. Just
keep swirling your spatula, or your spoon through the butter and make sure you’re
scraping the sides and bottom of your saucepan so that the butter doesn’t
start to burn. Just keep stirring while your butter sizzles and pops. Whatever you do, do not walk away from your butter while it’s browning. That is the easiest
way to burn it. Now this is sizzling and popping because we are cooking the water
out of our butter. Most butter has about 15 to 20 percent water, and we’re cooking
this out of our butter enriching it, and then ultimately will be browning those
milk solids that are found in the butter. That is what gives this butter such a
good flavor when it’s finished cooking. Once the sizzling and popping starts to
slow down this is when you really need to be careful, and keep an eye on your
butter. Now at this point, you’re looking for that butter to start to
be turning brown. So you see we have some foam here. I’m just trying to, as I’m
swirling my spatula through the butter, I’m just looking for any sign that it’s
starting to turn brown. We have a little bit of brown here. I’m just gonna take
this just a little bit further. Alright, if you can see that it’s nice and brown
so we want to immediately remove it from the heat. Now this saucepan is really hot,
so if you leave your brown butter in the saucepan it’s going to keep cooking and
could even end up burning your butter. So what I recommend is, as soon as you
remove that saucepan from the heat, immediately pour your butter into a heat
proof bowl. That’ll stop it from cooking, and it’s going to keep you from burning
your butter. And make sure you scrape all of those brown bits out of your saucepan because that is what gives this butter such a good flavor. Now when making these cookies, or when making just about anything with brown
butter, it’s really important that the butter cools down before you add any
other ingredients to it. Now the best way to check is just to touch the bottom of
the bowl. If it feels even a little bit warm you’re going to want to let your
butter cool just a bit longer. Now it can take thirty minutes, or an hour, or even
longer for your butter to come back down to room temperature.
I’ve let this cool for a bit. It’s just about there but since it’s still a
little warm we’re going to go ahead and start prepping our dry ingredients. Now
you’re going to need a medium sized bowl with 2 and 3/4 cup of all-purpose flour.
We’re going to add a tablespoon of cornstarch which helps to make these
cookies nice and soft. A teaspoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of baking soda,
and 3/4 teaspoon of salt. Now stir everything together until your
ingredients are completely combined. Now that we’ve prepped our dry ingredients
let’s check on that brown butter. So this does not feel even a little bit warm to
the touch, so we can go ahead and combine our wet ingredients. So I’m just gonna
scrape this into a larger bowl just to make it easier for me to stir everything
together, and I do mean scrape. You want to scrape all of those brown bits from
the bottom of your first bowl into your new bowl. That is what gives these
cookies such a good flavor. Now along with that butter we’re going
to add one cup of firmly packed brown sugar. And 2/3 cup of granulated sugar. Stir everything together until your sugar and your butter are nicely combined. We’ll add two large eggs, and you want these to be room temperature. And one and a half teaspoons of vanilla extract and just stir everything together again. Once you have all your wet ingredients nicely combined, grab your flour mixture and we’re just gonna gradually stir this into our butter
mixture. Now the only thing left to add to our
cookie dough is our macadamia nuts, and our chocolate chips. We’re going to be
adding one cup of dry roasted chopped macadamia nuts, and one cup of white
chocolate chips. Fold these into your batter. I do recommend chilling this cookie dough before baking with it so we’re
just gonna cover the bowl with plastic wrap. And transfer this to our fridge
where it will chill for at least 30 minutes. While your dough is chilling
you’ll want to pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Once your dough is
finished chilling and your oven is preheated, you want to grab your dough
from the fridge and we can start scooping it. I just like to use my 1 and
1/2 tablespoon size cookie scoop. Just scoop this dough And just for a nice
neat uniform appearance, I like to roll this cookie dough in the palm of my hand. Just roll it between my palms until I have a nice smooth cookie dough ball. Alright let’s take these cookies over to our 375 degree fahrenheit preheated oven
where they’ll need to bake for about 9 to 11 minutes. Now you’ll want to let
these cookies cool completely on the baking sheet because when they come out
of the oven the center should still be a little bit underdone. Letting them cool
completely on the baking sheet lets them finish cooking, and gives you a nice soft
cookie center. Now these have finished cooling, and I wish you could smell how
good my house smells right now. This is a really simple cookie recipe, made
extra-special by the addition of brown butter, and I really think you’re going
to love it. If you try this one out please let me know what you think. I
always love hearing from you. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see
you next time. They’re good.