Hi I’m Yvonne Halling at www.bedandbreakfastcoach.com and this video
is Part 2 in my series on how to use the internet to bring you more guests, more fun and more
money, so if you’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed by so much advice
out there on how to really use the internet for your benefit, then this 2nd part of my 4 Part Video Series will help you. Just to recap, there are 4 basic principles
of using the internet to bring you more guests, and they are
#1 Build a list #2 Nurture and care for that list
#3 Provide regular content for that list And finally, #4 Make offers to that list
In Part 1 of this series we talked about why you need to build a list and I took you through
the steps of how to build a list by identifying the guests you’d most love to welcome and
where to find them on Facebook, and then creating what’s known as a “lead magnet” for
them to download. In this video, I’m going to show you how
to nurture and care for that list. Step #1 Once you’ve got someone to download
your lead magnet and now subscribed to your list you’ll need to build a relationship
with them. This means creating a series of emails that
you can set up in advance and will automatically get sent out from your list manager, after
they’ve downloaded your lead magnet. So what do you say in these emails? Well first, thank them for trusting you with their
details and reassure them that you’ll never share them with anyone else. Then let them know what to expect from you,
what kind of information you’ll be sharing if they stick around. Step #2 – Invite them to take a look at a
blog post on your website and make a comment, so that you can start a conversation In other words, make friends with them, and
take care of them with your friendly communications You’re building the know like and trust
factor here, so that they’ll book with you when they’re ready. You’re also establishing your authority, with valuable information that no-one else is bothering to offer them, so that when they
think of coming to your area for a particular reason, like quilting or crafting, they’ll only think of you. Step #3
Ask them to interact with you elsewhere on line or even become a friend on Facebook. You don’t need to let them in on your family
events because you can add them onto a different friend list on Facebook, but you’ll be able
to let them see interesting posts about your B&B and your topic about which you’re both
interested and that will be valuable for them. I know this can be challenging for many people,
but if you want to grow your business without paying commissions to online travel agents,
then learning how to use the internet yourself, in this way, is the way to go. And the good news is that much of this can
be done on a set it and go basis, which means that once you’ve got it going, it will free
up your time for other things you enjoy. Stay tuned for part 3! If you’ve liked this video, then hit the
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