Hey all,
Liam from Killer Ink here and today I’m going to be showing you
Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe. The hustlers behind the well-loved tattoo care
Hustle Butter Deluxe have struck again and this time, they’ve added
a little something extra… So let’s take a look… This is Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe the same great tattoo butter
you all know and love but with the added benefit of 500mg of CBD oil
to help sooth irritated areas. For those who don’t know cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a
non-psychoactive extract of hemp so it’s not going to get you high
when you put in on your skin. As with the original Hustle Butter Deluxe the newer C.B.D. Luxe is a
100% natural, 100% organic, vegan-friendly and cruelty free replacement
for all petroleum-based products. Aside from CBD this tattoo butter is made from mango, coconut,
papaya, and other shea butters. Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe is the perfect tattoo care
to be used throughout the tattooing process. You can use it to prep the skin before tattooing as a tattoo lubricant during the session and to moisturise the tattooed area
after the process. C.B.D. Luxe will not remove stencils
when you apply it to the skin so you don’t have to worry about re-applying
or re-drawing your design. While working, you’ll find out there’s
no more petroleum build up, clogged tubes or
worn, broken down gloves like you may experience
with other products. When using C.B.D. Luxe,
the skin remains workable so say goodbye to overworked highlights and hello to your yellows and whites
going in on the first try. If you’re looking to raise your
tattoo care game to the next level Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe is
available to order from Killer Ink via the link in the description below. So what do you think of
Hustle Butter C.B.D. Luxe? Have you had the chance
to try it out for yourself? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel! You can’t knock the hustle!