My favorite part about my job is the students. Fundamentally, within the residential college
system, student engagement is a hallmark of our system. What you’re doing in the classroom is so important
to your intellectual growth and development, but what you’re doing outside of the classroom
is complimenting that, to really formulate holistic human beings. It’s like roughly 160 student leaders that
I’m working with throughout the year. We all become like little versions of Natalee. We are so efficient and competent because
we have an efficient and competent leader. Natalee is just awesome. She’s really welcoming, really easy to talk
to. Everything we are doing is try and make sure
that our students are getting the most robust and professional preparation that they can
before they’re going out into the world. And I think that’s one of the things that
really makes me think my job is integral to the mission of the institution.