well Colton Meagan I have a word for you
today that I think you’d expect and the word for you today is love today is a
day i’ve prayed for since we were 13 years old i feel so excited and blessed
to finally share this moment with you Megan and Colton been together since the eighth grade sooner or later he’s gonna have to come and meet dad so I come down
the steps to meet him and I purposely stop two steps higher and I extend my hand
Colton’s eyes got bigger and he said my name’s Colton and then they scurry down
the stairs and that’s about all I saw of them (laughs) you know Isaiah chapter 54 it says for
the mountains may depart and the hills may be removed but my steadfast love
shall not depart from you I promise to make you laugh at every
chance and to comfort you in those moments when laughter can’t be found I
will always speak openly with you support you and give myself to you in
all aspects of our lives any parent would be honored to call you
their daughter you look extremely beautiful you know its an exciting time for you and Colton to start your lives together as husband and wife I promise to be there for you whenever you need me and find
some way to bring out your incredible smile every day for all the days we have
together on this earth I promise to care for you and protect you I promise to pursue you each day it’s always protect your sweetheart
I will always be your best friend just like I know your mine I will stand by
you and their best and worst moments and cherish you through them all it wasn’t so much the times that I saw
how you interacted with my daughter it was those times that I heard how you
treated my daughter when I couldn’t see it was there was those times that I knew
that you were exactly the young man you presented yourself to be I will always put your needs above my
own and above all else I promise to love you with all my heart and soul for the
rest of my life here forever to call you my husband is such a dream and I think God for you and his love of ours each single day I love you and I’m excited
for a lifetime of adventures with you I know they’re both very very happy to
be spending the rest their lives together they’re also a really good
example what being madly in love is like so if you guys would keep your drinks
and toast the beautiful couple on their beautiful day