hey guys today I want to talk about the importance to me why I had to make a sound decision on juicing still after I had finished my hundred and forty juice cleanse and the reason that I made that decision was on the fact that I noticed that when I was on 140 a juice cleanse I wasn’t hungry which was a plus and I wanted to continue to not feel hungry because I feel as though people gain weight because their body’s always giving off that hormonal thing that we have called ghrelin and as long as you are feeling hungry it’s a human thing to want to pick up some food and stop eating but if you have something implemented in place for those urges and one big thing that you can do so that you don’t have these urges is to make sure that you eat a drink something that’s nutrient dense that goes directly into the bloodstream so that the body the mind will give off the signals that you’re not hungry and you won’t find yourself snacking in between meals and eating large portions when you are eating your meals so that’s why I made a sound decision to juice because I don’t feel hungry when I have a juice I like to have a juice 16 24 to 32 ounces of a fresh juice daily before I have any solid foods to get that into my bloodstream to signal to the brain that I’m not hungry so the solid meal that I do have after the juice I might not eat it all or the portions very small and that’s okay because my mind is telling me my brain is telling me that I’m really hungry anyways so I can eat that small portion of food whatever it is I want I don’t count calories and I don’t make a big deal of what I eat I eat what I want to eat so when I eat that one meal I eat to them satisfied and then I’m done for the day I don’t think about picking up brownies and lemon squids and chips and all this stuff that I was eating prior to my weight loss journey do I have my moments where I have freeman’s and I’ll buy lemon squares and gummi bears and chips and all those kind of things yes I’m human it happens a lot but there’s more times that I’m being a good girl and doing the right thing then I have of the slip ups with the cravings for the bad sweets and the bad processed foods and snacks so this is why I implement juicing it’s a lifesaver it’s also a game changer for anyone who starts to juice fresh juices it’s very nutrient dense it will take away all those cravings that you have of feeling hungry and you will only eat basically when you should be eating rather than eating just because you feel hungry when we all know that you probably are not really hungry it’s just that the food that you ate had zero nutrients in it so your body is signaling that you’re hungry so I do recommend that people start to incorporate juices if you don’t like doing juices do a smoothie something with not frozen fruits and vegetables that you get from the supermarket but fresh produce that you can make from home everyday and drink 16 on the low end to 32 ounces on the high end per day of these fresh fruits and vegetables to help to you know get these cravings that you’re having for the snacking and all these large meals under control so that you can lose weight successfully so with all that being said please subscribe to the channel like and she had this video and make it a favorite and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now