This is 23 year old Zadejah. She fell in love with 55 year old Tim. Zadejah: Because I’m really over the top. And he seemed very confident. That age gap has never been more than just a number for their relationship. Tim: A lot of people put the age gap thing as being this big deal. It really isn’t. But not everyone sees it that way. Zadejah: My family is not okay with me dating older men. And even those closest to them have struggled to get on board with their relationship. Jane: I personally don’t understand the age difference. Tim: So today’s my 55th birthday, I live hard, die young leave a good looking corpse. Well, obviously I wasn’t going
to leave the good looking corpse no matter what I wasn’t blessed with that. Zadejah: One of Tim’s favorite songs is a song called book of love by Peter Gabriel. And so I decided to make him a literal book of love. The last lyric in this song is you ought to give me wedding rings. So this is starts from actually from our first date him literally wearing my headscarf to the grocery store. He’s so weird. And then, for the last part is part two and is dedicated to the rest of our lives together. Tim is a little bit emotional. He’s going to like this a lot. I can’t wait. Zadejah and Tim has been together for two years with a 32 year age gap separating them. Tim: Young lady if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be here wearing my faded Yoda dad. That’s what the shirt says. Yoda Dad, don’t ask. Zadejah: I’ve always been attracted to older men. People think that he’s supposed to be like old and boring. But that’s not the case whatsoever, Tim is just a gigantic kid. Hint, hint, the Marvel wrapping paper in that I’m using. But whilst they don’t see the 32 years that divides them and age as an issue, there have been plenty of people who do. Zadejah: My family is not okay with me dating older men. That sucks because people act differently. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. My mom when she first found out she was like freaked out. But then my mom does this thing where she’s like gets freaked out about something then a week later, she’s all on board with it. So she’s like completely supportive. She doesn’t have an issue with it whatsoever. My dad he won’t talk about it. So I take that as a disapproval. And mostly the rest of my family is just they’re not okay with it. Tim: Go ahead I made that with love, made it with love. Zadejah: So good.
Tim: You’re not going to chug it? Even Tim’s closest friend struggled to get on board with their relationship. Jane: I have known Tim for 13 years, we’re best friends. Tim: This is my time. Jane: I haven’t always liked Tim’s girlfriends. My reaction when I was told they were dating when I first met Zadejah I didn’t really think too much about it. There are some aspects that they talk about that I’m like, I don’t know if that’s going to work but I also feel it’s their life. I was happy that he found somebody that he seems to be happy with. I think that they do honestly love each other. Happy birthday to you. whoo Tim: I’m so glad you didn’t put 55 on it, wouldn’t that be a horror. The pair have also found that going out as an age gap couple doesn’t go unnoticed. Tim: It was something. Zadejah: We get some really funny looks in public. Yeah, I’ve seen some people really like break their necks like staring so hard. Tim: Snide comments, but normally they, they don’t say anything to us. It’s just the looks. Raccoon tycoon.
Zadejah: What is that? Tim: I know I’m just saying it. Ship wrecks of the Northern sea, of the North Sea. While the judgment they face going out is mostly looks, people on social media have been far more vocal. Zadejah: I’m the only one who has social media. So Tim: I’m not allowed to.
Zadejah: Yeah, I, I get nasty comments. Once they’re like, oh, he must be rich. He must be filthy rich. I didn’t ask I never asked how much money you have. I didn’t say hey, can I have some money? And you know how many times people ask me Are you a sugar baby? I think people just automatically think like, I’m stupid or I’m dense. I don’t understand anything. I don’t have any life experiences. Okay, so I wrapped it in your superhero. Tim: Yeah, I noticed that I was laughing. I’m milking this, am I milking this?
Zadejah: Yeah, you are. Tim: Okay. Oh, that’s …
Zadejah: You get it, you get it.
Tim: Yeah I got it. Zadejah: The challenge of dating an older man They almost always come with kids. Tim: I couldn’t ask for crazier dad. Happy birthday. Batman wanna be. I’m old. I don’t give a damn. I don’t care. I mean, when you get to be a certain age, you just don’t care. My children don’t care. They go dad as long as you’re happy. They want her to treat me well. That’s it. Zadejah: It was all his personality. Tim he’s like, because I’m really over the top. So I like a guy to be like even more over the top.
Tim: Oh, no, not going to read that either. Zadejah: I was like, Okay, this guy is he’s, he’s confident I like it. Tim: Zadejah’s motivated. She’s has a zest for life. Like she wants to go do things. The fact that she’s beautiful didn’t hurt. A lot of people put the age gap thing as being this big deal. It really isn’t. It really isn’t. We’re human beings. And we’re at various stages of our lives. But other than that, there’s just not a lot of difference. There really isn’t thank you for being my everything. I love you Happy Birthday love Zadejah. That is so sweet. Yeah. Damn. Damn. Damn I get like all emotional and it’s yeah that’s not funny. Zadejah and Tim’s relationship might be hard to comprehend to everyone from family to strangers, but in the end, none of that matters to them. Tim: Does it bother me that people judge my relationship? Not one iota. Opinions are kind of like anuses everybody’s got one they all stink. Zadejah: I know people watch and they’re like oh, you’ll probably break up next week or something like that. He actually is really invested in thoroughly working out any issue that we have. That’s like really special. As long as we can be together. We have to figure it out. I’m too old to go looking for somebody else I could die at any moment.