hi friends today I’m gonna show you a
very famous and extremely healthy breakfast recipe french toast
hope you liked the recipe let’s look at the ingredients we need about three eggs
I have used your organic brown eggs but you can use any salt to taste some black
pepper some chopped coriander leaves I like that green color on the bread but
these are optional about 1/4 cup of milk to give the texture of fluffiness to the
batter 1/8 cup of chickpea flour or Besan this is to give that crispy
texture to the bread and some red pepper flakes if you like them but these are
optional I have used your regular sandwich bread and I have taken about 4
slices of sandwich bread but you can use any bread that you like even a bun bread
just cut it in half and you can use that take a wide plate this is to allow your
bread to soak well you need enough space to do that now let’s start breaking the
eggs one by one ensure that you know the cover doesn’t fall on in the eggs nobody
likes that so just do it carefully and I’m gonna break the third one here oh damn I just had the cover fall in the egg so do better job than me and take that off now gently break those
yolks and give it a quick mix let’s add the ingredients add the salt next add
the 1/4 cup of milk some chopped coriander leaves and like I said these
are optional some black pepper and some red pepper flakes give this a
good mix and sure that all the ingredients are mixed well in the batter
take your time you know to do this it will take about a minute or so now add
the chickpea flour to the batter again give it a good mix try to take off
maximum lumps as you can but again it’s very difficult since the mixture is
little slimy so do the best you can and take off all the lumps now put the flame
to high and use a nonstick pan you can also use a steel pan but I just find you
know cooking these in a nonstick pan better because it’s easier to remove
them add about 4 teaspoons of oil and some butter
the reason I’ve used butter is the flavor that it imparts to the bread and
the eggs but if you don’t want to use it it’s okay now comes the fun part
dip the bread in batter just like this and soak it well and put it on the pan
our pan is hot enough so notice the little bubbles that come around the
bread do the same for the second one and put it on the pan now notice that not
enough coriander leaves stick to the bread so what I’m gonna do is just with
my hands like that I’m gonna take off some leaves from the batter and add it
to the breads unfortunately you cannot use any spoon or a fork to do that
because the mixture is very slimy so nothing sticks to the spoon or the fork
so just do it with your hands look at that nice yellow and green color
that it gives to the French bread now turn the flame to medium and let these
two breads cook for about three to four minutes on this side just toss them like
this in between but let them cook for about three to four minutes now turn
them over and cook on the other side look at that beautiful golden color that
has come to the bread now let’s make sure that the bread is well cooked on
the other side as well so turn them over awesome it has got that golden color so
now the French toast is ready let’s go ahead and take it out in a plate don’t they look yummy now let’s add our
remaining breads as well add the TSP of oil and spread the fire across the pan
and follow the same process just give a toss to the batter and dip the bread and
try it so looks like I do have some batter left in there so what I’m gonna
do is take one more bread and finish off that batter so looks like in three eggs
with the amount of milk and chickpea flour added we can fit in five sandwich
bread now turn them over and cook them well on
the other side as well they turn nice golden color here now they’ve been
cooking for about three to four minutes on this side as well so just turn them
over and make sure that they’re well done which they are so I’m gonna take
them off and serve them in the same plate now the French toast is ready
while I finish off the last bread with the remaining batter go ahead and enjoy
these hot French breads with a tea or a coffee or just like me I’m gonna have it
with some orange juice and ketchup if you liked today’s recipe please don’t
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