hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with instant mac and cheese that’s right we’re gonna do a no boil no bake
one pan mac and cheese that could be made just as fast as this stuff from the
box not to mention it’s gonna taste way better since we’re gonna use real cheese
and the ones we want and i know that all sounds too good to be true
but it is and what follows is video proof so with that let’s go ahead and
get started by bringing some cold fresh milk up to a
simmer on medium heat and while we’re waiting for that we can go ahead and
toss in some kosher salt a little shake of cayenne and a very very tiny pinch of
freshly grated nutmeg alright just a hint in fact if you’re gonna put too
much don’t put any and then we’ll also go ahead and sneak in about a tablespoon
of butter and then what we’re gonna do once this comes up to a simmer is
believe it or not stir our dry elbow macaroni directly into this milk so yes
we’re gonna completely skip the boil the pasta step and we’re simply gonna cook
it in what will eventually be our cheese sauce and one big tip here do not under
cook your pasta alright so due to the full time it says
in the package and we don’t have to stir this constantly but we do want to stir
it often so at least every couple minutes and of course while that’s
cooking in between strains we can go ahead and grade our cheese and this time
i went with two kinds of cheddar an extra sharp orange and a medium white
and the reason I’m going with this combination besides I love the taste I
think that’s going to produce the most attractive color but anyway once our
cheeses that we’ll go back and check our pasta and this is what mine look like
after cooking in that milk for eight minutes and then what we’ll do once our
pastas cooked is reduce our heat to the lowest setting and then we will jump our
cheese all in at once and we will give it a stir until it just melts which is
only gonna take a few seconds at which point we’re gonna turn off the heat and
quickly cover this and then let it sit undisturbed for exactly three minutes
and during that brief time something sort of magical happens which you are
just about to see okay so after letting it rest for three minutes we’ll go ahead
and pull off the lid and we will give that a stir and as you can see our sauce
has thickened up beautifully and those holes in our elbow macaroni
have sucked it in through I believe capillary action but don’t quote me on
that I only have a two-year degree but anyway we’ll go ahead and give that a
stir as well as taste it for seasoning it might need is just a little touch of
salt so I want to hand stirred some in and give it one last taste and that’s it
once we think that’s tasting good we’ll go ahead and serve that up immediately
into a warm bowl since the professional never puts hot food in a cold bowl and
if everything’s gone according to plan you should be looking at one of the
creamiest most gorgeous mac and cheese you’ve ever seen and by the way if
you’re thinking that looks fine and I’m sure it tastes amazing but my favorite
part of mac and cheese is that crispy crusty topping you get when you bake it
well don’t worry chef Jon’s got your back among other parts because we’re
gonna finish this with some panko breadcrumbs that we’ve cooked in some
melted butter until they’re golden brown and crispy and that is gonna very
effectively mimic the top of the baked casserole version so we will sprinkle
over a few spoons of that and all will be right with the world and that’s it
we’ll go ahead and grab a spoon and go in for a taste and despite all the
shortcuts and this only taken about 10 minutes to make that my friends is just
as good as any mac and cheese you’ll ever have plus unlike the much harder
much more time-consuming baked version if we happen to want a little extra
crunch we can toss on some more crumbs anytime we want and yes I will admit I
thought I invented this when I first tried it but then it became quickly
apparent that like a thousand other people had thought of this before me but
since I didn’t know that it still counts and of course instead of the crumbs or
in addition to we could do things like chopped bacon or sauteed mushrooms for
grilled vegetables or whatever else you want
I mean you are after all the Janis Joplin of your mac and cheese topping
and there are not many things that wouldn’t be great on top of this and
since the possibilities are pretty much endless I should probably sign off and
let you get started so I’ll just finish by saying I really do hope you give this
a try soon then head over to food whooshes calm for all the ingredient
amounts of Morpho as usual and as always enjoy you