– Thank you! (laughs) Hello friends. I’m Lee Kalpakis from Thrillist, and today we are in Harlem, to check out Harlem Public, because they are dousing
their cheeseburgers with peanut butter. Let’s go check it out. I almost took him out, I’m sorry. – I decided to put peanut
butter on a burger, just from growing up loving peanut butter, and also loving bacon. So I figured, how do I put these two things together? And, once I added brown
sugar to bacon at home, and I realized, wow, the savory peanut butter really works well with the brown sugar on the bacon. I decided to put in on a burger, and it worked. The peanut butter adds kind
of a creaminess to the burger. But we also add in a
little but of chunk just to give another texture to it. It really enhances the burger, just because it holds everything together. You’ve got the New York Steak Cheddar, you’ve got the Brown Sugar Bacon, and then the peanut
butter really melds it. When people bite into
the Peanut Butter Burger, it’s fun to see the reactions. Half the people are kind of like, “Wow, this really works,” and then some people are like, “What the hell is this?
I don’t understand it.” But the majority of people really like it. People like it just ’cause it’s different. They come in and they say, “Oh, this doesn’t seems
like it’s gonna work, but why not I’ll give it a try.” And they end up coming back for more. – OK, so here it is. The Harlem Public Peanut Butter Burger. As you can see, we’ve got peanut butter dripping down around all sides. It’s not gonna be the cleanest and tidiest meal I’ve ever had, but let’s do it. Wow, it’s really good. So, to start off, the burger patty, perfectly cooked, medium-rare. Exactly how it should be. The peanut butter is a little bit sweet. You can taste the honey, but it’s not an overpoweringly sweet. This isn’t like, turned into a dessert
or anything like that. It’s also a little bit salty, it complements everything. It really does tie it together, it keeps it nice and juicy. And there’s a really nice
creamy element to it. And, you know, I know it sounds weird to have peanut butter on a burger, ’cause we think of
peanut butter and jelly, or a peanut butter sundae, or chocolate peanut butter cups. But, if you think about peanuts and meat, we see it in a lot of
different things, right? We have kung pao chicken, and we have peanut curry. We see peanut dipping sauce for satay. There’s a bunch of different
things that prove that meat and peanut butter go perfectly together. And this is something
I’ve never had before, but is just another case of that. The brioche is really buttery, and that is awesome
with the peanut butter. It has almost a pastry vibe to it. So it’s nice and crunchy on the inside, and then fluffy on the outside. The bacon is smoky, also has a really nice sweetness. The Cheddar is a really
nice sharp Cheddar, so it just powers
through all the sweetness and the fat. And you can really taste
the sharpness of it, which I really like. It’s great because you’re
just not used to satisfying a peanut butter craving
and a burger craving at the same time. To be honest, it’s the perfect way to mop up a hangover. It’s really convenient
that this is in a bar, because this is exactly what I would need to completely cure a hangover. I think it’s really, really good. All right guys, well I’ve
got the afternoon to myself so I’m gonna grab a pitcher of beer. But, if you wanna see more videos on unexpected flavor combinations, check out our Fork Yeah video on watermelon noodles at Mokbar. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and we’ll see you next time.