this closet has always been a problem
with me I haven’t really been cleaning out decluttering getting rid of things
but this closet is horrible and I’m going to turn this closet into my
kitchen pantry and I’m gonna show you in a little bit why so this closet
everything is coming out of here I’m gonna sort through it put it out in my
canning garage and put it in places where I know where it’s at and then I’m
gonna put all of my spices and my bulk baking items in here because what’s
happening is all of my bulk baking items are here I can’t find them
it’s just too much it’s hard to see and this is gonna be where my microwave and
other things are I’m redoing my whole kitchen I’m decluttering whoa it’s gonna
take me all day I thought my kitchen is cluttered it’s an organized cluttered I
want to clear out so I have room for this spring when I do a lot of
harvesting of my vegetables of my herbs I need to have a kitchen that is
streamlined and it’s cleaned up without so much
clutter and that means that closet is going to be my key to having things more
organized so the first thing we have to do is clean out that closet so that
closet is ready – so the first thing we have to do is clean out that closet so
here is the before I learned a trick a long time ago is
using your wheelbarrow if you want to transport a lot of things at one time so
all the things in this wheelbarrow are going into my canning garage so what I’m
doing is instead of putting everything in here and just throwing it in there
I’m taking the extra time and I’m putting everything away out there so it
takes twice as long to do it but at the end of the day everything is
done correctly so I’m taking wheelbarrow loads after wheelbarrow loads out
they’re putting it where it needs to go all of my seasonal my prepping items my
home is built around prepping and so everything in my home has to do with
some sort of prepping or long-term survival so that stuff is going out into
kiding garage and now this stuff has to go into the wheelbarrow
once that’s empty so we’re just going to keep taking everything out of closet and
once everything is out of the closet we’re going to clean it and then we’re
gonna start organizing and I think it’s really gonna make a difference well
everyone I did it I have no heat on in the house it’s 50 degrees I have hot
flashes and I’m working like crazy but everything is removed oh my word was
that ever work so everything here is removed I’m happy to announce now what I
gotta do is I gotta clean off the shelves vacuum everything up and then
we’re gonna put one thing in at a time so I’m gonna start with the smaller the
jar and then down to the largest this is going to be my pantry for my cooking and
all of the dry goods that I have and I’m hoping I can get more in here that I
think I can I have this area right here I wish I had some shelves or something I
don’t so I’m not sure what I’m gonna do here because every bit of space for me
is so important I have to use up every space because I’m trying to take
everything out of my kitchen and put it nicely in here so I can just
close the door and walk away and have everything organized and then my kitchen
is free of clutter I don’t mind clutter because my clutter
is all useful items but in the summer I need my kitchen I need my kitchen
counters cleaned off I have a really small kitchen
somebody said on my tour Vidia they loved it but they’d like to see the rest
of my house and I was like um that is the rest of my house this is my house
the kitchen the little family area my bedroom and a pantry that’s it that’s it
people so I didn’t know what they were looking to find but this is my house
it’s not tiny living but let me tell you what it’s small living that’s for sure I
only have the closets in the bedroom and this closet it’s the only closets I have
in this house so let me keep on working you great the shelves all the dried food on the shelves and
see how many we can fit on here that is everything and look at all the
room I have now I can go into the canning pantry and put some things here
look how much room my god this is amazing this is exactly what I was
hoping I was hoping I could put more things in here have it organized and
then not have it out on top of my counters so much this is perfect I am
extremely happy and I’ll show you when we’re done so the only one is the
finished product so there you go everyone it’s the finished project up
top is we’ll have some herbs and my centrioles and I have my dry goods dried
goods way down the bottom I have all of my baking supplies so there you go I
turned this closet into a pantry and now I can clean up my kitchen and it won’t
be so cluttered so let’s see what the kitchen looks like you it’s time for Viennese diary we are on
February the 19th 1944 fanny writes today I wanted to go to town but when
Marion woke up she had the mumps usually my videos are only about two to three
days ahead of time but last week for some reason I ended up having five extra
videos I never dreamed what a blessing that would be Saturday morning I woke up
very sick and I had been sick all week but I’m starting to get better but I’m
so thankful for these extra videos because they’re really helping me out in
a time that I need them I don’t look too presentable at the moment but on
Saturday I will show you my face for the first time really this week and boy I
had a lot of things I learned this week through all of this but the most
important thing is I thank you for your prayers and having a Facebook group
where people can know about what’s going on and so people knew that I wasn’t
feeling well it is a cold virus it is the flu I’ve had high fever for a couple
days and finally that fever broke so I am on the mend but thank you guys so
much for caring for me thank you so much for watching my videos and some of you
even went and you’re watching some back videos just to give me a little bit of
help I’m counting on having a video every single day even on the days I
don’t feel quite so well but I think you enjoy them and I enjoy making them so
we’ll see you guys tomorrow hey everybody wait a second if you like
videos about my daily life and you like to see how do I do things here on the
homestead take a look at all these videos below it’s three years worth of
beautiful videos that I get to share with you my life and my dreams for the
future take care everyone