So what you’re saying is JAPANESE KIT KAT BAKEOFF! [music] KIT KAT KIT KAT KIT KAT KIT KAT! This time it’s not poisoned Kit Kat OH HO! Amber! I came across this and I was like…Simon
and Martina Wasabi flavoured Kit Kats! Have you tried
these before? No I actually haven’t These are Japanese Kit Kats These are the first time I’ve ever actually
seen Kit Kat that you’re supposed to bake in
the oven Not to mention the flavours So what we have here is Pumpkin Pudding? Halloween Pumpkin Pudding, Simon! Halloween Pumpkin Pudding! There’s like all of these special edition
Kit Kats in Japan I have the ch…cheese bun with sesame! Or the yam bun? Or the bun bun? What it says back here is you’re supposed
to put them on the tray You’re supposed to put them in the toaster
oven [M: Yeah] for 3-4 minutes, and then you just eat them. They like…brûlée? I don’t even, I don’t
even understand What I do know is that when we went to the
supermarket and we wound up getting these the cashier
lady was very excited She’s like [Simon high pitched voice:“these are my favourite”] Supposedly, we’re actually in Kobe, Japan. There is a special– Supposedly we’re in Kobe? I thought we are
in Kobe! Oh My God Where are we?!?!? AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! AH! Ok so let’s try these out. It’s in Halloween format. These are…these little thing These are shut with the gates of time Why is it so difficult for you? Do you see this part right here? Look. You grab that, and then you…look Look at that. Oh! So easy! SORCERY!!!! It’s magic! Ok, let’s get these on the tray. HUH! [music] Alright in the oven it goes for 3-4 minutes [music, zaps, and a ding] Look at how brown and crispy this is! This is amazing! I’ve never seen a Kit Kat like this before Ok, are you ready? Let me know if you
scald off your face Ok I’m going in. [music] mmm. MMMM!!! Whoa! That is definitely the better way to eat Kit Kats. Wow! All of the sugars caramelize in there It’s all crystally. Whoa! It tastes like a creme brûlée pumpkin, right? That’s amazing! That is amazing!!! I mean, no! Don’t go out buying them all! Cuz we’re gonna go buy them all. Let’s try the pumpkin one plain now. Ok, here’s the pumpkin one plain. As a…what is that called in the science
world? Middle? Control! There you go. There’s a hole in the tooth to the left
of my tooth and it just got filled with creme brûlée
pumpkin and the entire tooth is now 80% pumpkin. Definitely better baked! Wow! I’m never having a raw Kit Kat again! It’s still good, but there’s not much you can’t even taste all of the flavours.
It’s amazing! The baking makes it taste like pumpkin. There’s so much better flavour if you bake
it. Wow. Ok. Let’s try the baked…what is that? Chee…cheese. Baked cheese bun. Ok. Here we go. Cheers! [music] Mmm…oh yeah. Umm… What is this? I think this might be the pumpkin
one. Mmmmm, no. This tastes like bread to me. No, this tastes like pumpkin to me. This tastes like bread to me. I think that’s pumpkin. Look at the inside it looks like bread. [Tic Tac] Yeah, you’re right! I know I’m right! The pumpkin one, baked, is the best Kit Kat I’ve had in my entire life. I’m gonna go bake the rest of them right
now. I’m sorry, is baking Kit Kats something
that’s regular in your country? Because I’ve never heard of this before. If we were to bake a regular Kit Kat Do you think it would caramelize on top as well? I don’t know, we have to try for science! Well, definitely the pumpkin one is the way
to go. Guys: this is the future here! Buy Kit Kats, bake them and you will love your life. The best way to have a Kit Kat is by baking