Hey guys! I’m currently in
Sapporo Hokkaido for the snow festival with a whole bunch of my friends! We’re
currently having dinner at a Showa themed restaurant called Hanbey it’s a
chain all throughout Japan and I super recommend it if you guys are here! It’s
really cheap and you can get things like this donut which – I didn’t know was
on the menu, but Chiaki told me used to have it as part of like a school lunch.
But everything on the menu is like a dollar or two dollars it’s really cheap.
But I thought today would be a good time to bring all the snacks that you guys sent in from around the world for Natsuki to try! What? Kunterbunt Kunter. Bunt. What is that! Kunterbunt! What’s German for kunterbunt I hope it’s kunterbunt! Kunterbunt! This is also German Oh it smells nice! Middle taste Fanta! Cola! Fanta! Cola! Fanta-Cola! You’ve gotten all the good ones Finnish liquorice candy with tar flavouring Oh no… Oh Natsuki, no… You’ve gotta finish! Gifu~~~ GIFU~~~~ The name stands for courage, perseverance and bravery 3, 2, 1 – go! Chiaki! Cheater – where is your honour? Oh dear Tastes like tires Car tires How do you
know what a tire tastes like? They’re just spitting into a glass, where is that gonna go? Panterri! *sings Black or White by Michael Jackson* Last 2 Natsuki! Oooo Mexico! Looks like a bath bomb Yeah looks like an onigiri Oooooh La- La Moli Endaaaa La Moliendaaa Cookie Cookie! Peanuts! Oh America! American smell It’s so strong American smell? Human smell Human smell Not healthy It says sour! It says super sour Sweet! Strong sweet. Ah, sour Super sour *whispers* super sour All right guys that concludes are world snack tasting Ft. Chiaki and Natsuki I will link them both down below go check out their instagrams and channels! And thank you so much to everyone who sent in snacks for us to try, that was really fun! Thanks for watching guys, and I will see you again very soon – bye! Bye! Byyyye Super sour *Austin Powers music plays*