Well hello folks welcome to my virgin kitchen
it�s Barry here I hope you are well today we are testing some more kitchen gadget videos
this is number eleven I think if you�ve missed any of the other videos there�s an
amazing playlist you�re going to need some popcorn it�s quite long there�s a link
up here and down below so do check it out a lot of you guys do like that we are going
to test some more today but as usual before commenting please considered that some of
these maybe useful for people who have disabilities one more one more thing to say, let�s do
some shout outs. Louise Adams, Janie Hackenberg, Amy Fitzgerald, Harrison Bell, Josh Kompfull,
what a name. I said in pervious videos about a box with my own gadgets that I�m going
to be bringing out now this is very close to happening but I just need your help now
so let me know what you want in there. Check out all the other gadget videos lets me know
three or four would be the most useful the apple corer windy thing was amazing that will
definitely be in there but any ones that you have liked so far then let me know and I�ll
put it in a box with some signed bits and keep you posted, let�s go. Are first gadget
today is more of a fun thing really I went to this shop called Newbury Comics which is
amazing in Boston I was out in America for like two days for some sad personal reasons
some of you might be aware of that but I picked this up I also picked up this t-shirt from
there. I did get a Newbury Comics t-shirt which was a women�s one so Mrs Barry is
having that. Any how these are some silly straw glasses it�s sipsational includes
five pieces of straw tubing so basically I can drink fluid and look like a numpty. A
lot of you comment that Mrs Barry and I are relationship goals but right there that�s
relationship goals I feel abit sorry for this dude though. I do apparently need to wash
these in some soapy water before starting which I generally do with most gadgets so
let�s wash it. Just to show you this is what we�ve got wow that�s a pretty long
tube. Welcome to washing up with Barry actually a random question I do get asked is do I have
a dishwasher Mrs Barry is begging me for one but I genuinely don�t like it I prefer to
wash up by hand I find it quite soothing. Wow that is some serious stretch on that and
the glasses ok let�s find out how this all works. Right it doesn�t show you how they
piece together so I�m just going to make it up as I go along. Crickey that doesn�t
sit very nicely instant cold feel like I got the flu or something I�m not doing the rest
of the video with that on hang on can I bend them a little bit give them some slack. So
I feel like yeah so these are the bits that are going to slot over my ears yep so I should
now have a pair of glasses so we�ve got the smaller piece and a slightly longer one
now we can chose which stem that it comes from so I feel like this bit is going to be
are main strawy bit. It�s actually got me thinking about when I go to McDonalds with
the kids sometimes I put a straw through my ear to make it look like a cheap or poor man�s
hands free kit or a Britney Spears impression. Ok yes that would kind of work I was just
thinking I�m going to link that on to there then I�ll just stick the stem in the water
but no. so we have one bit that goes like that and then this is going to be the straw
it will come together then this bit is going to go in the glass let�s get some milk.
I love how the queen is looking on at me in the background kind of disappointedly she
helps me focus my camera a load of you always ask me that even though its generally always
out of focus. Right so I�m going to get that right on my nose there can you see ok
cool so this is my straw and then this goes in the milk I�m going to suck that. Oh my
gosh oh my gosh it�s working this is amazing I presume you can get these on line somewhere
this was from Newbury Comics I think they have an online store so do give them some
love. The really slightly dangerous thing about it is because the nose is actually pinching
there and your actually drinking you�re forgetting to breath you�re getting so excited
about the gadget Barry that you, I�m giving myself a prep talk Barry you�re forgetting
to breath. Good fun though good fun. Not breathing the glasses. I�ve got a volunteer here who
does normally wear glasses right, I�ll just hold it. Suck through the straw then it�s
going through your eyes look cool keep going its nearly there isn�t that the coolest
thing cos the milk is cold you can feel all the cold on your eyes and nose. Yeah I was
struggling it was making me really nasally I couldn�t actually breath oh dear. Next
one is called the easy butter the first of two butter gadgets today it�s French primarily
I believe it says a une mousse de beurre frais pour tout tertiner sans effort which translates
to a fresh butter froth that�s froth amazing to spread effortlessly so basically we can
spread buttery froth on bread lets do it. I have just given this a wash I just thought
I�d put it back in the box but there�s no reason for that there�s no need I�ve
got the instruction manual which I may it does look like a beer doesn�t it look like
a beer. Yes very futuristic looking there is a plate thing a prongy thing and that looks
very futuristic indeed like Buck Rodgers would be happy witht hat there�s a lid which covers
the grater thing but obviously we need that lets get going. Asboule, that must be French,
we don�t need that. Alright so we got A that�s the twister that was a relatively
bad film wasn�t it I don�t know what it is but films that people say are bad I genuinely
enjoy like water world I liked that, Batman v�s superman I thought that was alright
I dunno, the pousier, right we�re in French hang on, why is it that every language says
the language like there�s German, French Italian here but it always says easy butter
by cookit I don�t really get that that�s something that�s always intrigued me so
people from other countires lets me know how that works do you guys just know English as
well cos it will be laaalaaalaaaa easy by cookit butter cutter it�s like wow you guys
get two languages that�s pretty cool speaking of which et�s find the English. We thank
you for having choosen easy butter cutter by cookit this product will enable you to
taste the joy of easily spread out fresh butter of simple use it is stored in the refrigerator
and always reminds available for all the family children included. Oh that�s great so I
can get all of my around the table and we can have an adventure grating butter together
what a great day out. Incidentally still in the fridge is the butter cutter from the video
that we did I just can�t seem to get the butter out we are just going to leave it there
forever I think. Insert the pusher B into the slides of the twister A and make it slide
down oh it�s got little ridges on it like a thread alright so that just alines there
and we just slide it all the way down kind of like a lift buubuubuubuub. Place your piece
of butter whatever the size including butter in mounds mound I�m getting a vision now
of like a hill of butter. Ok so basically we place are butter in the middle of this
oh it does say a two fifty gram block would fit but that isn�t so we are going to give
it a little bit of a trim I really want this to work. Incidentally the other butter the
other butter gadget we are using would be perfect for this step but I�m going to save
it. A little snip off it there nice sharp knife boom like a butter credit card now clearing
my surface down so butter goes in here ok like so push it in yeap oh yes look at that
right in place that�s feeling good I�m getting to learn whe there�s a gadget with
a bit of cost behind it or whether it�s just cheap plastic but his feels pretty well
designed. Cover with the cyclinder C oh that�s what it is I thought it was just a crazy for
just design purposes but there are mini threads in here which I guess yes they are going to
link up the threads with the outer bit of the liftey thing so we push this in cover
with the cylinder C and while pressing on the strip parts of the base the bases good
English of the twister on both sides to click oh there we oh yes there we go we are locked
in. Thurn the white bases, they do mean base I think clockwise to obtain the desire butter
foam what an amazing sentence. Take the butter foam with the blade of a knife and spread.
So there we go lets see if we can get this to so I�m left handed so its abit I�m
just going to go like that we are going to twist it is the butter moving I don�t know
is anything can you see. Oh my god I�m doing it the wrong end alright don�t worry first
time. Grater is this end I was trying to push it towards there but any how is the butter
moving its like some sort of have we got something it�s getting closer I�m going to help
it I�m going to hold it at an angle. It�s working oh my gosh look it�s like a little
buttery afro being formed right before are eyes look at that I mean look at that it�s
butter foam just basically butter but ultimately it is working really really well I just remembered
that is a whole block of butter int here kinda of like an adult version of playdough I guess
lets see if it spreads. Alright I got a piece of bread this is actually going to be my breakfast
random fact for you. Ok so that�s a lot of butter but hey I�m just going to take
it off oh it did say to scrape didn�t it on the instructions take it off like so look
at that so we�ve got this really super butter foam nice and fine so it should make it easy
to spread what look at that no its just congelled into one big lump of butter again look at
hat no like ok now maybe it�s a little bit but it�s just gone to the same point of
room temperature anyway I don�t get it lets try it again and that is a dan lot of big
butter job on there a lot of butter is what I�m trying to say. Look at that I mean look
look hang on look at that too much butter my archeries are going to love that why I
was so excited about this and maybe I�m doing something wrong but it just says to
scrape the foam off take the butter foam with the blade of a knife and spread and as we
saw lets just do that one more time like this cos to be honest it is really fun to look
at we get it down like that we scrap are foam off like that and then that is a lot of butter
then we spread it and then it comes together like one big clump gutted. Now we all have
that same dream you�re a wizard a magical wizard but you don�t use spells you use
wafers you�re a wafer wizard that�s the best I got this tool is called the wafer wizard
ice cream sandwich maker from a company in London I just got it on amazon all the links
are down below to where I did get this if I wasn�t sent it. Water wizard water wizard
that�s a movie right there wafer wizard dot com. So here we go basically we can get
some ice cream wafers like this these are just a standard pack of wafers here in the
U.K and I hope they have been made to fit that size in fact lets just find out otherwise
this is just pointless. Going to give it a quick wash a minute I do actually wash all
the gadgets before I try them it�s just I don�t show it cos some of you are like
oh you didn�t wash that one but I do I just don�t want to turn this into a washing video.
It does kind of remind me of this toy garage thing I used to have we a was kid, you�d
put a toy car in that and it would go up and down anyhow you might recognise these wafers
actually these are the ones I used for the giant hounto video that I did billions of
these came together to make that but it should just hopefully fit in there yes like so so
we now get are ice cream of choice which is obviously ken and jennys look I know it�s
called ben and jerry�s alright but I�m just hoping they might reach out and do a
brand deal with me one day. Or maybe just help me get a new freezer compartment door.
Oh yes I really need a new freezer compartment door cos this ice cream freezer wasn�t actually
shut properly but we are just going to dump down some ice cream and we are just going
to let it settle and fall into place and what you will notice is there is a little lip there
which I should be able to lift the wafer out. Right my ice cream isn�t perfectly set in
fact its pretty much thawed out but we know that story now we�ve been down that route.
The other wafer goes on top like so press it down do they call that an Eskom I can�t
remember let me just hopefully oh my gosh that is amazing instant icecream sandwich
if the ice cream was firmer it probably be even better than that but that�s help it
really well considering it�s basically like water right now. But you could make a batch
of these ahead of time for a party shove them back in the freezer and just eat all of them
like just for yourself. Do you guys wana see the most advanced butter knife in the world
there you go this is it you�ve seen it mission accomplished. This is called the spread that
with an exclamation mark trade mark two sequeal yeah spreads butter fast loving that look
it�s got a Donald trump style hair cut going on right there or almost like a moustache
look at that. Again something to do with butter we�ve had a bit of a instance with that
today spaghetti affect to spread butter. Don�t tease me again oh yeah look there are ridges
on the knife as you�ll see in a minute we should get a nice thing. Do we heat it or
something spread that butter knife is unique cos its made from heat conducting technology
that transfers your body heat to easily scrape and spread cold butter. We�ve been here
before on the last video with the heated ice cream scoop we talked about this folks right
it worked kind of wasn�t that impressed though lets give it a chance. By using no
electricity it requires no heating up spread that two is ready to use the moment you pick
it up. Not really cos you can�t spread butter with this. Alright it kind of feels like opening
a tooth brush reminiscing not that I get that excited when I do that oh nice bit of carom
card woash I guess it� got some safety and security notices. Titanium coated copper alloy
silicone. That�s a bit of a it�s weighty it I weighty it feels like it should be from
a barbers shop to do your side burns or something. Use the curated edge of spread that to shred
fine cruels of butter not foam off of the stick for spreading rather than slicing it
off in pats I thought that said pants then that would have been much more funnier obviously
in the U.K as what we call pants is your underwear not your jeans. Distribute evenly across the
surface of the toast using short skimming motions add gentle pressure until the butter
is soft enough to spread smoothly. So apparently we are going to get into a motion like we
are dancing like salsa right we are going to push off skimmed curated curls of butter
but then we have to do that motion again ok across are bread lets go. Now I have just
washed that well in warm water so it has already got a little bit of heat behind it FYI. Getting
this plate out I only bring this out for special occasions I hope you�re feeling special.
Bread again lets get some butter we really are going for a hot clich� of hot knife
through butter here people just make money out of that like the whole inflatable dartboard
thing you can actually buy inflatable dart boards think I�m going to ask for one for
Christmas. Woah that has actually got warmer since I last washed it there�s heat in here
so we are going to spread now we are going to spread. It�s my first time doing this
I�m a little nervous skimming motions ok ok so yes yes it is it is kind of looking
that there�s hair or something on it again the motion am I doing that right see I�m
not feeling it ok. So we are getting the butter like that then we just skim yes yes I don�t
know why I�m bopping like that but I feel like I am I�m going to put some music over
this right now. Yeah I kind of wana like you again but the butter gadgets you are letting
me down again today guys it�s alright it�s even got Boston and Amy a little bit excited
down there very excited you know that�s your mum right. But I think the heat going
through there has actually made the butter melt so that does make it more spreadable
so unlike with the grater I�m not left with a whole chunk of better on my bread. You do
get this nice ripply effect left on your butter kind of like an old school retro wall paper
not butter on you walls that�s pretty weird. Are last kitchen gadget today is going to
surprise you cos it�s an xbox basically you didn�t realise it but you can grate
butter with no you can�t. This is actally something pretty cool though it�s called
a stirio I was having flash backs f when I got my first xbox though. This is a stiro
a self-stirring gadget you might remember I had one quite recently which was kind of
like a self stirring prongy thing worked alright danced around now this thing takes it up a
notch it�s good quality I�ve already taking it out of the box to charge it up giving it
a little bit of a wash. Let me show you its an automated pot stirrer and there is a blurry
family on there you know just we wanted to stare at are stiro all day cos it�s so nice.
So you got your controller you got your games I wish it was an xbox right now, some other
things and this thing and this thing and this thing but apart from all this it is quite
self-explanatory. Ok so earlier I hope it�s got enough charge otherwise I�m going to
have to cut this video and add it on there later. But this unit thing here it actually
got charged here in the wall so I was charging this up and the light was coming on at the
top ok so we have charged this up hopefully significantly cos we�re going to make some
porridge. So that thing was actually in here and it locks in like so and it�s these bits
that clamp on your sauce pan they are adjustable and they�ll if you�ve got a big pan like
that old school like a big caldron thing that I would use for giant food or tini things
like that. So lets see if it fits on are standard pan. So we�ve got are standard pan there
and as you can see we�ve got a bit of a leaver there to clamp on so we�ll get close
to where we think it�s going to go clamp one on bring this one in clamp it like that
that is securely in place. Now I need to read the rest of the instructions. I don�t quite
get what these are for they don�t make very good ear rings either I love how the list
of items is like user manual your holding it nope I have got it wrong I have got those
things its only one of these and it�s just the diagram showed these on its side so it
looked like that which kind of looks like a pregnancy test. Ok so we have two different
diameter pans ones we are going to go for the smaller one this goes in there like so
insert the axle and stirrer blade into the casserole you ca do this either before or
after adding the food. You wouldn�t want to do it with the food in there would you.
Attached the bridge which is this thing on ensuring that the axle comes through the centre
hole use your thumb and remaining fingers to squeeze open the clamp and both sides yeah.
So that goes through here arh yes that weighted that right down now actually well a fair amount
yes ok clamped in looking good. Apparently we are now ready to stir, to start stiring
press the on button I did not like those noises like nails down a blackboard. Let me just
show you again horrible noise. That�s it so lets make some porridge cos buttery bread
will not do for my breakfast today I want some porridge which is self-stirred. I�m
just going to mentally get in the zone for this one. Well that was scary. The porridge
oats go in I made a bit of a mess got the bridge back on now adding in some milk now
porridge is a really good one to try because not only am I going to have it for my breakfast
but does also need to be stirred continuously so we just put it on a low heat for about
five to seven minutes and stir away. I�m going to help loosen it up a little bit all
the oats are stuck right in there again I really do want this to work. It�s got to
be said I wasn�t that confident at first I was like hooking it in like I just showed
you but I need to get it going again but it is now its simmering starting to work. Right
turn that off off the heat move it to one side you could see it was scrapping the bowl
clean I�m going to have some porridge. Look none of it has stuck to the bottom of the
pan it�s really kept it moving the more it became a liquid the easier it was to stir.
I love abit of sugar on my porridge hence my figure amazing the three little bears and
goldilocks would be dead chuffed with that one. There we are then folks another kitchen
gadget video in the bag don�t forget to check out the playlist now if you�re not
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