– All right everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are doing another
kitchen gadget testing video. Huge, huge playlist is now created, if you’ve missed any of the kitchen gadget testing videos, to date. You can click up here, or there should be a link down below. As always, before you comment down below, consider some of these could
help people with disabilities. We have some right old stonckers today. I’m very excited. One of which, I needed
to do some prep for. Well, if I’m completely honest, I needed to do a bit more prep for it but we got around it, I think. So, three hours ago, I opened up this box. This is a HyperChiller. I love it, we got some really cool brand name things today. Basically, you can make iced
coffee in one minute, flat. Rapidly chill hot coffee
and other beverages without diluting them. Brew, chill, and pour. And you can do wine. You can do whiskey. Ooo, Jack Daniels. Tea and juices, for all you people who like Nutribullets and
crazy stuff like that. You can chill that to
your heart’s content. And this is how it works. It’s like a little cup with water in it, which freezes and turns to ice. The chamber, in there the black bit, will hold the fluid. And then inside that is ice. And we can, within 60 seconds we can make frozen, latte stuff. Use it to chill a bottle of whiskey, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But you can make iced
coffee in one minute, flat. So about 7:00 a.m., it’s now 10 a.m. That good, about three
hours ago I opened this box. I took out the vessel, the
time capsule thing indeed, unscrewed it all. And you kind of have these different compartments with the lid, a small cup, a larger one, and the big
plastic thing, that it sits in. So I filled, as the instructions said, I filled the small cup
with a bit of water. Screwed down on the lid. And then you fill the bigger,
silver cup with water. But you pour that into
the big, plastic cup. And then you screw that all in together. It took me a little bit of a while to actually make that work. I couldn’t get the thread lined up. The first lid wasn’t screwed on right. But we got there in the end. And that was it, you literally, shove that in the freezer. It does say for 12 hours. Now, sadly, due to a
family commitment tomorrow, I want to get this video
up so you can see it. We’re gonna try this one
with three hours freezing. And if it fails, we’ll do it again. I did a test to open the freezer, I needed to make some room. And I discovered Daim bar. I saw these in the freezer,
so I had to have one. That was my breakfast. So anyhow, we’re gonna
leave that right to the end. So, hopefully it gets as much freezing time as possible and it works. But as I say, if not,
we’ll look at it next time. And on another note of
something we’ll do next time, this is the the Rack Master 3000, that someone actually sent me. Very, very kind of them. The only downside is, this is basically, if you don’t know, I’m really,
really bad with cling film. This is, like, a machine
that does it all for you. I think you have to use
their own dispensers of film. You can’t put any old cling film in there as far as I know. So if anyone has one,
let me know down below. But I’m gonna order those, in time, again for the next one. Hey, sticky fingers, how you doing? Ah yes, this literally,
arrived this morning. I’ve got 112 gadgets as it
stands right now, to review. I counted them as well. But then as I was out,
to get one from there, one came through the door, and I thought, “Yeah, we’ll look at these.” And all that was in there
was bubble wrap, and these. Which actually, look
really faded, actually. They look like, maybe, crab claws? And that is kind of why
and what these are for. You just take one off like that. I’ve got a whole packet of them, so if anyone wants these, I’m doing a giveaway at the moment, on Facebook. If you want to enter a competition, free gadgets I’m giving away. I’m doing loads, it’ll
be on YouTube as well. So this is it, there is no, it says, “Get a grip, get a grip.” So this is it, errrrr. Kind of which reminds me of
a Crane Kick from Karate Kid. Ah, the old one. I haven’t seen the new one, I refused it. So, basically, it’s a
tool that’s designed, you see, you’ve got like
little fingery bits there. Like there are little
spikes to grab stuff. It’s a tool designed, so you don’t have to get your hands messy. I’m thinking maybe when you go sweet corn or a barbecue,
something like that. But also un authentic ribs. Yes, we are gonna make some, well really, this says, “Slow cooked mini ribs.” These are not slow cooked. You go to a pub, all they do
is put them in the microwave. “Authentic, slow cooked, pulled pork, “ping, two minutes at your table.” It’s not, it’s reheated. But that’s what we’re doing, okay? Because it’s gadget video. If you’re making it from
scratch, do it properly. So I am gonna shove these slow cooked, mini ribs, in Chinese style sauce, in eight minutes, right down there. Oh my gosh, I nearly put the box in. Remove the packaging. Absolute, donkey. Aw, look at that, that’s authentic, right? “Remove outer packaging. “Pierce pouch several times. “Place on a non metallic plate.” Let’s pierce it in the style of a psycho. Eight minutes. Every two minutes, I’m gonna give it a little shaky shaky. You don’t need to see that. Let’s jump to it, but I’m gonna give it a little wash first. But anyway, these are bendier. It’s gotta be said, they
are smelling stoncking. I’ve given these a nice little wash. “Get a grip.” I’m giving the gadgets away
all around the world, as I say. Keep an eye on social media. But for these, because
we’re out of boxes for them, we’re gonna wrap them up, take a picture and hide it, like a
treasure hunt, local to me. And maybe put a little note
in it, going, “Well done.” So keep an eye out for that too. “Get a grip. “Get a grip, Johnson.” Homer’s keeping an eye on it. It’s getting there. Next to my book, thanks to
everyone that pre-ordered that off our last video. Hello, dogs. They’re just chilling out. They’re pretending they
don’t know about the smell. They might come over when they come out. Just about to finish now. That bag is gonna be horrendously hot. So I’ve got the scissors to open it. And maybe I’ll transfer it with these. It’s gonna be hot though. Whooo, oh my gosh. I’m worried I might
actually pierce the bag. All righty (laughs). Ahhahhahhhhhaaah. So that’s probably why you
shouldn’t cook barefoot. That was the sound of a
sploge or a rip source landing on my foot. So anyway, let’s do it, shall we? Your thumb goes in there. And yeah, down like that. Kind of like a snake, ssssss. Or a bowling ball, whoooo. I actually really don’t
enjoy eating ribs anyway. Ah look at that! Just grabbed it really nice, look at that! That’s really cool. I’m not getting anything on my fingers. Mmmm, that’s been slow cooked. Mmmm, but it has worked
really, really well though. I’m not getting anything. There’s a big gap though. I was thinking some of the
sauce might pour on my fingers. But it’s holding it like,
it’s gripping it really. I think the grooves help get it in place. One handed as well, mmmmm. All in all, although they look a little bit naf and cheap, and you can probably do your own
botched version somehow. And then there’s clacker teeth that you can get from joke
shops, where you wind up. How about that? Maybe use those, or dentures. Use your nana’s dentures. But these, these work great. So maybe for barbecues
and stuff in the summer. Ribs, highly, highly recommend it. I might have just eaten all those ribs. Anyhow, next up Joseph
Joseph made this one. I think them and CHEFIN seem to be my favourite companies for
gadgets, at the moment. Also, Dreamland or Dreamfarm
or whatever they’re called. So if any of them wanna reach out and sponsor a video, I’m
more than happy to do that. Because, remember, these aren’t sponsored. And giving you a lot of love, love you. This is a Joseph Joseph
Can Do Compact Can Opener. Compact, space saving design. This looks like a button,
doesn’t it, on an oven? It’s basically a can opener. But just like short and look at that it’s quite thin. Place on top of can, against can edge. Twist the top to grip and begin cutting. Cut fully around the lid. Then press the button on the
side, there, to release it. And that is pretty much it. A tin of beans. I actually did struggle to find tins that don’t have the
old ring pull on them. Sorry, classic can opener,
sort of styling at the bottom. Place on top of can. Okay, okay, so this,
okay, this goes like that. So we’re locking it in. Okay, we’re locking this, into there. Oh yeah, so it’s gone under the ridge. It’s gone under the ridge
of the can, like that, okay? So I presume I wanna hold it in place. Oh my gosh, look at that! It’s going around it, it’s like one of those crazy custom like Hoover things. Like the robot things that were supposed to take off and let
everyone Hoover their house without even touching it. They need to make one of
these with sensors on them. Did it go off? It’s gone all the way around but I think it’s just stuck where I’ve put it on. Oh, you see that? It’s kind of bent that a little bit. It just doesn’t wanna cut through that but then if I press this button, will that suddenly go, Whoooo! Okay, that releases this thing. But no, that does stay on. But that’s fine. That actually works a charm. Baked beans for lunch. Wait, some of you might not know this but I have only ever had
two kiwi fruits in my life. One, it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. The second time I ate it, I felt like I was eating a hedgehog. Then I realised you have to eat the green bit in the middle. This gadget right here is,
a little bit of a weird one. It actually turned up like
that, damaged like this. Really great, a lot of them do. You kind of get used to it now. I believe it’s from China or somewhere. The actual package in total. Easy, that’s the main headline. “Easy, only three steps. “Cut, insert rotating, easy
kiwifruit slices device. “Peeling and cutting at the same time.” Looks like a little, green
witches hat, doesn’t it? “Witty, delicious,” no joking,
“Witty delicious kiwifruit.” Are you witty? Are you a comedian, kiwifruit? I mean, tell me a joke. But to be fair, it has got some pretty good visual instructions. So we’ll do our best, to get our kiwi out. Still have no idea how they got the word witty on their packaging. I wonder if they employ
English translators? That could be a really cool job. You could put, like, crazy words on it. “You mean you can make a
kiwifruit out of shoes?” Okay, so step one, which
is covered by the sticker. Which is not coming off. It’s like proper welded. We need to cut and there’s
like a thin thing inside it. (laughs) It looks like a birdcage. Look at that! Okay, it’s very, very cheap feeling. That is so light. But this thing here,
oh, oh wow it pops out. It looks like a shark fin. It’s actually the saw that we use to saw the kiwifruit in half. Just take our stick off. Okay, okay, nice, nice, we’re there. Step one, achieved. Step two says, “Insert,
will this product,” it’s like a question, “will this product “at the centre of the kiwifruit “after the centre of the insert, “until the skin edges. “Does need to take in from the product “will be included with
the knife insert again.” What, what? I’m just gonna go for it. I’ve got about four kiwifruit here. I’m gonna push it in, I think. I think it means until it hits the skin. I should be able to feel it. All right, all right, all right. I’m gonna twist it so it’s
meeting the skin on all sides. I managed to get the sticker off. Step three, turn while cutting. “Please slowly rotating,
prevent the skin burst.” Prevent the skin burst. It’s like an outrage. So we’re gonna rotate. But we do it gently, okay, I think, to prevent the skin burst. Amazing! Look at that! That is actually really, really cool. It’s all right. Let’s do it a bit quicker. In she goes, until you hit the skin. Twist, and okay, I got a little bit too overconfident there. Take your time with it. And you’ll end up with
lovely chunks of kiwi. And I don’t mean use it on people. Now then, I love the
concept of this next gadget. It’s right down there, little tease. It’s a salad maker, slicer thing. Loads of you have asked me to review this. Here it is, this is the Salad Cutter Bowl. Which I think is also marketed somewhere, maybe a slightly different
place, company, wherever. It all comes from the same factory I bet, as the 60 Second Salad Maker. And they’ve done the tagline, “Enjoy a nutritious and delicious salad. “Make your salad in 60 seconds.” See, that’s it, they copied it. So you can also do a fruit salad. But we’re gonna go for
something a bit more savoury. The steps here, you can get the bowl out. Which we’ll wash. Put the ingredients into
the bowl and wash to clean. Make sure the ingredients are no more than 3/4 of the bowl. Close the upper bowl and make sure the upper cover fits well with the base. Again, the English on these instructions aren’t that great either,
but we’ll skim over this. Basically, you get the bowl part. Crikey, that smells like it’s just come off the production line. Literally, like it was made
in my front drive last night. So basically, you fill this bowl up. Which is deceptively smaller
than when I saw it online. So I need to 3/4 fill that,
at the most, apparently. Close the bowl and make
sure the upper cover fits well with the base, fits well. Cut, rotate, oh we rotate that, nice, nice, cut again. And then it says, “Cut
the ingredients again.” Okay, then apparently we’ll go like that and we’ll have a lovely salad, great. Now the annoying thing with this bowl being so small, is that we’re gonna be very limited with
what we can put in it. And in regards to it being a 60 second salad maker thing, it’s not. Because I’m now gonna have
to slice up so many bits. So let’s help it out. Love that, isn’t that the most
awesome looking thing ever? It’s just sort of mesmerising. A tomato, red cabbage. Just gonna take the tops off them. This reminds me of the
Super Mario mushroom gadget. I don’t know if you’ve
seen that video yet, but it’s awesome. And as good as it is, it ain’t gonna take those heads off, is it? You have to get a very lucky slice. So, there, there, like that. This is the most random salad ever. I just wanted to get a
bit of colour in here. And of course, a massive lettuce. Let us hope that this works, remain calm. So, let’s stick this in there. All right, that’s gonna
be a tight, old squeeze. That as well. Radishes and the tomato (laughs), the tomato, it just doesn’t
want to go in there. Let’s try and find room for it. You’re getting tailored, mate, sorry. There we go, to be fair, it’s slightly over 3/4 full, but it’s in there. We’ve got the tomato, radish,
red cabbage, and lettuce. “Iceberg, dead ahead!” All right, so we put this on top. It doesn’t look in, it
just turns like that, okay? It’s there, we’re there. And then, then we just slice, don’t we? So let’s make sure we get
a good view, look at that. And we’re gonna go through. That cut nothing, that cut a little bit. Okay, okay. Gonna go through again. This is really weird. And then we hold it and spin it, but I’m gonna spin so you can see it again. I was half expecting tomato juice to fly everywhere but not yet. And then it says to do it one more time. Whoo, it’s like a free gym membership. All right, “Done the making, “enjoy your delicious salad.” A lot of years making sand castles. I know what I’m doing. (laughs) I feel like I neatly arranged it. Has the tomato even been touched? No, it just nicked it. Ah, no, right, I’m gonna take a bit of weight out of it. Let’s reduce it right, right down. Let’s see, bit less now. So let’s try it again. It’s like one of those, like a magic trick or something, and you’re sawing it in 1/2 and the tomato survived. Again, I don’t feel like I
actually hit the tomato again. It’s too high up. These divots don’t go, I’m not even hitting the tomato. Maybe this is a cheap version of it. Maybe the actual, better one has ridges that go all the way down. Because this is hitting this bowly thing. I’m not being able to hit the bottom. Look at the radishes, they’re just hanging out, going, “Hey, don’t mind me. “I’m just in here hanging out.” A big knife coming down, you’re like, “Whoo, whoo, whoo.” Water your plants, we’ll move on. I had croutons and dressing to go with it. I was gonna save this gadget to the next video, but
that failed so epically that I’m gonna bring
this one forward, okay. But before we do, let’s
have a little interval. Don’t forget the My Virgin Kitchen podcast is available every week on Soundcloud, Stitcher, or iTunes, all that stuff. Free to download. Have a listen on your
commute, all that stuff. My new book is available to pre-order on Amazon worldwide, out
very, very soon indeed. And of course, don’t forget to phone me on social media for loads of behind the scenes bits and bobs. And facts, and that interactive recipe roulette thing that we’ve just started, is gonna be heavily involved in that. So, cheers for love, let’s do this one. Also, we’re gonna be doing Livestream cook-a-longs every single
week, from the new studio. So you guys can cook with me. Now I’m gonna post the
ingredients on social media. And I’ll give you guys
a few days to get them. And then we’ll cook it. So, anyhow, this is the Butter Dispenser. Like, you guys know how much
I like butter dispensers. We’ve had fun and games with it. There’s one called a butter sprayer that loads of you tagged me in. It’s so expensive. I refuse to spend whatever it is, like, $100 on something that’s
just gonna spray butter. All right, I could probably
make, I could make that myself. I’m sure they’ll send me one. “Butter mill, butter
dispenser, margarine too.” Isn’t margarine more
unhealthy than butter? I thought it was. “You can spread a stick
into a 10 foot ribbon.” Would you wanna do that? Do we want a 10 foot ribbon
of butter in my house? No, we don’t. “Spread and save,” oh you cheeky things, with the dollar as the S. Obviously with the dollar. And the fact that it’s
calling butter a stick. You know in the UK we don’t tend to get sticks of butter,
we get slabs, like that. Okay, well that is a stick shape. We’re gonna have to cut it down. That’s what I’m gonna do. I do sometimes get that, when some people send me recipes to try now, in America and they’re
like, “a stick of butter.” In the UK, it’s like a stick is something that comes from a tree. That’s it, we don’t delve between it. So I’ve kind of made my
own homemade stick there. We’ll stick with it, banter. It’s got some sort of, I guess that’s something for it to sit in. And has some horrendous,
where has that gone, horrendous serving
suggestions there, look. Shot in the 80s or something. Sweet corn, toast, who
would have thought it? Butter on toast. And a ribbon of it on some,
“Peas and carrots, Jenny.” That could have changed
Forrest Gump entirely. “Lieutenant Dan, butter dispenser.” I want someone to do a recreate of Forrest Gump poster and they can have this gadget, okay, with butter dispenser and my face on it. All right, bonus if the
pugs are sat by the bench. “Life is like a butter
dispenser,” great film. I just realised I don’t have
anything to put this on. Oh here we go, the world’s
smallest slice of bread. Look at that, it looks
like an injection needle. Twist and spread, it’s a new dance move, twist and spread. “To load,” crrr-crrr, “unscrew the cap “and pull out the handle.” Unscrew the cap. All right this is the cap. Wow, look at this thing. Pull out the handle. No, this is the handle. I think I’m making this a
lot harder than it should be. Insert a stick of butter or
margarine, screw on the cap. So hopefully this is gonna fit. So any Americans that get stuck in the UK and they need someone to help them make a stick of butter, give me a call, I’ll be right over. Screw on cap, oh, so this square. Look at this, this is so crazy. This goes in here, like that. Oh okay, and then we, oh, this is old school, this
is like a torture device. You know what’s coming. I can’t screw it anymore, because my hands are all greasy. That sounds wrong. All right, we’ll try and go with that. “Twist handle clockwise to spread. “Twist handle counter clockwise to stop.” Counter’s a very American word too. “Counter, we’re gonna counter this, okay.” We don’t tend to use that so much. I think we use anti-clockwise, okay? So, let’s just twist and see what happens. This white thing should
make that stick, Oh it is! Can you see it’s going down? We haven’t even looked at the bottom yet. Where’s it gonna come from? Where is it gonna come out? It’s all sealed. Apparently there’s a really
small hole there somewhere. Oh, it’s there! Wow, it’s really thin. No wonder you get 10 foot out of it. Well, let’s see, let’s keep twisting. Oh I just heard a pfffft! And I thought it was the dog. Look at that! Oh my gosh, we’re actually making ribbons. Look at the shape on it, look at that. Crikey, that’s the best
butter dispenser yet folks. And it just wants to keep coming. And then we just
counter-clockwise to stop it. Shake it off, Taylor Swift style. Yeah, bit of help (laughs). This is a darn lot of
butter to put on your bread. Oh yeah, yeah, okay, better. I first was gonna go fshhh, like that. But that is spreadable, that is better. Butter banter. That is much more spreadable than some of the others we’ve done before. Yeah, so yeah, I’ll give this away if you wanna do the
Forrest Gump poster thing. I’ll announce the winner on Twitter. And tag me @myvirginkitchen
and my personal @mrbarrylewis. Last one, the freezer thing. All right, so I’ve just made some coffee. I was kind of hoping I could use my mug. But what we do is we pour it directly into our frozen chamber, which might not be completely fully frozen. We’ll try it, if it doesn’t work we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and retest it next time. The plot thickens. Apparently we pour the coffee brew, straight into the thing, swirl it round. And then we pour it out
into our mug or glass. Now I want you to see it, so
it says put an ice in here. So is that cooling it down as well? Does it not work in there? You pour that right in and
then have it as an iced coffee. Let’s get that vessel out of the freezer and see if it has actually frozen. It sort of has. Whoa, have I got to pour the
coffee into that little hole? That’s bonkers. Oh no, oh my gosh, it’s a sloped lid, so I pour it into there. Thank God for that. I have transferred the
coffee to a jug though. I go quiet when unsure of things. Okay, “Pour the coffee directly “onto the sloped lid. “Liquid will flow through
the opening at the bottom. “And into the cooling
chamber, ” that diagram that we saw earlier. After the coffee is in the chiller, gently swirl it every few seconds to keep the coffee moving. I kind of like this. It does feel very, very cold. It’s really cold at the bottom. “In one minute the coffee will have “cooled off by up to 73 degrees Celsius. “Now via the spout, on
the other side of the lid, “pour over ice,” baby, “and enjoy.” Sceptical, very sceptical. We don’t have any ice cubes but we’ve got ice from the
freezer, that will do. Oh that’s really cold. Here we go. Oh, there’s peas in it,
“Peas and carrots, Jenny.” Oh my gosh, I’m gonna get, we’re gonna retest this, all right? But this is a test, actually, to see if it has, actually cooled it down, if I don’t burn my hand. Oh, wow, that is actually really cold. I’m just bobbing for peas. Well, of course it’s gonna be cold because I poured it on ice,
but let’s just do this. That is really cold. I can’t believe it, that’s awesome. So that has actually worked,
for the ice and peas. Rice and pea, ice and pea. Peas and carrots. I’ve gone in and then of course, to get that real ice coffee
vibe, boom, look at that. Love that, love that. To be fair, that is just like iced coffee. And that’s without the 12 hour freeze and ice cubes, when we put those in there. So the start of the next
video, I’ll revisit this one. So there we go then folks. Boston’s joined me today. He’s been a bit of a quiet one. He’s being a bit of a baby. Don’t forget to check out
the rest of the playlist. If you see any cool gadgets
you’d like to send me or even send me a link
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recipes and food fun. Bye mate! See you guys.