– Hey, everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are testing some
more kitchen gadgets. That’s right, that’s right. So, as usual, if you’ve missed any of the kitchen gadget videos to date, there is a link to a playlist
up here and down below in the description so you can
have a bit of a Barry-thon and watch ’em all from the beginning and chuckle away because
you guys enjoy this pretty much as much as I do. As always, please consider
before commenting down below that some of these things could actually help people with disabilities. I think you’re gonna enjoy
the ones we’ve got today. There’s one in particular
on recent videos, you’ve been like, Barry, why have you got a
frying pan on your sofa? And it was basically
a gadget that arrived. I don’t keep my frying pans there. It was this copper non-stick pan thing, which we’ll test at the end. Really popular at the moment, this thing. Also, I was gonna do some retests today off the back of the last gadget video, particularly the peanut butter gadget. We’re gonna do it again, but
I was excited for these today, including this first one,
which is from Lakeland, quite a very well-known
brand here in the UK. They do lots and lots of kitchen gadgets and appliances and stuff. This is quite simply, well,
I looked here at that, and I wasn’t sure, it looked
maybe something Oriental? But it’s actually a cake divider. Divide your cake into six,
eight, 10, or 14 equal pieces. Or if you’re very hungry
and you don’t want to share your cake, you
don’t need this at all. You just arrgh. You eat like a pirate, arrgh. So, use, align both knife markers with the imprinted pink line. Set the divider to the number of pieces, so it’s got numbers on it, and set the divider into
the centre of the cake to cut the first slice. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Let’s do it. So, I thought I’d go for
a cake that represents modern day social media, an emoji cake. Yay! Is that the smiley friend? It’s the smiley one. I thought it was the awkward face. This is the official Emoji
Brand Celebration cake. Sponge layered with raspberry. Oh yeah, kids are gonna love
it because they’re gonna get home later and be like, “Yeah, cake!” Take this out, look at that. Oh, it’s falling off. That is the gadget. It’s got, if you join it like that, it’s a white bit and a pink red bit. I might see it as red, in
the words of Mrs. Barry, but you might see it as blue. There are numbers here,
six, eight, 10, and 14 depending on the number of slices, so I guess we just sort
of rotate these like that. Oh, I think it’s a bit broken! There is like an indent in there. We need to line that up. Nice. “Set the divider to the number
of pieces you would like “by moving the white marker.” Okay, so we’ve got numbers
on it and then we move the white marker, come on now. It’s actually the pink one,
I think, so what we do is switch it to six, so there
will be nice big chunky pieces. Eight, 10, 14, okay? Nice. Let’s go for six. That’s pretty big slices. “Insert the divider into
the centre of the cake “to cut the first slice. “Insert a knife in between
each of the two edges “of the white and pink markers.” Edge markers, okay. The knife is going to go in these gaps. (giggling) It’s like a little Pikachu thing! So, you just got to make sure you get it in the cake fairly central. So, in that goes. Nice. So, we slice down there and then we use the pink one there, okay? This is weird because I’ve only cut it to there at the moment. Then, we just rotate it. Dit-dit-dit-dit-dit. And then slice again. Right through his teeth. Actually, is an emoji male or female? These are like generic
yellow blobs, aren’t they? And hopefully, if my
math is correct, boom! Oh, my gosh, that’s awesome! Can you see the lines? That’s really evenly cut and now he looks like he’s got a red nose. Honk, honk! Pull it out. (giggling) We made it, there you go. Isn’t that the most, best upgrade on an emoji you’ve ever seen? So, what it’s done though
is it’s only cut it to there because the circle thing
gets in the way so we can use these guidelines-ish to just
go straight through like that. I’m a little bit out. But, there we go! That works really, really well. Check it out. So, if you’re a parent like
me and you want to set it on to 14 and by the cheapest cake you can just to satisfy all the
kids at your birthday party, because they’re so expensive, this is actually a really,
really cool gadget. I just brushed my teeth. It tastes like mint. As you guys know, I’m just
about to move into a studio and I have decided I am now
going to switch to doing Gadget Of The Week, so that
means I can spend more time on a particular gadget and
you know when you see these As Seen On TV adverts where it’s like, they go all black-and-white. “Are you tired of the same old pan?” And have some fun like that
with some reviews in it, get some friends to do
voiceovers and I’m excited by it. So, it just gives me that
chance to prepare a little bit more because at the moment
I have to rush and shoot for like, two hours, while the
light is good in my kitchen. So, I’m excited about that and
hopefully, you will be, too. Next gadget! I know nobody likes change
on YouTube so I will, now and then, still do
the bunched-together ones, just for a compromise, all right? This next gadget kind
of wants to fall apart. I just took one of the fasteners off, but it’s jumping out like “use me!” It’s been in the loft at my
house for ages along with many other gadgets that
I’m working my way through. I can’t see what it’s called. Oh, here we go. Presse-agrumes. That’s sounds very west
country, where I’m from. “What do you do on the weekend, mate?” “Oh, we presse-agrumes.” “A two-in-one funnel citrus
fruit squeezer from EZ-Make.” So, basically, it’s a
funnel and a squeezer. So, that looks kind of like an ice cream. (chuckling) Let’s get it out. So, basically, it’s got a
big bottle on the front there so you can squeeze lemon
juice via the funnel straight into a bottle,
or in my case, a glass. Oh, you just want to remember. The lens that I’m using right now is the one that I’ve borrowed. It’s not quite as good
as the last one because it broke on the last gadget video. I sent it off to my
Nigerian long-lost relative. He said that he owed me $10
million dollars but if I could just send him the lens
for now as a deposit, then I’d get it back, so
we’ll see what happens. When I first saw this
in the shop, I thought, there’s a little thing there, that it was like an Olympic
torch where you could just squeeze oranges, which you still can. It’s got a little pit-catcher. But it’s all about the funnel technology. I just quite like the idea
of being able to squeeze lemons in the hand and oranges. ♫ Oranges and lemons ♫ Da-Da-Da-Da-Da I hope I’m not the only
one that does that with pretty much every song. ♫ Going a little crazy right now ♫ Oh the times I pretty much do that with every song. You get the chorus then you’re like ♫ Ah-Ah-Ah Slice up me lemon, slicing up me orange. So, just a very simple funnel, okay? I’m going on a stag weekend this weekend. I might take this with me. It could be a good prank tool. It goes in there. Orange, lemon. We then presse-agrumes. We get the lid thing. Stick it, there we go. It’s now locked in, folks. We’re gonna lock that answer in. Squeeze the lemon. Try not to get it in your eye. And there it is. Oh, look at that! It’s coming out there. It’s a bit unstable. I need to hold it with
my other hand but look, there’s lemon juice. This is the kind of video where, if I had a newborn baby to
hand, which I don’t often, sometimes I do. I’d get it to drink the lemon juice, so I’ll play the role of the baby. Pretty much the story of my life. Look at the juice come out
of the funnel like that. That is great! It’s really cool. I’m a bit disappointed though, because I really did want
it to be something where you could just walk along and
carry it but there you go. Of course, the cool
thing is it has actually caught a little pit there, which is nice. But, I think it’s served its purpose. Ah! That’s nice, really nice. Conclusion though– (coughing) conclusion though, it does work, so if you’re making some
sort of bottled juice, you wanted to store the juice
from an orange or lemon, or a lime, anything except a
potato then, it would be fine. This gadget I’m kind of intrigued about, also slightly worried about. It looks like a mini-guillotine. It’s basically the
French-style bean slicer, made in Australia by Krisk. Hi, I’m Krisk. Why does it remind me of a
character from Australia? “Hi, I’m Krisk Gaines. “I’m a surgeon.” Sorry, I love Australians. I love everyone. It’s a stereotype, like me. “Oh, you’re English? “Cup of tea! “The Queen!” “Effileur de type francine. “Strings and slices in one easy action.” Okay, so it’s gonna do stuff. All right. “Warning: very sharp blades. “Open and use with care. “Read instructions before use. “Never place fingers near blades.” Good life advice, generally. To be fair, this does look bloomin’ sharp. Wow, look at that thing. That is crazy. You see that? All right, so there’s a very
nasty looking blade there. There’s a blade on this
side and there’s like, a row of blades in there. I’m really nervous. You know what? I haven’t got the right type of beans. They need to be fat to
fit through that hole and the only ones they had this morning, everyone must have rushed
out and bought that gadget, needs to go through this. Let’s still try it anyway. So, apparently, you can, there’s the tail. “Use this blade to cut off
the top and tail of the bean.” So, is it just that sharp
that you can just go– (gasping) Oh, my gosh! That is a sharp blade. Oh, my gosh! I don’t get it. There are some blades
here as well but it’s not really showing me what to do with those. I’ve got thin ones. Oh, that is so sharp! I’ve just done another one. So, what I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna stick two in at the same time through this. Oh, oh my gosh! So, you pull it through
like that and then– (gasping) Oh, yes, look at that! It’s actually worked. It is really sharp and dangerous. Oh, let’s do loads, shall we? So, so sharp, guys. I shouldn’t do stuff
like this unsupervised. So, we’re going to bunch
it together as four and I’m going to push
this so it opens up and lets me stick more in and
that’s then gonna clasp it. Okay, so it’s got like
plural, multiple amounts of beans in it, so quite a colony. I’m gonna push it through. I’m really worried I’m
gonna slice my finger. (grunting) When you get a substantial way through– (grunting) Come on. You then pull there. That didn’t work so well. Do it in little batches or you know, the big, fat green beans you get? Use those instead. So, I’ll do it with fine ones but look! It’s actually worked a charm. It’s just very, very, very dangerous. It’s like one of those
mediaeval finger traps. You don’t want to get
your finger in there. Part time bean cutter,
part time torture device. Look, what’s that guys? Interested? You like the look of that? It’s cool, right? Just like beans so matter back into it. Pugs, all of that scary knife stuff. Green bean! So, this gadget derives from
one of my most favourite gadget companies that I’ve
discovered on this journey so far This is the Mini Supoon. Which is an amazing name for a dog. Come on, Supoon! (whistling) I should have called you guys Supoon. Basically, it’s by a
company called Dreamfarm and they make some really cool gadgets so far. They tend to be all siliconey
and bendy and quirky, which is essentially what this is. This being called the Mini one, I imagine they do a larger one. So, it’s marketed as measuring,
scraping a jar clean, and sitting up on your bench. “Scrape out every last piece
of food from your jar or bowl “with the flat silicone
scraping tip and flexible–” (speaking gibberish) “Keep benches and counters
clean and food hygienic thanks “to the unique handle design which sits “your spoon up off of your bench.” Wow, it’s heat-resistant
up to 260 degrees. That’s pretty cool. And there it is. Like a new iPhone. Look at that packaging. It kind of looks like a posh
version of that one that I had. You remember that one that
was like a tongue spoon? Except this actually does something. So, this is a perfect
teaspoon in there, apparently. Let’s test that. So that is a teaspoon
of sugar and hopefully, pour it in our Supoon, level it off. Yeah, that’s pretty much fine. So, we can now confirm by
high-tech testing technologies, even though a little bit
of sugar fell off the side, that that is a teaspoon. Next test, does it sit on the counter? Yes, it does, but the thing
that it markets itself as is to scrape every nook
and cranny from a jar, and I’ve got some Nutella. Well, I’ve actually got
two tubs of Nutella. Let’s find the most empty. Why have I got two? About the same, actually. So that you can see this in
action a little bit more, I’m gonna peel off the
label as best I can. I’m gonna soak it and scrub it off. Hang on. I removed the label. Well, most of it, anyway. It just made me realise
how bizarre Nutella looks when you take the label off. It’s just generic brown mud in a jar. You can see where we’ve
hacked away previously with just a standard spoon. It’s scraped the sides
but with the Supoon, maybe we’ll get a difference. Those of you that don’t
know, you can actually warm Nutella up in a saucepan
of water with a lid on or in a microwave and it
will just pour out anyway. But, anyhow, we put the Supoon
in and we can just scrape– Oh my gosh! Did you see that? That wipe! Mm! Well, Nutella’s good but look! I’ll try and get another one. Look, a windscreen wiper! Here we go! Look at that! If I go the other side– (laughing) I go the other side, you can pretty much see through a Nutella
jar which I’ve never, ever managed to do before. Mm! Look at that! Amazing! That is really cool! Now, I’ve fed up with Nutella as well. Our second-to-last gadget
is called the Caract, which sounds like some sort of medical condition for old people. No, that’s cataracts, isn’t it? Getting my cataracts done! This is a medieval-looking
sausage hot dog thing that you roll over. I think it was, someone did
actually tell me to get this and I’m sorry I forgot who you were, but the Slot Dog was a
gadget where I pressed down on the hot dog, rolled
over, pressed down again on a previous gadget video. I don’t know. Go find it. And it made the hot dog
cook quicker with the gaps. It made it just sort of
all open up and stuff. So, this is basically a similar thing but you’re gonna roll this
thing, you see that? It’s quite scary looking. We’re gonna roll that over the hot dog, ideally to barbecue it but
we’ll just do it in a pan. There are no English instructions at all. Oh, there might be. “This device was developed and
made only for cut in the skin “of sausage with a firm
peel at temperatures “between five degrees.” That’s specific. Got to cut it at certain temperatures? “At the same time this device
and the goods that you cut “shall be guided by hand only.” I’m not going to use my head, am I? “Put the sausage down. “Now, put the Caract into
your hand and set it at “one end of the sausage and
press strongly onto the sausage. “You will feel and hear how the device is “cutting into the peel.” (chuckling) “Keep this pressure constant
and first now you roll “along the sausage. “If needed, hold the sausage
thereby with your other hand “until the device has made the first cut.” Be careful not to cut yourself. If the cuts aren’t deep enough, you’re not pressing strong enough. “Another possible cause may be to a small “diameter of the sausage.” It’s all very sausage, isn’t it? Pfft! All right, well! That is nowhere near like
what I was expecting. Look on there. That looks all horrible and
metallic, Mad Max-y, you know? Quite gruesome. You look at this, it’s plastic. But this, that’s sharp, that’s sharp. So, what we do is we roll it. Is that gonna roll? Yeah, okay. So, the inner thing’s gonna roll? Oh, that’s sharp. So, we need to press
it in there quite deep, because that way it will then
give it the ability to roll. If we don’t, it will just go– You see how that’s not actually moving. It’s the inner wheel that needs to move. Hot dog. Smells all right. All right, and then we roll along. I’m pressing deep. I think it’s working. (gasping) You see that? Look! It’s made incisions in it
and they are quite deep. This is basically what the Slot Dog did, but it’s more fun because it’s on a wheel. Yeah! So, let’s be crazy and
let’s do all four sides. I don’t think you’re supposed to. (laughing) Yes, so we have got now a
really spiralized sausage which should, as it cooks, maybe open up. At least, help it cook quicker. Let’s find out. Let’s find out but let’s find
out using our final gadget which is a Cermalon– Sounds like something
from Transformers, right? Non-stick pan. These are like, copper-coated. You see videos of this
online all the time and this is one of the reasons I
wanted to do Gadget Of The Week because I could literally hammer this pan and have so much fun with it. I mean, even in one of the videos, they say how it’s scratch-proof. They’ve got a lady
scraping it with a fork and there’s no way I’m gonna do that. Please don’t be like
nails down a blackboard! Oh, not too bad. I’m only doing it once but no fork marks. No wolverine has been here. But, I’m serious, this is supposed to be a super non-stick pan. I think the one that I got,
well, not only did it arrive but it’s like, tiny. I don’t know if I can put
this handle in the oven. Other ones, you can. You can like, make S’more pies in it. You can do Monkey Bread and
all that stuff in the oven. We’re just gonna use it on the grill top but they were doing crazy stuff. They were putting like plastic
cups in it and melting it, which is what I’m gonna do, but we’re gonna start with a fried egg. Right, down there. I have given it a very quick wash but we are gonna get it quite warm. Wow, that’s hot already. We’ll start with the egg. In the video, by the time they cooked it, they were spinning it round. It was like a plastic egg. (sizzling) That made a really weird sound. I’ve got to say the heat
coming off that thing is crazy. I’ll just use this board to
put the egg down if it works, but yeah, a bit of seasoning. Why not? The suspense is killing me. I’m actually quite hopeful about this. (popping) Oh! Like someone just shot it! All right, I’m gonna turn the flame off, but the residual heat is still there. Let’s um … Come on. (gasping) (laughing) I don’t think it’s worked! (gasping) Oh, my gosh, look! No! (laughing) It’s not worked at all! Look! That’s pretty bad, isn’t it? Uh, yeah. Look, there is actually– Oh, no. It has actually burnt
the bottom of it as well. I’m gonna wash it. I’m gonna try again with the hot dog. Just to confirm, that was a
fried egg, clean pan, no oil, just like it said in the
adverts and it didn’t work, so I’ve cleaned it out again. Nice and dry. Start to warm up again, I’m
gonna set in our hot dog. Not too bothered about it getting hot. We’ll just push it around. So far, it’s not very egg-cellent. Definitely gets really hot
though, I’ll give it that. I guess the good news is
this gadget’s working, because it is actually opening
the sausage as it cooks and this is feeling now,
really that’s nice and wide. Look at that. It is feeling really nonstick now. That is really sliding around. Woohoo! Yeah, look at that! That’s great. To be fair, if you put
this in an normal pan and you didn’t put oil in, some
of the skin could peel off but that isn’t actually happening. Oh yeah. So, I’m not gonna say I hate this pan. I hate it! It’s working, it’s cooking,
it’s doing its job. It’s just weird to not use any oil. All right, conclusion: sausage works. ♫ Hot doggity dog ♫ Hot dog hot dog ♫ Hot diggety dog All right, so we might as
well keep this pan hot. We’ve got two more to do. One is food, one is quite
dangerous but hey, hey. Now, salmon is quite notorious
in that you get the skin on the back like that which
can stick to pans quite a lot. In the advert that you see– oh, wow, that is a hot pan. What they show is this
skin thing, skin side down, literally spinning around
the pan, not sticking at all. So, let’s see how this goes. Also, I’m gonna have a really
weird lunch of hot dogs, salmon, eggs, green beans, and Nutella. That works. So, we’re just gonna cook
it up and we’re gonna see, oh my gosh, look at that! Okay, that is cool. I guess, it’s skin side down, it’s always quite slithery anyway, so it’s like skin on skin action. They were properly doing this. I’m starting to like this pan now. It might have been it was the first cook, you know, with that fried egg,
even though I gave it a wash. It might have been like, “No, you have to use me to
get the most out of me.” I’m not sure that the pan talks like that, but you get what I mean. Look, that’s awesome. I’m proper going for that. What, what, what, what? Cooking without any oil. I’ve actually got a really good
colour on that skin as well. Oh, no! It got caught on the top bit there. Okay, so this isn’t any
good, this bit up here, but in the pan, all right. You have my attention now, pan. Very, very cool. Wow, look at that! And again, yeah, this
slides around as well. Nice! Mm! Hot dog, egg, and fish. (giggling) Another thing on that
video was actually ketchup. I don’t have any of that. I have barbecue sauce. (sizzling) Look! It’s saying how it won’t stick to the pan. Okay, it kind of isn’t, to be fair. That’s moving a little bit. In the video, it was
much better than that. Hmm. Nice! See, in the video, it all poured out. It ain’t coming out. I kind of wish I didn’t do that. Bizarrely, one of the last tests they did, they put a plastic cup in this pan to show that it just slid out. Now, that’s gonna smell
and also potentially set off my smoke alarm. So, I’m gonna open my door now and then we’ll just see if we can do that. Weirdest thing I’ve ever done. Just waiting for my cup to cook. It’s starting to go. (crackling) Where is it going? (laughing) Where is it going? I don’t like that. That was so weird. It shrunk down to this. (chuckling) Look at that! Why would you even do that? Why? It stinks! And it is nonstick on that, look, but don’t ever put a plastic cup in it. There’s no need. Why even put that in your marketing video? I like this look. Yeah, don’t do this, but this
hot dog is cooked to charm and I’ve spread it with my
caramelised barbecue sauce. Mm-mm! I don’t feel like eating the fish though. There’s a time and a place. Sometimes, my dad joke’s off the scale. Cod you believe it? Anyhow, that is another
kitchen gadget tester vid done and in the bag,
the kitchen gadget sack. Go have a Barry-thon. Watch the rest of them. Let me know down below any
cool gadget you’ve seen. Send me links and I’ll get hold of them or if you want to send me some, that’s cool. Don’t forget to subscribe for
regular recipes and food fun. Follow me on social media for behind the scenes bits and bobs. I’ll see you next time. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the Supoon was probably my favourite. Like, proper wax-on, wax-off going on. Mm!