– Hey everyone, it’s Barry here, welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are testing a
gadget that I am extremely, extremely excited about. Ugh. Because this is an electronic pie maker. Oh yes, someone sent me a link to this, I think it was about a month ago, and it arrived, it’s
taking up a lot of room in my office so it gets priority. It is a ceramic stone-coated
nine-inch family pie maker. Ceramic coated, perfect
results, three-year guarantee. And you see this delicious-looking
apple pie right there? That is what we’re gonna do today, we are gonna make an apple pie in a pie maker. Sometimes I get vibes
where I’m thinking a gadget is gonna be good, it’s gonna be bad, you just get this thing. And for me, I feel like this is gonna smash it outta the park,
it just looks good. But there’s only one way to find out. Just before we start unboxing this then have a little look and get crackin’, my good friend Stuart
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us and have some chat, maybe even watch Star Wars
or something like that. But if you fancy checking that link out, it’ll be in the description below. And if I can do a thing in the video too, check it out, all right? All right. See, even the way it’s boxed, ooh, safety and instruction manual. I’m skipping past all the
health and safety stuff and going straight for the recipes. Yeah, cherry pie, apple pie. I wanna do a clear cherry pie,
I might do that next week. Pumpkin pie, steak and ale pie. You could do any pie you want. It’s not an iPie, as
someone just tweeted me, that’s very clever. But I like the way this
is boxed, it feels, it feels good, but at the same time it
could be one of those generic green light, red light,
which I think it has on it. Yes, it does. Is it just simply a sandwich toaster thing where they’ve changed the insert, rather than being able to put bread in it you just put a pie cruse in it? Or is that genius? As always, I’m not being
paid to do this review. If I ever, ever am, I will
tell you but that’s very rarely the case because of my very
honest reviews about it. Sometimes a bit clumsy. English socket there, for any
of you international viewers, that’s what a British socket looks like. Basically, you put your tongue. No. It was like 70% box so far. There’s this thing which I believe is actually a pastry cutter. Hello. A pastry cutter so you
can actually get a decent, accurate size for the pie. Does that go up, yep, all right, cool. Ooh, nice. This is ceramic, it’s
got the old crimp on it. I really wanna say crimp my pie, like Pimp My Ride?
(applauding) Little plastic thing off. It’s not a very long cable on it. But other than that, it’s
pretty robust, I quite like it. So I’m gonna give the
old ceramic plate a wash. And we’re actually gonna go all out. I don’t know if any of you
guys ever season your pans but apparently we are
supposed to season this. So a little bit of oil
and then wipe it clean. So just literally a smidgen. Actually, half my fear of this is how we’re gonna get it out. There’s gonna be this lovely warm pie and I’ve got this vision
of it flopping everywhere. All right, just, it seems
pretty straight forward in that we use this, it’s
actually got two grooves, you see the groove there? So there’s a slightly smaller
lid and the wider bit. So the wider bit, apparently,
is calculated enough for the base, the bottom part. It’s got slits in it so you an actually, as you cut it, you can maybe
overlap it a little bit. And the smaller bit would be the lid. Now pastry, sometimes when
you fill, a pie for example, with filling, it can sort of lower down so I’ll be interested
to see how this works. Might have to press it a
little bit into the mould. But other than that, I
think we’re ready to go. For the pie I’m gonna use some
ready-made shortcrust pastry, you can easily make your own but today I’m gonna make just the filling. In fact, we’ve actually
got all the ingredients for their apple pie which
also contains blueberries. I’ve never had an apple
pie with blueberries in, I’ve done it with raisins and stuff, but we’ve got cinnamon and
nutmeg, all that stuff here. So without further ado, let’s quickly make an apple pie filling. (calm instrumental music) All right, so my pie filling
is just cooling down, I’ll drain it off so it’s not
too wet for a sieve in a bit, but you don’t need to worry ’bout that. I’m not sure why they said
about adding the blueberries, they got squished but it’s
made them a nice red colour so my green apples now look like red apples. The smell is amazing, I’m
sure it will taste good. They’re nice and softened, let’s get the pastry into this. (vocalising) It does say to make sure
it’s not too thick so I think that should be about right. Just don’t want it to stick, you know? So this is our bottom one. You press that in. All right. Oh, that comes away really nicely. I’ll reuse that to do the top. Oh wow. Can you see the lines
on there that it’s done? You see the lines? Yeah, that apparently helps
to sort of tuck it in. So let’s do that. All right. Oh, that’s quite good, yeah, the cut marks make it so you can sort
of overlap it a little bit and it does allow for a
little bit of shrinkage. So I’m just gonna try
and make sure that it’s sort of evenly stacked around it. See? (laughing) So now we need to add our filling in. All right, oh, these apples are so soft, they smell amazing, but
I really like the colour the blueberries have done to that. When I was cookin’
those apples up earlier, it did feel like quite a lot but they do sort of shrink down to size. Yeah, I think that might be slightly over three quarters full but I’m
not gonna go any more than that and I’ve got quite a
lot of the filling left so maybe I can make two pies. All right, so the top groove. (laughing)
Look at that! Okay. Oh wow, so apparently, we just give it a little press in to seal it, because it
should crimp it for us anyway. So normally I would like egg
wash this to help seal it but the crimp should do it. I’m just gonna follow the
instructions generally on the packet because it has
said not to pierce the top and I would normally do that. Just got some beaten egg here. So I’m gonna give it an egg wash so we can kinda help to seal that in. But this is more for a
colour thing, really. And also we’re gonna
sprinkle it with some sugar so that’ll help it grip to it. This is up there with the
strangest pie I’ve made, other than the clear lemon
meringue pie, actually. Yeah, I might be doin’ a
clear cherry pie next week, Or if you’ve got any ideas
for other clear pies, I just thought the idea of a cherry pie with a clear base but
with the cherries on top might look really cool when you slice it. Shake some sugar on top. Oh yeah.
(chuckling) And I think we’re ready to cook it. The only down side, for me,
so far is that on their box, for example, they’ve got an
actual like leaf on their pie. So you can’t do that,
that would be amazing if you could imprint that. I suppose I could cut
a leaf out, couldn’t I? All right, granted it’s not
the best leaf in the world. I’m gonna leaf it right there. Hey! But it does have a curved
top on here so I’m hoping it’s going to work. Cook for around 25 to 30 minutes in the pie maker or until golden brown. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought this was gonna
take like five minutes. But no, it is a pie. Let’s do it, I’ve got some
tidying up to do anyway. So down this goes. Need to put some weight on that. Oh, and clip it in, okay. I think we just crimped our pie. Power on, watch for the red light. Oh yes, red light, because
obviously you don’t want to pre-heat it and then
try and build your pie, you’ll be like…
(gasping) So yeah, that’s it, I’m gonna
probably keep my eye on it, give you a little update in a minute, but it should take, as it
says, 25 to 30 minutes. So the light is still red at the moment, it’ll alternate between
red and green as it cooks, just like a sandwich toasty maker, it’s just all about the cooking time now. It’s just the way that it
maintains the temperature. But a little bit of housekeeping, if you are enjoying this video,
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playlist, have a Barry-thon, hours of entertainment which
you guys absolutely love. So really appreciate it. We are five minutes in and
it is sizzling away now and the thing that I’ve got is I don’t know, I wish
it had a see-through lid or a little peephole that I could just see what the colour, what it’s doing. I’ve got this fear that
I’m gonna open it up and it’s gonna be this black pie. Like burnt to a crisp. It’s smelling good. It’s kind of moaning. But I just wish I knew
what was goin’ on in there. We’re just gonna play it as it is, just take it straight up and hopefully do what most of you guys would do. All right, we’re now about 15 minutes in. That initial craziness, there’s still a bit of
smoke coming back, actually, but it was mental at the start. But now, it’s all right. I hope my leaf’s gonna survive though. All right, just about to hit 20 minutes and it’s started to bubble quite a bit. Boston, Amy, you got any tips? Brilliant. Look, see? I think it sort of burst, some of the filling’s
coming out the sides. (bubbling) I’m gonna have a look. Ugh! That’s kinda… That’s kinda worked. It’s burnt the top bit. Should we give it like another minute? Yeah, I’m not gonna overdo
this, I don’t think. I’m gonna burn the top. (sizzling) Yeah, some of the filling’s
starting to come out the sides, I think I’m gonna turn this
off, I’m gonna go for it. (bubbling) Wow. That is insanely hot. But I quite like it. That’s got like a nice, if
I had an apple pie like that with a nice sort of, do
you know what I mean, when so sort of caramelise something? Not burnt. There is, the leaf looks a little burnt. But like the really golden brown edges, that little bit of extra flavour? And the cool thing is now,
because there’s still heat in the bottom plate,
it’s gonna warm through, because I’m gonna let it cool
down completely in there, it’s just this top plate
is not gonna scorch the top any more. This sugar filling right
there, if I touch that, it’s gonna be like putting
my finger in a volcano. Insanely hot. So… Just leave it here forever,
can we just eat it out of this? (vocalising) And get under it. Yes!
(laughing) I think it’s gonna come out! Right, let’s do it, all or nothin’, folks. It all just feels a bit weird ’cause there’s a socket lyin’ around. Ah!
(laughing) Pie. 3.14, no? Something. Pie. Look, it’s actually cooked
on the sides as well. Yes. (grunting) Oh, yes! Oh, yeah, the actual bottom
is cooked nicely as well. And it’s all gone nice
and squishy and compact. (growling) (whistling) This is actually really, really good. Get a load of that. I mean, I think my mixture might’ve been a little bit too wet, but
this has massive potential. I really like this. Oh my word. That is great, it’s cooked it through. It’s just a pie, but
it’s actually blown away my expectations, this is
actually a really good gadget. And as you know, that
doesn’t happen that often. They’re either amazing
or they’re pretty pants and dangerous. So there we go, the
Tower, I’m sure there are other brands available,
ceramic pie maker is amazing! I really, really like it. So don’t forget to have a Barry-thon now and check out the rest
of the gadget videos. If you’ve seen any cool gadgets, just like someone spotted
this one, get in touch. I’ll get ‘hold of it
and we’ll have some fun. (clattering)