– Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. The show that puts the ki-chin in kitchen. Just came up with that. Probably won’t do it again. Hope you’re well. Today is a special gadget we do. I have been bombarded
literally in the last, oh seven to 10 days, about
this butter spreading gadget. And it butter be good! It better not offend anyone. I don’t know why it’s called
it, but ladies and gentleman, (box thuds) this is the Offundo, yup
that is not my home address, but that is the Offundo in there, I hope. Because I’ve ordered it and it does say Offundo on the sticker, British made, this is effectively a tool to
help you spread butter on your bread, and other dough based products. So it does baguettes,
and rolls and wraps, and I’ve also got bagels, trying a bagel. Designed for sandwich
makers, so you guys who have been tagging me in this
video where this guy is literally just going,
pwu, pwu, pwu, like that. And spreading a whole loaf of
bread, in a matter of seconds. – [Announcer] Five times
faster than a knife. Fast, easy.
(tinkling music) – Five times faster than a knife. Yeah, so it’s basically
I think really designed for someone that is a
hardcore sandwich maker, so if you’ve got a sandwich business, or you just really like eating sandwiches. I like eating sandwiches,
I’m pretty sure this guy would like eating sandwiches if he could. Well that’s it, it’s in this box here. It’s called the Offundo
and I have never had so many requests (chuckles) to review a gadget, in
such a short space of time. So here we go. It’s literally just arrived the other day. And we’ll give it a go! (plastic rustling) (plastic ripping and crinkling) Yeah, it’s got like a number on it. Oh. That was my door, hang on. Nope, that was just the sound of Boston leaning against the door, right. Thanks mate. So it’s got a number
(plastic crinkles) it says, 19158 on it,
could that be my personal branding for it? Offundo Butter Spreader,
patent pending GB, designed and manufactured in Britain. Feels like Christmas Day. (box rustling) Here we go. Butter spreader, designed
for sandwich makers, enables a rapid, consistent,
hygienic application of spread to bread. Spread to bread, baby. Easy to achieve a spread rate
of 21 slices in 30 seconds. Wow. Hm. All right I’m not gonna
go into this too much, but it’s basically requires no power, and you can spread a
lot of butter on stuff. There’s lot of information. Handmade and hand finished. All right, it actually
tells me how to get one, but I think I’ve actually already got one, so I’ll bypass that. (paper crinkles) And another poster. Ah, please tell me this is a postcard or a sticker or something. Oh no, this is a calling card, what?! Thank you for your interest in our funder, we are sorry we did not
have time to speak with you. Please complete this card
and either post it to us or hand it to us and we will be in touch with you very soon. That’s from Kevin and Dooley Whitehead who I think are the actual owners, creators of this. I did actually once
review a butter gadget. I’ve had a few problems
with butter gadgets where it actually cut, like an even square of butter out of like a stick of butter, which is more American. And that was just horrible. So I’ve really got high hopes for this. (plastic crinkles)
Woo! Oh and there we go. Not we got a business card. Eh, I basically work for their
marketing department now. (laughs) Amongst all of this
the only thing I don’t have is actual instructions. So that would be good right now. Oh, okay, all right we’re all good, we’re all good.
(metal thuds) To avoid personal injury (slaps skin) damage to the product,
please be aware that if you turn the Offundo upside down
the plunger will fall out. Please remove plunger
before cleaning, all right. In the interest of hygiene
we recommend Offundo is washed before first use. I always do that to all my gadgets. And incidentally if
you’re not already having a Barry-thon please
check out the full gadget testing playlists, before departing. There’ll be a link up here or down below. How to use Offundo, please view before. It’s a USB stick! (plastic crinkles) And this actually was quite expensive. So I’m starting to feel why I’ve got, (plastic thuds)
Whoop, I think I broke the USB stick. We’ll just wing it. This is why I’ve already got my own bag. Is this a bag? I got a bag for life, look at this! It’s like my birthday! (fabric rustles) (laughs) I don’t know what’s going on! (whistling a tune) (water rushing) (metal clinks) So it really is just
like two compartments. There’s this sort of
thing that sits in it, puts the weight on there, and there’s this thing which is basically what stores the butter. (metal scrapes) Viola. Thinking about it, it’s
not every day you get sent a USB stick, so we’ll have
a little look shall we? Let’s see what it says. That’s a colour wheel,
that’s my screensaver for my computer, all right? (bell dings)
– Easy use on sliced. – Ah these are all the ones
on the website, anyway. Oh, does and don’ts. This is, this is really good. Spread must be over soft
and smooth consistently. Similar to that needed
if using a piping bag. The soft consistency is critical as it enables an even and
smooth application of spread and avoids bread tearing
or bread clumping. Mix thoroughly by hand or
with an electric mixer. Do not overfill the hopper,
the amount of spread expelled through the aperture is
controlled by the thumb pressure on the plunger. Oh! I thought it was gravity, it’s not. It’s not. You actually have to push the plunger. All right I think I’m all clued up now. So I’ve got myself a loaf of bread. (metal clinks) Oh, we’ll do that at the
end for a time trial. Some spreadable butter. (box thuds) So I’m gonna have to get
that to room temperature, it’s already been in room temperature, but I’m gonna spread it
because it needs to be smooth. I really wanted to do it with ice cream. I’ve got a roll. (box thuds) I’m on a roll. I got some bagels, ’cause
I just wanted to see what it would do to that,
if it would actually go around the circle. I don’t know. I’m really gutted, ’cause
you can use cream cheese as it says in the video. So I got some soft cheese spread. Bizarrely I can actually
be okay with this. I don’t know why, I
don’t like cheese unless it’s melted as you know. But they used to do a
chocolate capri one of these. Ah! They don’t do it anymore, gutted. So caramelised onion spread as well. We should have some mayo in the fridge. Yes we do, and we also have some jam, so maybe we’ll have some fun with that. We also have salad cream, eh, no. No, no, no, no, no. All right, mixing bowl. We’re gonna stick the butter in that to get it nice and smooth. (laughs) Mm, anyone hungry? (butter splats) I’m glad I read those
instructions actually. (butter sploshes) (butter sploshing) (sighs) I think will do. (door scrapes) Okay. Here is have one sheet of bread. Not from the pack that I bought, we’re gonna do that whole loaf as a time trial. So just see if it works on one. (metal rings) Take that out. (metal clinking) (metal thud) Put the butter. (metal clicks) Yeah, in there. And I’m trying to sort of
level it out a little bit. Oh, some is coming out anyway. All right, so that’s a good
amount of butter in there. Put down our plunger. (metal clinks) And then push it forward, see. So it’s like that. (laughs) Oh. Can you see, it’s coming out the sides. And what we do is this. My thumb is on here. I’m gonna push down and go, (groans). (laughs) Yes! Look at that! I want to do it to my face now. No, I’m not gonna do it to my face now. Did you ever see that thing where the guy does it with sun lotion? Nah. Ew.
(wood thuds) Don’t put it down like that. Look. Oh it’s amazing! Let’s try it with a roll. All right. That did kind of work, I just didn’t cut the roll very straight. (laughs) Look at that! Oh! Oh, that’s so cool! Honestly this is really good. You don’t need it for a general household, but like for a business like that. It’s insane! All right Boston you can
independent adjudicator. We are now gonna time how long it takes to do bread. I got a whole loaf of bread, let’s do it. (plastic crinkles)
Eh! That is a loaf of bread, it’s 16 slices. I feel like I should flour my hands, like I’m going in the
Olympics or something. We’re gonna see how long
it takes to butter all 16. (clicking noises) (laughs) (clicking noises) Oh yeah, do up there, that’s easier. (clicking noises) (laughs) Look, come on! Stop the clock. (metal thuds) Can you see that? 29 seconds, and I was a bit unorthodox with it as you can see. So pretty much a slice of
bread every two seconds. Amazing! As I’ve said I’ve already prepped Mrs. Barry and the kids
that there’s a lot of bread tonight for sandwiches. Also gonna make a bread
and butter pudding. And I have some friends coming over to watch the football later, so. Luckily that isn’t gonna go to waste. My last thing I’m gonna do. Is try out some other fillings with it. I’m gonna wash it as I go. So we have four more pieces of bread. I’m very impressed with this. Yeah there’s still more
butter in it like that. So I’m gonna take it out,
put it back in the fridge, ’cause I can reuse that. And I’ll wash this. Caramelised onion spread. Amazing. Mayonnaise. (knife clicking) I am absolutely in love with this thing. I have no need for it. But I love it! There’s jam in this one. (laughs) My last one, I was gonna do ice cream, but then I thought well you need to get it spreadable consistency and
by the time you’ve done that it would be kind of like melted anyway. And nobody really wants ice
cream on a piece of bread. So, I’ll try some Nutella. But as long as it’s wet,
like say tomato puree for like a pizza party, you’ve got loads of people coming over. That’s something that
could really, really work. Or you could use ketchup or brown sauce, you’re having a bake, you
know sausage sandwich. Now, Nutella, unless you
warm it in a microwave, (knife scraping and clicking) is notoriously butch. But I’ve given it a little stir up and, if we give it a little push, make sure it’s near the front. Uh. (groans) There wasn’t much in there I
had to really push it down. (groaning) I need more, but that did work. Well, that’d make a good
sandwich, wouldn’t it? No. Part of me thinks it’s
gonna go through the hole and just drop through it. It doesn’t promote the fact
that it works on bagels. Ah, I mean it kind of does. But then at the same time
you just get a massive pool of butter falling out
through the middle of it. Yeah. Don’t use it on bagels. So there we go folks, the Offundo. And remember, it doesn’t need butter ease. As I say this would perfect
if you have a sandwich store, if you have a cake business
with buttercream icing. That could also work
pretty darn good indeed. But that is it, you guys were
begging me to try this out, so I’ve done it as quick as I can for you. Don’t forget to have a Barry-thon now and check out the rest of
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