translation in the description #INTRODUCTION With the help of 2 cooking sheets of 30*40 and 30*80 cm…. make a template of 20*36 cm and… and a 15*18 cm template. Sift 150g of T45 flour. Cut into small cubes 375g of soft butter. Add them to the flour. Then, using the flat beater, mix… until you get a creamy result. You can increase the speed gradually. The mixture must be homogeneous. Using the 20*36 cm template make a thin plate of butter. A little tip to get a perfectly flat plate! The beurre manié is ready. Keep in the refrigerator (minimum 2 hours) Preparation of the détrempe. Melt 115g of butter in the microwave (30 seconds) Let it cool to room temperature. Weigh 150g of temperate water…. 15g of fleur de sel (or fine salt)…. a tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix it up. Then pour over the sifted flour. Using the dough hook, mix on slow speed. Beware of the flour that remains at the bottom! Pour in the butter. Stop when the mixture forms a block. Make sure the dough is homogeneous. Place the détrempe in the center of the 15*18 cm template. To have a regular thickness…. press with a cutting board. Keep in the refrigerator (minimum 2 hours) Remove the butter from the refrigerator… 30 minutes later, take out the détrempe. Place the détrempe in the center of the butter. The 2 dough pieces must have the same consistency. Seal all openings. 2 possibilities are available to you…. 1 – your butter is not too soft, you can then start turning. 2 – the butter melts under your fingers, place your dough in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. translation in the description #THE “TOURAGE” The single turn Fold down the top third. Then the lower third. Turn 1/4 turn to the right. Lower your dough piece to complete the next turn. How many layers do we have depending on the number of simple turns performed? The double turn (called wallet) Fold down the first lower 1/4 then higher. Fold in half (like a wallet) And turn 1/4 turn to the right. Feel free to flour well in the first turn. You’ll have to be less generous as the rounds go on. Press firmly on the joint and ends. Then start by pressing by performing…. a slight rotational movement,…. to spread the dough evenly. It is important to check that the dough does not stick! Gradually lower the dough by pressing firmly… but not too loud either. Apply yourself so that the dough forms a perfect rectangle. Occasionally run the roller along the length…. in order to remove any bumps. Turning can start with a double turn. Locate the center of the dough by folding it in half. Tip to remind you of the number of laps completed…. make two marks for a double turn. Always film your dough piece before you…. reserve it for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator. Perform an additional double turn. After 2 hours of rest, finish with a simple tour. The single turn. You must absolutely remove excess flour. To facilitate folding, press the end. The dough will be ready to use after 2 hours of rest. translation in the description #FAQ – P1 translation in the description #FAQ – P2 Place the trimmings on top of each other. Never form a ball! To be kept in the freezer. Example of an inverted dough where the butter has cracked. Example of a classic where butter has “marbled”. translation in the description #FAQ – P3 3 mm thick. 1 cm thick nut. Cover with baking paper and… of a perforated plate. Add weight! Cooking at 180°C for 30 min. From 20 minutes, you can remove the top plate. The puff pastry will be 1 cm thick and perfectly flat. To make the détrempe (paste)…. weigh 240g of temperate water and… 12g of fleur de sel. Mix it up. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar Melt 50g of butter in the microwave (30 seconds) Make sure the butter is well melted…. and let it cool to room temperature. Sift 300g of T55 flour and… 200g of T45 flour. Pour in the 50g of cooled butter…. then 240g of temperate water. Mix using the dough hook… on slow speed. Facilitate manual mixing from time to time. Stop when the dough forms a block. Avoid overworking it! Form a homogeneous ball. Make a cross on top…. in order to facilitate the work afterwards. Film on contact. 30 min. before using the détrempe…. make a template of 15*18 cm…. using a 30*40 cm cooking sheet. Use 370g of soft butter. Which you place in the center of the template. The goal is to make a 15*18 cm plate of butter. Reserve the butter 10-15 min in the refrigerator. In this way, the butter and soaking… must have the same consistency! Lower the détrempe to…. form a rectangle of about 20*40 cm. The détrempe envelops the butter. For this purpose, there are also other methods. Remove the excess flour. And seal all openings. The butter is therefore inside the dough. You will have to realize… 3 series of 2 simple turns (i.e. 6 simple turns) Weigh 120g of cold water. Add 5g of fleur de sel (or fine salt). Cut 200g of butter into 2cm cubes. Set aside in the freezer (water + butter): 10 minutes. 250g of sifted T55 flour. Add the almost frozen butter. Mix for 1 minute using the flat beater. Gradually pour in the very cold water. Finish the mixture with your fingertips. The purpose is to have pieces of butter in the dough. On a well floured work surface…. Roll out the dough into a rectangle of about 20*60 cm. You will have to realize… 5 simple turns without rest time.