– Okay friends, tonight I am doing Savory Onion and Mushroom
Pork Chops in the Instant Pot. I’m also letting someone
in my door, apparently. And I’m doing potatoes
in the 14 quart GoWISE. Everything good? – Yeah, gonna use the restroom. – Yes, good, okay. Anyway, I’m out of breath. I just filmed a whole bunch of that, and my audio wasn’t working on this camera when I checked it, ha ha. So, here we go, take four. (baby squeals) Woooo, but now the audio is working. I have 10 pounds of yellow potatoes that I am doing in the 14 quart electric GoWISE pressure cooker. I’m puttin’ in my cup of water, and I’m gonna carry those over, we’re gonna get those goin’. And then I’m going to get
the boneless pork chops going in the Instant Pot. It’s Sunday here, and as I also have been
filming a weekend vlog, so if my shirt looks similar or whatever, it may be because you’ve
already seen that vlog. But in that vlog I shared, Benjamin has been teething and
he was up and down all night. He had a fever of 104.2 and we just had a long night. So, because of all of that, we were not super heroes, we did not make it out to church today. I don’t think I really got
to bed ’til after 3:00. We slept in ’til after 10:00. So, we’ve had a Sunday
that has kind of followed, I don’t know, it’s kind
of felt like a Saturday. So, Jesus knows though, sometimes you have teethin’ babies, right? So, I’m gonna get this dinner goin’. We got all kinds of fun
things going around. Goin’ on in the forest and out and about adventurin’ this week. So, I wanted to get an Instant
Pot dinner goin’ for tonight, and Travis just went and took my van to get it filled up with gas. (baby squeals) Woooo Benjamin! For a big Adventure Camp field trip the kids and I are doin’ tomorrow, which I also hope to vlog for ya. Gettin’ very vloggy around here. So, if you hear the kids outside, they are making up their own language. Their own num-num language,
they’re calling it. Anyway, on the Instant
Pot, I’m gonna hit saute. I’m gonna put some olive oil in here, and probably I will tell you about a tablespoon or so of olive oil. Anyway, we are going
to sear the pork chops, just put a nice little coating on them before we pressure cook them. It makes ’em look pretty. I have our little bit
of olive oil in there. I’m just lettin’ it heat up a moment. (baby screams) So, oh Benjamin, they do not have to sit in here very long, I’d say about 45 seconds
or so, and then flip ’em. So it’s gettin’ noisy in here ’cause you can hear my
meat is cracka-lackin’ but here’s how the first
three pork chops look. These are the big, thick Costco ones. We’re gonna do five pounds total. But to saute ’em first, just puts that nice little
crispy brown edge on ’em. And you use just a very
little bit of olive oil. If you have butter, that would
work well, or coconut oil. I am out of real butter
and I just thought hey, I’ll use a little bit of olive oil, so that’s what we’re doing. So here is the beautiful stack
of nicely browned pork chops, and now we’re gonna actually cook ’em all the way through in the Instant Pot. And now I have the pork chops
back in the Instant Pot. I’m adding the cup of water. You can add in chicken broth or any kind of other
broth that you would like. I have water and so, yay, water wins. I also have a can of mushrooms
that I’m gonna put in. There they are. And then I’m just sprinkling in one good ‘ol faithful
pack of onion soup mix. Okay, and I just added some
salt and pepper to that also. We want it to build up pressure,
so we put it on sealing. And now, I am just going to hit manual, and we had it set way high for something else I
was doin’ the other day, we’re gonna put it on 15 minutes. And when they’re done, we will check the internal
temperature just to be sure that they’re cooked properly, but there’s nothing else
that needs to be done. And obviously, you can get super creative. If you wanna do an onion soup packet, if you wanna do other spices. I found some tomatoes. I’ve got some cucumbers,
we’re gonna chop those up. I chopped all three cucumbers so we can, and what we don’t eat tonight and now, we won’t eat all
these tonight with dinner, but they’ll be chopped and so they’ll be ready for tomorrow as well. And then I went ahead
and did four tomatoes ’cause those need to get going too. And we only technically
have three tomato eaters in our house, which is
Jayden and Amelia and I. We like tomatoes on sandwiches and salads and all of those good things. So when I get tomatoes, I have to make sure
that us three get them, ’cause I hate to find a tomato that missed it’s purpose in life. Then I just took the lid off over here, on these yellow potatoes, and they are just absolutely perfect. So we will be having these with butter and sour cream for dinner. So here’s the potatoes. I just took them out of the 14 quart electric pressure cooker and just put ’em in this bowl. And I’m gonna use a slotted spoon here, and that way everyone
can make baked potatoes to go along with their pork chops. So I just pulled the lid off and I also checked the
internal temperature of all these pork chops, and they are perfect. So we’re gonna get ’em a plate
now and eat ’em for dinner. Get our pork chops out here, and I tell ya, kids are gettin’ clean now. We’re gonna eat this dinner. We gotta get to bed early, ’cause we’ll be on the road at least three to four hours tomorrow. So here are our baked
potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and then these yummy pork chops. So guys, this is how dinner turned out. We also have already begun to dug in. I was just about to, and I thought, I’ve gotta show you my dinner. So here’s my pork chop, my baked potato, (child talking in background) that’s Mr. Daniel enjoying his potato. We got tomatoes and cucumbers. Miss Amelia’s been enjoying her dinner. Yummy, yummy, mm-hmm, uh-huh, uh-huh. Yes she is, she’s been eating
a bunch of tomatoes already. I guess that’s it. So, thank you for hangin’ out with me and makin’ these really easy and oh, so yummy pork
chops in the Instant Pot. Head over to largefamilytable.com
for the pork chops and the potato recipe
again, if you need it. And I will see you real soon with another brand new video, bye-bye.