Hello friends of the Ogros S/A channel.
Welcome, everyone. I am Baco. Today I am here to do
a Butter Ham Lasagna. This is a different lasagna. In place of the sauce we will use butter. Lots of butter! That will leave this lasagna
very tasty! So now if you wanna see how that
make this recipe, follow me in this video and let’s do it: Butter Ham Lasagna. Here are the ingredients of our
lasagna. Are they: 1 pound of dough for
lasagna. 14 oz of mozzarella cheese. 10.5 oz of sliced ​​ham. 7 oz of salted or unsalted butter. 1 glass of milk. So now, let’s get ready. Before we start assembling, first, let’s grate the cheese and then we’ll rip the ham into small pieces. Done it. We’ll get a baking sheet
and start assembling the lasagna. To start, first, let’s get some butter and pass deep in the baking pan. Then we’ll take the lasagna pasta. Always remember to take out the plastic that comes on each sheet. Let’s put her in the baking dish and pass
some more butter. A tip here: It is to leave the butter out of the fridge for a half hour before applying so that it is soft and soft. If you have forgotten, you can leave 30 seconds in the microwave. Then we will put: the Ham, distribute a few bits in the bottom, and then the mozzarella cheese. Then another lasagna pasta,
always remembering the plastic. More butter. Always try to cover all the dough with butter. We put more ham. Stopped! Now I will give you a suggestion: Here, I’m using the ham, but you can also use: smoked turkey breast. shredded chicken breast or mushroom the shitake. With one of these three ingredients will also be very good. And if you are going to invent and substitute for any other ingredient, look for a mild flavor so as not to disturb the non butter flavor. After all it’s a butter lasagna And if you do that: Leave it to us here in the comments,
the kind of lasagna you made and how it turned out. Now let’s get back to the video. … and more mozzarella cheese. Let’s do this until all the
Lasagna pasta sheets. When we get to the last layer,
Let’s put the rest of the ham and cheese. The last layer must have
Lots of cheese. And to finish the assembly, let’s add the milk around the lasagna. So now I’ll bake this lasagna. I won’t cover it with anything because I want this milk to cook the dough and then evaporate. For this, I’ll take to the oven already pre
heated to 250º C and I will bake for 30 minutes. And our Butter Ham Lasagna was ready. Now I will cut and try. That’s it! One more recipe comes to an end. If you liked it: give it a LIKE down here. And if you are not subscribed to the channel: subscribe. And until next Thursday.