hey everyone its Andy from Andy’s
fishing we’re down on the beach it’s been really windy for weeks raining and
the tides are big and I’m gonna try a different approach so we’re
gonna catch some shrimp. Cook lemon butter garlic recipe and I found out a
couple of interesting facts I found a new technique we’re gonna catch these
shrimp by hand, nothing but my hands so that’s going to be cool we’re gonna wait
till it gets a bit darker and then I’ll show you a couple other things which I
only just learned and in true Andy’s fishing wild cook style I’m gonna keep
the heads of these these shrimp, you guys in Australia might know them as prawns
but these are actually called shrimp and do crispy shrimp chips Guys can you see that prawn that’s
the first one we found, well my lights gonna be a bit tricky here it’s right
between my fingers and this is only the second time I’ve got these guys I’m
putting my hand there so that hopefully he’ll bury himself that’s the
plan anyway he’s not burying himself he should bury
himself. let’s try and grab you oh that’s not gonna work is
it okay they’re easy just buried himself you see these eyes he’s got it I think
there is look at that first prawn oh he’s almost gone for this prawn of the
evening there we go beautiful so hopefully we get a few of these guys
it’s very small this one will she get some bigger ones that’s cool
whoa this is literally the second time I’ve ever got these another one now that
it’s got really dark you can actually see their eyes shine you guys probably
won’t see it there he is there then right the end of my finger
you guys probably won’t see the eye shine with the camera but he’s just
burying himself now wait till he sticks his eyes under and let’s see if you
don’t even yep I think we’ve got it there he is
there we go that guy okay check this yet guys here
is a moon snail I was hoping to find one of these guys is it’s cruising along
that’s that’s he shell there I think we need to try one of these things you
can’t eat them I’ve never tried one I’ll pick him up real quickly and you get to
see how big his foot is hopefully look at that there’s his foot and all that
will go into his shell actually no he’s he’s staying out that’s bizarre let’s
see what he does on my hand he’s staying in so let’s take him and we’re trying
out this these cruisin around what a dude. I expected him just to pull
inside and hide just going inside that’s what they look like when they’re there
all closed up take him and try him yeah
here we’ve got one of the Moon snails and I only saw him here because if you
follow his trail back is his trial that is the pipi he was trying to eat this
guy over here means now is predating on this guy here that is way cool okay
there’s that pipi I’ve just touched he and he thinks the moon snails after he
sees he’s going for a walk and he just start with let’s put him in the path of
the moon’s now where’s the moon snail there’s the moon’s now let’s see what
happens now okay the snail has just grabbed the pipi you can see he’s got
his foot on it I’ll zoom in there a little bit
that is the snail going over the pipi pipi doesn’t know it yet otherwise he’d
be jamming his foot in the ground and jumping everywhere like he did before
there he goes you just figured it out and the race is on the race is on the
pippy’s gone he’s off he’s off not totally defenseless as you might think
that is cool look at that and he’s pushing in the direction too let’s go
back here there’s mr. snail there he is
it’s good he’s good he’s big big arm out let’s see if he attacks my finger that
could be interesting count-o yep he’s on my finger he’s attacking my
finger my finger yep yep he’s on it look at this he’s trying to grab hold of my
finger that’s him he’s on the finger stretching yourself out no end
that’s cool I have literally just discovered these guys I’ll tell you some
interesting facts about them later now I didn’t come out here for prawns
but just in case we don’t get enough I might get to take this guy home get this
he’s gonna hide now cuz I just touched him but we’ll take
him home well eat him cook him up on the fire
yeah see what city tastes like right yeah he’s fully closed okay we’ll split
another one where is he no very easy just burn him something to that later
these guys are actually called a blue tail peneaidea shrimp there we go I think
we should have him yeah got him there we go up brother antenna oh man he’s
falling off no full steam come back so what I found here is a moon snail
that’s dead and has been taken over by a hermit crab look at that
and mr. hermit crab there’s a Sole, Oh a little soggy
there is everything’s going off you know it Oh crab there yeah keeps you keep the
hermit crab keeps dropping his um his food he’s even eating a bit of jellyfish
look at that look at this family crap look at he’s it is psycho
he’s almost run out of his shell there well let this guy go with him that he
made his um jellyfish there you go guy a jellyfish but yeah that’s a nice big
moon snail shell so this is a pipi that I found on the beach before
you can see it’s still connected those two halves of the shell
they haven’t fallen apart yet and if you look in the back there that perfectly
round about two millimeter hole is made by a live moon shell so what they do is
they’ve got a little mouth they’ve got little teeth on it and they actually
grind right through the shell and then eat the shell the pipi from the inside
out but that’s a hermit crab and he’s just eating jellyfish so well let him be yeah I’ve never done much of this night
foraging or you know collecting things at night and exploring I like it it’s a
little bit windy I wish it was was the quieter but so far we’ve seen a couple
of cool things already I reckon I might do this more often
okay keep looking I got a few more prawns we need well I’m gonna say 30
maybe 40 prawns for a little meal tomorrow we’ll cook
that up on the fire had to see their eye shine but yeah go on yeah that is a nice last week one
of the bigger ones this evening the winds cat ball hasn’t dropped off
it’s actually come up better stronger and if you can see on my glass there
it’s raining so I think we’ve got about 40 shrimp so I’ll show them to you right
here we’ll go home cook them up on the fire and here great fun this if yeah if
you’ve got a shallow flat sandy spot with some puddles in it I reckon you can
probably do this anywhere you get prawns I’ve never never noticed this before
it’s literally the second time I’ve ever done it and yeah you can see how many
prawns I’ve got here so probably hour and a half of yeah a bit of fun run
around the the sand flats at night so yeah I’ll see it the cook up that’s why
they call them Bluto brought in there on that tile this that
tile nice and blue below the green actually
what is it writing okay blue-tailed shrimp so guys it’s the
next day and we’re gonna cook up the shrimp whoa look at the size of those
thing they’re not massive like prawns these are actually shrimp blue-tail
pineda shrimp they’re not a king prawn they’re not a banana prawn that Oaks
your prawn they’re defined as a shrimp anyway we’ve got about all I’m gonna say
70 maybe even 80 and that took me an hour and a half last night and then
right at the end I reckon we will cook up these two guys here now I thought
that was a pity I think it’s actually a cockle and that’s the moon snail so he
likes to eat him so we’ll give that both of those ago we get that right then
right at the end but first what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna get the shrimps and we’re gonna cut the heads and the tails off now the
thing that most people do is go I’m not eating a head I’m not eating a tail but
we’re gonna turn the heads and tails into prawn chips so that’ll be
interesting a bit of an experiment for me although I have eaten porn heads
before and they’re actually delicious the there’s actually quite a lot of meat
if you have a look inside that there’s quite a bit of meat still inside there
I’ll actually count them while I do it has that I’ll count them all so we got
four there and that’s Sam here go fast and do the rest last – that’s 86 87 so that is 87 shrimp
and if you have a look there’s probably just as much hidden tail as there is
body meat now these guys are really really quite soft the yeah the shell is
really nice and soft and I’ve got no problem eating eating that and I’ve got
no problem eating the head either so if someone missed the intro we’re cooking
lemon butter garlic shrimp with prawn crispy prawn head chips alright we’ll do
the the heads first I’m just going to do them in butter on their own just to get
the nice flavor out of them and then we’ll do the lemon butter garlic for the
shrimp bodies the reason I’m not putting the garlic and lemon in with the heads
is because I want to take the heads really far I want to I want to get them
really brown and crispy so good heat there we get them straight in and get
them cooking really nicely we don’t want it to get dry and for those of you that haven’t tried
crispy corn in doing a fried corn head chuckling you really want to have a guy
like I said before these are probably gonna take eight nine minutes I’m gonna
say we really want to get them crispy we’ll get some salt and pepper in there
just a little seasoning and then just about done you have a look show you with
the other camera I’ll show you what stage I want to get them to really fun
right in the middle there that where I want to get them right there that one
how good do they look Wow put them on one side Wow really quite crispy well
I’m gonna have to try one right now you go do that
thank you really quite hot delicious anyway leave those for now cut up some
garlic we’ve done that while those been cooking it another big double boiler we
won’t see a bit of butter for this one because we want a bit of a lemon butter
garlic sauce so start off with yeah nice big big chunks of butter in there
okay prawns are going in and these guys are gonna take maybe three or four
minutes maximum so we’ve got to really hurry up on this dish throw the gun
looking on my straightaway okay fast delicious fresh cooking and my preferred
fresh ingredients that was fresh garlic this is fresh parsley we’re gonna chop
that up wallets wallets motoring this is the last bit will they buy yeah
they’re looking pretty good Oh lots of garlic in there a little bit
of salt and pepper again no damn they’re all mice cooked rice and more butter in
there because we do want a bit of a garlic butter lemon sauce this is so
fast cooking I’m telling it here we go as soon as that butter starts melting
we’ll cut the lemon in half just divine another 30 seconds and we’re done
look at the color in that corner there that is yeah my look at that alright I
reckon they’re done that was literally like three or four minutes parsley here
and then just give it one more nice quick toss Wow that we don’t cook the
parsley it’s it’s more a garnish than anything else there we go we’re done now
I’ll just let that cool down for a second I wanted to show you these things
in the daylight this is like a cockle or a heavy sort of bivalve shell and this
is a pee-pee pretty much the one we’re gonna eat a little bit smaller and
they’ve both got that little hole in them where the moon snail has gone and
eaten away and put a hole in it really cool I didn’t know that these holes were
some moons now so I learned something every time I make a video I reckon I
learn something because I do the research so I can share it with you guys
anyway this is ready have a look at that and we are ready to eat check that out
oh that is nice actually what we’ll do well while we eat
we’ll put a bit more butter in there and we’ll cook these two guys these actually
opened a little bit because he died in the fridge I’ve had them in their fridge
all night so we’ll cook these guys up I want to taste these after I have a nice
nice lunch give them a shot hey guys how good does that look
smells divine these prawn heads they don’t have lemon or garlic on them
crunchy how do I describe that it’s um you can
taste a little char and it’s a bit of an umami flavor for those people who know
what Amami is it’s um it’s like a wholesome meaty rounded flavor almost
like a sausage sort of thing that it’s not not sausage to play that born heads
are quite nice let’s um have a little bit of wine just
a little little sip she is white wine seafood goes well
together and wine also what it does is now that
I’ve had have had a couple of heads it cleanses my palate so I’m ready for a
new flavor now let’s try these lemon garlic butter shrimp oh yeah creamy buttery garlic isn’t it too
strong the the parsley adds a nice what’s the word contrast that is superb
and as you can see if I had have thrown the heads and tails out I’d be eating
half of what I’ve got now some of them were only this big some of those shrimp
were tiny somewhere you know quite nice size but
that in itself is a meal and I’m actually quite surprised I got it was at
86 87 something like that I think a d7 hmm so let’s get a bit of lemon on to
our crispy prawn head chips I think that’s gonna be even yummier yeah nice
being nice being thoughtful right you’ve got a tribe horn heads if
you have bigger ones I’d like to take them even further so there’s more black
bits on them really crispy even cut them in half but if they’re if the prawn has
this big cut them in half splay them open put them on the inside first then
flip them over dome on the outside hopefully prawn seasons coming soon and
I’ll be able to do that I won’t bore you with me eating the whole whole plate
here but I will have a look to see what those snails are doing okay they have
opened up and cooked let’s get you zoomed in there there’s the the big pipi
he’s well and truly open and this guy here the moon snow he’s done as well
let’s try those okay let’s try this pipi first well and truly cooked looks looks
kind of delicious and look at look at the size of that foot that is tiny that
foot now after it’s cooked mm-hmm Wow really
ocean ooh fresh tastes like the oceans in my mouth that is Oh Pipies yummy so
now for the moon snail he’s really hot actually it feels a little bit sandy
there we go we’ve got him all out that’s him my wife a bit of this sand off that
she’s put their sandal let’s try this I have eaten snails before in a seafood
chowder which I’ll have to do again it wasn’t a great episode but and those
snails tastes really good oh he is tough tastes like combination of rubber and
earth maybe because he hunts other snails his foot is really strong
it’s like eating him a dirty rubberband I’m sorry guys that’s that’s what it
tastes like I think that’s gonna be my first one star rating that snail I
cannot recommend eating that it doesn’t taste horrible it’s just not nice
especially we’ve had this you know lemon butter garlic shrimp anyway guys
hopefully the weather’s getting better as I said at the start of this video it
has been shocking so I hope to do an overnighter soon won’t promise anything
but the weather is looking better towards the end of the week so I’m
hoping I can get out thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you next time thanks
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