Welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen today I’m gonna make something called a sauce ‘n’ cake or Jules and I
call it a sauce and cake most people would probably call it a pudding cake recipe
and it’s going to be lemon flavored first thing I need to do is cream the
butter and once the butter is softened I want to add in about 3/4 of the sugar
that I’ve measured out we want to save some of the sugar for another operation
later so just want to cream this in till it’s fairly nice and smooth now we call
it a sauce and cake other people call it a pudding cake and that is because
there’s a layer of cake at the top that’s really nice and soft and then
underneath there’s this gooey gooey pudding kind of sauce but everything
gets mixed together and thrown into the pan at the same time it separates during
cooking which you know makes it a little bit weird but it’s so tasty ok now I
need to separate these eggs and the whites go into this bowl and the yolks
go in with the butter mixture now we just beat those in now I need to
rest in this lemon okay save the lemon because we’re gonna need the juice now
we’ll just mix this in and we’re done with the mixer for this part so I have
salt and flour here and you don’t really have to mix it together just put it all
in and we’re gonna start stirring from this point so rubber spatula now we need
to juice this lemon so the story of my love of this cake comes from 30 years
ago 30 years ago Jules and I worked for public paper companies in Northern
Ontario and we lived in towns like long lack and Makena and for a while we lived
farther out in bush camps up close to the ago key and 30 years ago these towns
were pretty small pretty small I’m pretty sure they’re pretty small still
and you didn’t have a whole lot of choice in groceries especially not in
Makena and so one day we found on the on the shelves this box cake it was called
sawsan cake and we laughed and we took it back to the company apartment and we
made it and we absolutely loved it in spite of what it was it was just
fantastic and so ever since then I have searched for the recipes where we could
make this at home from scratch rather than from a box nothing wrong with the
boxed version the box version holds a special place in my heart as bad as it
is I absolutely love it it kind of ranks up there with hot dogs
soup almost so and hot dog soup recipe is I will link to it somewhere around us
so the juice from one lemon and I’m gonna put that in know and I got some of
the pips in I’ll pull those out before we stir next in is
some milk okay so a cup of milk and all the milk goes in and then we just slowly
mix this together to incorporate at all and the milk and the lemon juice are
gonna come together and they’re gonna curdle which is totally part of this
recipe you want that to happen I can see that happening right now it’s changed
color and it’s gotten thicker beautiful exactly what we want okay now we need to
beat these egg whites so I have a clean set of beaters for the hand mixer and we
just start off slow crank up the speed and once we reach a certain point we
start to pour in this sugar that I reserved from the first part once it’s
frothy the sugar just a little bit at a time okay so the whites are smooth glossy and
they stand it like that hmm perfect so we’re done with that oh now we need to
fold the egg whites into the batter mixture and the first third of the egg
whites you don’t need to fold in you can mix them in and you can be quite savage
with the way you mix them in you don’t need to be gentle at all it’s going to
lighten the batter to make it easier to fold in the rest of the whites so the
way we go and now we fold the next third and this part you should be fairly
gentle okay it’s all folded in the batter looks amazing it’s kind of it’s
light and fluffy fantastic so here I have a ceramic
baking dish 8×8 and we’re just gonna pour this in I’ve greased the inside
with butter so it’s all ready and nothing should stick hopefully there we
go the oven is preheated as well so I’m just gonna pop this in and as it bakes
it’ll separate into two layers now this whole thing goes into a memory which is
just a fancy way of saying a hot water bath no big deal
it just keeps it from cooking too quickly and into the oven Glen you’ve made a
cake but you have a spoons well let’s see what happens open it up oh you’re
not sure well let’s see if I see if I got it right
what does right mean I wonder oh it’s very custardy oh it is custardy isn’t it
look at that that’s pretty so is it made with corn flour nope
it is it’s flour and lemon and it be I thought this would be saucy er than it
is custardy I thought I was gonna be a sausage cake but it is more of a pudding
cake alright but I think I think both those cakes are adjacent depending on
how long you cook it maybe if I’d cooked it less mmm so one it’s very tasty – I
wonder if that’s like a molten cake yeah we didn’t we just it’s just not cooked
cake in the middle it’s just a brownie that you haven’t finished cooking yeah
that’s that and you can charge double for you do have to get it just right
otherwise you won’t you get his cake yes yeah but is really tasty it’s very
creamy very lemony it’s very light isn’t it I’m almost it almost just melts in
your mouth you could compliment it with like any
kind of a sweet berry because it would cut that sweetness of the berry so it
would go really well together on it this this is pretty tasty
it was amazing this one gets a big thumbs up apparently yeah yeah alright
you know say you could dress it up with some powdered sugar on top but obviously
it doesn’t need it no no no it’s definitely super lemony I like it okay
so I implore you please make this meows make this let us know how it goes and if
you don’t like lemon lime lime orange interests any kind of citrus alike
that’ll work yeah it’ll definitely work thanks for stopping by see you guys soon you