*Buckling spring keys* Greetings, and welcome to LGR Oddware where we’re taking a look at hardware and software and things that are odd, forgotten, obsolete, and today’s is bread. *biff* Bread is not forgotten, obsolete, or even that odd. But this is, because this is not bread. This is a keyboard wrist rest. It just happens to look like a piece of French bread or some other baked kind of bread that I’m—I’m not entirely sure what my bread types are but this I just happened to see on, uh, online, and I thought, What? Why? Wha—why?! I was looking for wrist rests! And, uh, this has a lovely “Our Wedding” thing right there Mmm, look at that, that’s sort of an Eiffel Tower with a heart on top or something. Uh, that makes a whole lot of sense to me. This is stupid as crap, which is why I’m talking about it. So this is made by a company called Litop, I guess uh, although I’ve seen a ton of other companies doing this so I don’t friggin’ know who actually puts this out there. All I know is this came from Shenzhen, China for about 13 bucks when I got it and, uh, it took, like, two months to get here, so, uh. Yeah, this is a gag gift I guess, right? But at the same time it is useful, I mean it’s sold as a wrist rest. And, you know, wrist rests are, uh they’re quite useful and they—they rest your wrist. They promote comfort and, uh, health, and things like that that are good for wrists when you’re using them with keyboards, and You know? This is just one that I got from Staples or something for like a dollar or two. It’s one of those clearanced-out items they had going on So this is fine, it’s nice and squishy, works well, but I was looking for one for my woodgrain 486. That thing is just a wonderful-looking machine, and it deserves a wonderful-looking wrist rest and, uh, what’s more wonderful than bread? Especially when you’re hungry. So, yeah, it comes in this, uh, package. I mean, look at this. It’s—it looks like a thing of French bread. Well, so let’s open this up ’cause I am just so curious about— What does that say? JMwedding.com? I have not been there, don’t know what that is. Might be porn. Who knows? Let’s not, uh, recommend going there, I can’t vouch for it *crinkle* Oh ho ho, yeah. More plastic! Mmm. I’ll get this thing out of here Hmm, all right! *plop* [laughs] This is, uh, that’s definitely bread-like You know what, this— this feels like one of those, uh, like, stress balls, it’s that type of material. Let’s see how it smells. [sniff] Ooh, it smells like utter crap. It’s really— it smells like chemicals and, like, uh, forced labor. This is not the most appealing thing now that I’m looking at it [laughing] It looks kind of like a long yellow turd. Um, but that— that’s OK. Uh, it’s still supposed to look like bread and, you know, I was really surprised to see that there are a lot of baked goods computer items, I mean all sorts of little attachments, things that look like muffins, things that look like donuts and rolls and, like, why? Why is this a thing? There apparently is a whole world of computing out there that I just had no idea existed and, uh, this, this is my entryway into it, so without further ado [laughs] let’s, uh, let’s *thud* plop this onto the 486 *thud* keyboard, in front of it, anyway and, uh, let’s see what it does. *smack* *smack* OK, let’s see how this thing actually works Uh, I just like pointing with it. It seems really inappropriate. So, yeah. *smack* There we go. Uh, that is not nearly as long as I thought it would be! Uh, hmm. Needs to, you know, maybe if this was like a tenkeyless keyboard, but it is not. So I’m just going to do it like this, and I’m sort of over here at an angle so sorry about it looking weird. Ah, but yeah [clears throat], all right, so I mean, you know, OK, I’m already there, I’m already there What do I want to open here? Let’s just open, uh, Ah, this. So, installed this on here the other day. *thunderclap* Nice! So, we can wrist-rest my way to, uh, success in One Must Fall 2097. Classic fighting game. I’m finding myself not being very comforted by this wrist rest. [laughs] Oh, crap. In fact I’m— I’m not wanting to use it, it’s just *clang* *bong* K, once I beat this person up I’m going to tell you why. This is really serious I gotta do this with this wrist rest OK, so because of the way it’s shaped, the back of my wrists are sliding off of it. *vrrrrrrrrp* and that’s just not good. It’s also very slick, way slicker than my staples one. Sorry, Stefan, you’re just going to have to fail there. See, like, for instance, this? Ah yeah, this is great! It’s— it’s wider right here where it needs to be, wider over here, and of course the whole thing is wider overall and I guess depth is what I’m [PC]
you lose talking about here, but, uh, yeah, this bread *plop* is really stupid. I mean, it’s supposed to be stupid Obviously it’s, I guess, maybe, *clang* No, not obviously! I was going to say, obviously it’s a gag gift but maybe not, because I’m seeing, like, reviews and stuff for it, people are like, [goofy voice]
Oh, it’s a good wrist rest; I actually like it a lot [goofy voice]
I like bread. [goofy voice]
Uh, it’s a good wrist rest [laughs] No it’s not! This thing is terrible! [OMF theme plays] [music continues] There’s pretty much only one left to ask and that is, “How does it taste?” And, well, [noshes] Hmmm, Tastes like bread! ’cause this is real bread, not the wrist rest. That would be really nasty. Thanks for watching! [OMF theme plays] OK, so this was a little bit of silly Oddware we’ll have something a little more substantial and perhaps a bit more “serious business” next time around, but I hope you enjoyed this nonetheless. This is just something I wanted to put together quickly because I thought this was genuinely strange and I’m going on a bit of a vacation soon, so I needed to get some videos done quickly and early. But, yes, as always, thank you very much for watching!