Storieswithdolls: What’s going on? (gasps) Friends! They’re LOL balls, but why are they falling
from above? What’s going on? Friends, the balls keep falling! What’s happening here? And a lot of them that fell lost the wrapping! Well, the good thing is that none of the babies
fell out so they will be okay. Before we open these balls, I’m going to have
to organize things around here because Look at the bathroom! it’s a mess! and we have
to make it nice and organized again. (music) Okay, there we go. Ready to start bathing our new babies. So let me get a couple of balls….. stork: ah! ah! ah!!!! watch out!!!! Storieswithdolls: Goodness gracious, Mrs.
Stork! Are you okay? Mrs. Stork: (groans) Those balls were really
heavy! I fell also ! Storieswithdolls: Oh no, Mrs. Stork, I’m
so sorry, Here let me help you, Are you all right? stork: yes, yes, i’m feeling much better
now I’m going to go home. Bye friends, thank you for helping me find
Stories with toys and dolls!! Storieswithdolls: Bye Mrs. Stork Good thing that nothing happened to her. And now we have to clean everything up again (music) phew!! finally we’re ready to open the balls. I’ll start with one of the ones that didn’t
lose the wrapper Because I don’t remember how many accessories every doll has. The first layer is the sticker with the clue
of which doll it is. The second layer is the sticker that says
it changes colors. The balls that have the little sisters only
have 5 layers. Oh, here’s the paper where we can mark off
all of the dolls we get. Good news, friends. The ones that are the hardest to get, we already
got them in the last video. If you haven’t seen it I’ll put it up here
in the top corner so you can watch it. So, I’ll mark here that we already got these. It has a keychain so we can put it here
in the ball so it’s easier for us to carry the babies. And we got Li’l DJ. Oh! The first one we get and it’s a duplicate……. Yeah, it’s a duplicate! All right, well we won’t put her in the water
because we already know that she changes color, because we saw that in the last video. So, I’ll put her in here and I’ll start opening
the other balls. Bombshell. That means something that is sensational. Yay! We don’t have this one yet! Shoes….. And this cute bag. Since we haven’t gotten this one yet, we’ll
check to see how she changes colors. Her hair changes colors and she also gets
lines on her diaper. And we’ll mark here that we got L’il B.B.
Bop. Boy and girls, I marked all the ones that
we already have, because it’s a lot easier that way and we won’t get confused. So all the ones that have a pink face are
the ones that we already have. We’ll open the rest layer by layer, and then
we’ll open the ones that got unwrapped when poor Mrs. Stork fell. Which one could it be? I don’t remember if we have this one already. Let me look at the doll. I don’t think so. Her shoes. She’s Lil Kicks! we don’t have her yet! So we’ll give her a big bath so she can change
colors. Her hair completely changes colors. And her face! She must be a huge football fan, indeed! *giggle Even her diaper changes colors! Wow I think this one wins the prize for the
one that changes colors the most. Now we’ll open the ones that got unwrapped
when they fell. Let’s see who she is. Oh, she’s Teacher’s Pet lil sis. And we don’t have her yet, yay a new one! Let’s see how she changes colors. Ooh, her hair. One side stays pink and one side stays dark. Her diaper changes color as well, and she
gets an ABC in the back. And we got Lil Teachers Pet. The sticker is sweet or sour, the same one
we got for Sugar and Spice. She has a hat and some shoes, I’m pretty sure
we already have her. Let’s see. Yes, we already have her. It’s Lil Fresh. So we won’t put her in the tub. This one is a sports star. And we have her too! Here’s the accessory she comes with. We got a lot of duplicates of this one last
time. She’s Lil Neon QT and we already have her
here marked. Ooh, friends! Let’s open the gold one!! The good news is that all the rare ones that
we already have are taking naps, so we know this one is going to be new. And her sticker says that she is a future
star. Ooh, she’s going to be famous. It’s Splash Queen lil sis! Another accessory she has is this necklace
that she’s already wearing, and her bag is super cute. It has two of my favorite things which is
it’s translucent and it has glitter. Let’s see how she changes color. Ooh, her legs turn red. I’m sure because she’s a mermaid. I think it’s only her legs because nothing
is changing on her face. Friends, good news! Lil Splash Queen is ultra rare! That means that she is the hardest one to
get in all of these that are hard to find. Yay, we got an ultra rare one! What good luck! Let’s see this one. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Let’s see who she is, and I don’t think I
have this one. Her accessory is this necklace, and this bag. Since we haven’t gotten her yet we’ll put
her in the water. Ooh, the white part turns blue. And I think her diaper as well, and yes. When her diaper is dry, it’s one color, but
when we put her in the water…she gets polka dots! And I think her pacifier as well. When it’s dry it’s white, and when it’s wet
it turns pink. Ooh, a bunch of things change colors on this
doll. Her name is Lil Dollface and we just recently
met her sister, yesterday. Next one, next one! Is she new or a duplicate? Let’s see the stickers. Story time! Ooh, I think it’s one of the dolls that look
like they’re from Alice in Wonderland. I think I’m right, I see a cat. She’s the cat’s lil sis from the Storybook
club And she has these glasses and this bag that
looks like a cat. I wonder how she changes colors because her
sister got these lines in her hair, but she already has them. All right, let’s just put her in the water
and find out at once. oh i see, the lines come out a little darker. I think this is a question mark, what do you
think? Here she is, her name is Lil Troublemaker. Cartoon. Let’s see which one it is. Her shoes are so cute they look like tennis
shoes. Storieswithdolls: Ooh, it’s Bon Bon’s lil sister. I love Bon Bon’s colors, and I love her sister’s
colors as well. kaploom! Ooh, her hair turns into bright colors. Ooh, and she gets a little bow on the back. Lil Bon Bon: Weee! I love the cold water! I want to stay here forever! Storieswithdolls: (laughs) Yes, Bon Bon, but
we stil have more dolls that we have to put in the water. And we’ll mark here that we got Lil Bon Bon. What else, what else? Let’s see this one back here. It says Snow Bunny. I think it’s going to be one from the Chill
out Club. She has these ear muffs, and some really warm
shoes for her sister. And since we don’t have her yet, kataploom! Ooh, her diaper gets darker and gets a little
pattern, and she also gets socks! When she’s dry, she doesn’t have socks. Her pacifier is white and her diaper is pink. But when we put her in the water, her pacifier
turns brown, she gets brown socks, and she gets a design on her diaper. She is Lil Posh. Ooh, it’s another one from the Storybook club. She has a cell phone. Let’s look at the doll. Ooh, her bag is a clock. Oh, I know who this is! She’s the bunny’s sister from Alice in Wonderland! That’s because the bunny is always late and
is always looking at her watch. Let’s see what she does. Her hair changes colors to almost an orange
color. Let’s look at her diaper. Her diaper turns dark pink, and she also gets
a little detail here in the back. Her name is Lil Hops. Ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling! We completed the first club of the little
sisters! It’s the Storybook club! Oh no, we already had finished the Opposites
club! And we also already finished the Spirit club! Friends, I hadn’t realized that we already
have 3 clubs completed *giggle Let’s continue, because we still need a lot. It says cartoon. Oh, a duplicate! Next one, next one. Let’s see what kind of luck we get from this
green one. Ah, a duplicate. Now we’re starting to get from “the duplicates
club” *giggle. Who is this? Bombshell, something sensational! I don’t think we have this one yet. She looks a little like Teacher’s Pet because
she has glasses. And her bag seems to be like a boom box. Let’s see who she is. She looks like Lil Cherry. What do you guys think? Is it Lil Cherry? I think it is. I’ll mark here that she’s Lil Cherry because
she looks just like her. Let’s see how she changes colors. Ooh, her hair! It turns into half and half. And her diaper also has a design. Her face doesn’t change color. I’m going to put a little more ice, because
we still have a lot more balls to open. Another cartoon, but I don’t think we have
this one yet. No, we don’t have her yet, yay! A pair of shoes for her sister. Kaploom! Ooh, her whole outfit changes color. And she also gets socks. And she is…Lil Beats. Next ball. Well, this is the last green one we have,
I’ll just leave it for last. We’ll open a pink one. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Ooh, we don’t have her yet. Ooh, I think it’s the sister of the doll that
I like. The one that’s dressed in black, what’s her
name again? It Baby? Yeah, I like that one a lot. This is her little sister and look at this
big hat (laughs). Well, let’s see how she changes color. Oh, her face turns purple! Or is it just make up? Oh, it’s a face mask. It’s because they are super elegant. But it fades away quickly when I take her
out. Let me see if we can see it when she’s in
the water. Let’s see her diaper. Her diaper also changes color. She is…Lil It Baby. Wow, we just need one more from every club
(laughs). The clubs that we haven’t completed yet, we
just need one from each, with the exception of the Glitterati club where we still need
two. Ooh, one that we don’t have. The sticker says breakdance, a type of dance. Here we have the baby, she has some shoes
for her big sister. Oh, they’re ice skates because her sister
is an ice skater. Here’s the baby. She has a nice bag. Her braid turns into a dark pink. Oh, her diaper also gets some lines. This doll is so cute. Ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling, we completed another
club! Lil Ice Skater. We complete the Athletic club. Breakdance. And it’s Honeybun’s sis! She has headphones. I think we already have her. No, we don’t! Ding-a-ling-a-ling! We completed another club! Friends, could we have the same luck as yesterday
where we completed all of series 2? Friends, we only have four more of the balls
that Mrs. Stork brought us. And there’s no more gold ones, but I have
good news. BA BAMMMM!!!! We still have an entire box! Remember I told you guys that we had 2 whole
boxes? Well, here’s the other one. So, maybe we have the two other gold ones
that we’re missing. A duplicate, the sister of Teacher’s Pet! Next one, aww, duplicate. Honey Bun’s sister. 2 more, 2 more. Will they be new, will they be duplicates? Let’s see it now. (gasp) It’s new, yay! And this one says dance like nobody is watching. She has a cowboy hat and a bandana. Does her hair change color? Or her face, or her diaper? Her diaper, and the two pigtails. They’re very little so it’s hard to see, but
they turn red. Her pigtails turn red, and her diaper turns
purple, with a sherrif star on the back. This doll is really cute. And she is Lil Line Dancer. Yay, we completed another club, the Dance
club, woohoo! Last ball that Mrs. Stork brought us. And…we don’t have it! Bombshell, a sensation! Yay, we don’t have her! And she comes with some roller skates for
her older sister. And this nice looking bag. And I think that her hair changes color, let’s
see. No! I thought–well, a little bit. A little bit in the front. Oh, I was expecting it to change to pink with
blue or green. Well her pacifier turns dark purple, and her
diaper the same color too. (music) And a little heart comes out on the back of
her diaper. And who is she, I have to look at the ones
that I don’t have yet. Oh, I think I found her. It’s Lil Pink Baby. Yay, we completed another club. The Retro club, woohoo! Let’s see which ones we’re missing. We need this one, this one, this one makes
three, four, five, six and seven. We need seven more dolls to complete the collection. On your marks, get set, go! (music) Yay! We got a gold one! Let’s see if it’s one of the ones that we
are missing! Aww, we already got this one! And this one is supposed to be ultra rare,
and we got her twice! We didn’t have the same luck that we had in
the last video. But, it’s okay, at least we got the five common
that we needed. Before we put them in the bath, I wanted to
show you guys the box of the Little Sisters which is super cute. It has these two dolls here. It has one of my favorites down here, aww
I wanted this one, but we didn’t get it! And they have two different ones on this side. Well, the ones that we got that we haven’t
gotten before are this one, and she came with this bag, and this cell phone. Let’s see her change color. Ooh, her hair turns really blue. Super, super blue. And on her diaper, she gets a snowflake. She is Lil Brrr B.B. We also got Lil Diva, who we didn’t have,
and she came with these shoes, this cute hat, and the doll. Let’s see her change color, ooh, her hair
turns really pink! And I think that her hair is the only thing
that changes colors. We have Lil Diva to the side of Lil Rocker. Another one we got is Lil Midnight, and we
didn’t have her yet, and she is one of my favorites. I think she’s my second favorite. She has her midnight bag, a crown. Let’s see her change color. Wow, her hair turns really dark! And her diaper does too. Ooh, and she has a moon. And we got Lil Midnight. We also got this one who also came with a
crown, some shoes, and we’ll see how she changes color. Her hair turns purple, but her all of her
hair gets darker. She is Lil Miss Punk. This one has a bag that I love, I love these
types of bags. She also has this collar. Let’s see her change color. Oh, the front of her hair gets these lines. Oh, and her diaper gets some lines as well. She is Lil Genie. Friends, I’m a little disappointed and sad
because we just need two more to complete the collection. But if you give a like to this video, I’ll
forget that we didn’t get all of them, and I’ll be super happy! So, don’t forget to give this video a like
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