hello everyone it’s Stephanie Manley
with copykat.com and excited to bring you Denny’s french toast today this is a
great way to make french toast we are gonna begin with four eggs I’m
using extra-large eggs and then I’m going to put in 2/3 cup of milk this is
a batter french toast so it’s just a little bit different than other toasts
that we have made so we are going to add in two tablespoons of powdered sugar
you can use granulated sugar it’ll work just fine and the special ingredient
here is two tablespoons of flour because we’re making it better and then we’re
gonna add in a pinch of salt that’s a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and about
one teaspoon of vanilla we’re gonna grab a whisk you don’t have a whisk a fork
works great too and you’re going to whisk this together and you want to
spend a couple of moments really try to incorporate the flour and break down the
eggs so we are gonna do a little twist on this recipe we’re gonna treat this
egg batter like it was a custard and I have a reason why we’re gonna do this
we’re actually gonna take this mixture and we are going to strain it through a
sieve and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take out those little clumps of
flour that don’t mix in all the way we’re also gonna take out the little
bits of egg white now a little bit of protein that never really gets
incorporated well in there daddy’s uses a pasteurized egg product so all of this
is already mixed in so we’re trying to emulate the restaurant here so you can
kind of see right here the globs of flour and the bits of egg white that
really don’t get incorporated but this is a better picture and when we remove
those from the batter it turns into a velvety
batter that is gonna coat that bread better and it’s gonna taste great so you
can’t tell it right now but this is um thick you can’t see if they don’t have a
camera angle that way but it’s so much thicker than what it is without the
flour the flours incorporated so it’s great so we’re gonna go ahead and cook
this up now I’m using my electric griddle right here at 350 degrees if you
don’t have an electric griddle you know what the skillet works great now I do
have a preference for iron cast iron skillets if you have one of those on and
because I think it helps everything Brown better I’m just using regular
plain old sandwich bread now if you get to a grocery store early perhaps you can
grab those two loaves of Texas toast that they actually put out for customers
but I wasn’t lucky this day so we’re using regular sandwich bread you know
what you could also use leftover French bread leftover Italian bread leftover
challah raisin toast whatever you like you can just be creative right there so
we’re gonna cook this again on medium high heat if you’re on a stovetop that’s
probably I don’t know six to seven if your skills listed one through ten we’re
gonna cook this for a couple of minutes on each side and it’s gonna turn nice
and brown good look at that it looks fantastic
and it smells really good right now it smells like vanilla custard so you can
see it’s browning it beautifully again two or three minutes on each side so
next comes an important decision are you gonna top it with so a lot of people
like butter on their french toast some people like cinnamon sugar powdered
sugar or maple syrup you can add whatever you like
after all is your french toast so I am gonna try mine with a bit of
maple syrup and I can actually tell you what it tastes like at least some
episodes lately the edges are a little bit crisp and wonderful and it’s like
custard surrounded by bread I hope you enjoyed this recipe leave me a comment
down below of what you’d like to see next
thanks for watching