Where do English Muffins come from? How about
eggs? Or Pop-Tarts? This week’s Pick has the answers. Cruise the aisles of your local supermarket,
and you’ll find a treasure trove of mass-produced edible goodness. Jennifer Reese wanted to
know if you could make some of that stuff at home—and if you could save money while
doing it. Call it a strange—maybe obsessive—quest
with delicious, hilarious, and occasionally disastrous results. This book chronicles Reese’s
experiments with everything from raising her own chickens (and gathering her own eggs)
to making things like Pop-Tarts and onion rings. This book isn’t always practical, but it is
always, always fun. And even if you’re not much into cooking, you’ll find Reese’s experiments
illuminating and thought-provoking. What have we gained by becoming a society of mass-production?
Or, more importantly, what have we lost? Read this book for the great writing, entertaining
insights, and—if you’re feeling adventurous—the recipes. Speaking for myself, I can tell you
that once you’ve made her homemade English Muffins, you’ll never go back to store-bought.