Gran Recapte is a raising awareness campaign about the food scarcity in our environment. This year will be the eighth edition and, with the Gran Recapte, Banc dels Aliments pretends… … to raise awareness about this problematic that surrounds us… … as well as trying to obtain the most possible tons of basic food like milk, oil or yogurts. We are preparing the Gran Recapte with a commercial. A commercial where we ask people to sign up to participate in the first part of Gran Recapte, which is the pick-up of food in the supermarkets… … or to donate food when we make the campaign or, finally, to help classifying the food, as you will see in the commercial we’re doing. In the commercial for this year’s Gran Recapte, magic is the the topic. And we have achieved to express this in a beautiful way, which is with a very famous magician as Mago Pop… … who, instead of performing a big trick, gives up center stage for one day to all collaborators, volunteers, and people who make the Gran Recapte possible. What makes me really proud of this commercial is the dedication… … the altruistic collaboration of different companies and people who have come here to shape this commercial. It’s magical too. Talking about the slogan, we need your magic, I believe magic has been made to create this commercial. And, in Somos ACME, we are very happy to have done our bit to help contributing in this call for the volunteers. I’m very happy to have participated, very happy to have known this team… … and I really hope that each year this goes better and better until one day… … the Gran Recapte will not be necessary anymore because things will be good already.