Hello! I welcome all of you
to your favorite show… …the name of which is, ‘Aapni Rasoi’! And the celebrity chef, Varsha
Vimadalal is here with us today. – Varsha, how are you today?
– Fine. Very fine! So come, let’s discuss
about today’s recipe. Which recipe are you
going to prepare today? Today we are going to prepare,
‘Masoor Palak Pulav’. ‘Masoor Palak Pulav!’ From the name itself it seems so healthy… …because ‘Masoor’ is high in proteins. ‘Palak’ that means Spinach
which has ample vitamins. – Vitamins and also iron.
– Yes, there is iron… …and that too is very healthy. And rice of course. So come
on, let’s begin the Pulav. We will first keep the pan on the gas… …and add ghee (Clarified Butter) into it. Okay. First of all we will take approximately… …four spoons of ghee. In that we will first add turmeric powder. We will now add Kashmiri
red chili powder. Okay. This will enhance the colour as well. We will add asafoetida now. The aroma is so good. Now we will add coarsely ground paste… …of ginger, green chilies and garlic. The quantity of this
should be a little more. We will sauté this now. When ginger and green chilies
are ground together… …they give a very different
taste and aroma to the dish. This is sautéed and now we will add onion. This is very finely chopped. We will add onion to this. Is it that we need a lot
of onions for this recipe? We should take more of
onions as it forms the base… – …of this recipe.
– Okay. We are going to add
the Masoor (Red lentil)… …but the gravy (Masala) as we call it… …for that we have to
nicely cook the onion… – …as it is going to form the base.
– Correct. Right! Right! So we will saute the onions
until they turn nice and brown… …and then we also have to add
coconut to this. – Okay. This gravy is actually
called as ‘Masoor Usal’. You can even eat it just like
this with a flat bread. – Correct. Or you can eat it just as a protein… If you need protein
supplement then you can… …even have this ‘Usal’ just like this.
It tastes delicious. – Right. We will now add chopped green
spinach to this. And now once we mix it, just see
what a beautiful colour we get. We have to nicely mix this and
immediately add masoor to it. Okay. This masoor has been soaked in
water for about 6 to 7 hours. After that, it was drained in a sieve. And now we will add it to this. See the colour looks so good. And now we will add masoor to this. We will mix it nicely and
after that we will add… …some boiled water to this. Masoor generally gets cooked quickly. We will add more water now. We will now let it cook for
7 to 8 minutes so that… …the spinach as well as
the masoor gets cooked. We have to add salt as per taste. We will add a little Garam Masala
(mixed spice powder) to this. And we will also add a little
quantity of Pav Bhaji Masala to this. – Pav Bhaji Masala?
– Pav Bhaji Masala. Why Pav Bhaji Masala?
Only to give it a taste? It gives a very different flavour. Like we say, it takes it to another level?
In the same way… – Yes!
– In the same way. – We will let it cook now.
– Okay. Till then we will keep
the other things ready. I have really liked this tip
that Varsha has given today. If your children don’t like vegetables… …just add a little quantity
of Pav Bhaji Masala… – …and they will relish that vegetable.
– Right? Yes, they will eat it. Absolutely. As you can see there is slight
water in this. – Right! Right! – We should let this much of water remain.
– Okay. Because we have to add
coconut to this now. – Okay. – So the coconut will absorb this water.
– Okay. So we will add this coconut now. Now see this colour. This looks so good. At this stage we will add a some more
ghee into this. And now we have to add this Basmati rice. This lovely long grain rice
we will add into this. When we boil this Basmati
rice we should add… …a little oil or ghee
into it and also add a little salt… …and then boil it. – So every grain is separated.
– Right! And now we will mix this. We had boiled and drained
the Basmati rice. I will add a little water. We had almost cooked the Basmati rice… …as we wanted it to be nice and dry. But now we have added a little water
because if the rice is still half cooked… …it will get properly cooked and
the Masala will get coated on it. After what you are mixing now
I just cannot wait to eat it. What are you all waiting for? Right now go into your kitchen
with your mobile, Tablet, Laptop… …and prepare ‘Masoor Palak Rice’
which you will definitely relish. And also invite your children,
parents, neighbours, relatives… …and friends and serve them this as well. You too try this delicious recipe at home. This was our today’s
Aapni Rasoi’s episode. For the next episode keep watching… …Shemaroo Gujarati’s, Aapni Rasoi!