what up guys and welcome back to the pitman cook kitchen for today’s meal prep quickie recipe we’ve got a gluten-free version for you today we are making a zucchini walnut bread that sounds so basic when I said it okay I’m gonna try to make this sound a lot more exciting today we are making a zucchini walnut bread and it’s completely gluten free and it’s completely delicious to put that better that sounded better okay that’s not a lot more lively yeah so what I love about this recipe is that it’s very easy to customize the flavor I’m just gonna be keeping it simple adding in just a little bit of cinnamon but if you want to spice it up depending on what time of year you make this you can use some pumpkin spice you can use some nutmeg some allspice you could even use or my favorites it is a lesser-known and sweet recipes but kardama with the car to me with the cardamon drop ooh cartons are really go in just because it kind of gives me a little bit of like a cologne type of flavor feel kind of just it adds a little bit of mystery to addition because people quite can’t place it but they just know that it’s very satisfying but anyway the main point is you can easily customize this recipe with your own spice usually in gluten-free baking you have to use a little bit of xanthan gum but I think that coconut flour produces a thick enough and dense enough finished product that you don’t really need to add in that xanthan gum particularly with this type of bread recipe now the one thing that you have to do because this is zucchini bread is you’ve got to make sure that you squeeze out all that water all that moisture again if you remember nothing else from this intro just remember that you’ve got to squeeze out all of that zucchini before you add it into your batter all right guys if you are ready to roll up your sleeves for the most delicious zucchini walnut gluten-free bread you’ve ever had then let’s get started and I did not forget the joke so here it is says that it’s a trivia question what type of bathing suit does a vegetable wear to the beach you get it a zucchini [Music] that’s what I just like the image of this is a teeny weird this little bikini like a zucchini okay maybe that wasn’t that as funny but I thought it was funny whenever I read it all right guys let’s give – okay first thing we’re going to do is prep our zucchini what you need is a cheesecloth or the most durable paper towel you can find grab yourself a grater what we’re going to do is just great there’s a few grated it onto the paper towel or your cheesecloth just like cauliflower zucchini holds a ton of water it’s a very hydrating vegetable when you’re trying to incorporate it into recipes it can make your finished product come out a little bit more soupy we’ve got a squeeze out all of that excess moisture so I’m gonna wrap it up right here and then twist it and then squeeze and then what do you do with the excess water from the zucchini you can pour this into a plant or you can drink it Jesse like this I dare you to drink it it’s just do Keeney water oh my it’s just looky knee guys I don’t wanna drink it this is how you get rid of your zucchini water shut shut shut shut shut shut here we go mmm sexy pretty refreshing you and try that I have another one you could try don’t you worry Jesse we’ve got another zucchini that you can try come on shot shot shot shot shot-shot-shot touchdown everybody in the pit main cook kitchen is getting lean you like that it’s pretty good okay that was good now let’s prep the rest of the batter so we’ve got some egg and some egg whites I’m gonna pour in a little bit of avocado oil some vanilla extract and some maple syrup and beat everything together all right so those were the wet ingredients now here are the dry ingredients we’ve got it’s a little bit of coconut flour but we’re gonna use the majority of almond flour the coconut flour is a lot more dense just makes it really thick now usually in gluten-free recipes you use some xanthan gum just the coconut flour is enough for this recipe add in some cinnamon and then some baking powder give this a good mix and then just a pinch of salt now let’s bring everything together add in our egg oil and syrup mixture give this a good stir and then the dry ingredients here’s the flour and then mix everything together and depending on what time of the year you’re making this maybe you’re making this for the holidays you can add in some pumpkin seasoning and it some allspice again like I always say make this recipe your own use a final ingredient I like to add it it’s an optional one it’s gonna boost the healthy fats in there we got some beautiful raw walnuts it’s crunching within my hands and just add this to the batter it’s gonna add a little bit of crunch and again it’s going to affect the caloric content of this and give me some healthy energy throughout the day now you can make this into muffins or you can put this into one of the bread loaf pans I love using these little mini ones because it’s great for portion control and you can just focus on one and then freeze the other and then thaw it out in the fridge when you’re ready to eat it muffins work too I like the little local pans though grab your loaf pan spray it with a little bit of oil and then just add the batter you want to fill it up about two-thirds of the way full top it off with some crushed walnuts all right then we’re gonna bake these for about 3035 minutes maybe even 40 minutes at 400 and after 30 minutes oh that smells incredible gluten free zucchini walnut bread let’s just let’s just get after it and cut this bad boy open because I can’t wait to taste it let’s try this bad boy this tastes like happiness we’re gonna try it’s so good I actually I almost don’t want to share this I almost don’t want to share but do you know what I have that piece that’s pretty good right I’m not gassing y’all up my gas and myself up you got to make this recipe it’s just that amazing and dope that is it for today’s recipe guys I hope that you really enjoyed it I’m really gonna love this bread I want you to comment below how you would customize this for your own taste buds and for your own preferences I want to know which spices you would actually incorporate in here where if you’ve made some zucchini bread how did you make it a little bit different this is a gluten-free one it’s really dense it’s very nutritious but I want to know some other ways out there that you could actually make this even better so comment below if you like stuff like this and don’t forget to smash that like button and remember to subscribe to the channel and don’t forget you got to ring that Bell so you can be notified every time we post hot new content here in the fit min cook kitchen alright guys thank y’all so much for watching until next time I want you to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring Oh bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]